Gallery of Russian and Ukrainian Women for Dating

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Love is Certain with Contact Brides Gallery – Welcome and See What You Can Get


Welcome to Gallery! Here you can see the gorgeous Russian women that will engage in online dating with you. A lot of people wrongfully say that online dating doesn't work because you can't see the person you are chatting with. Our Russian online dating site can easily prove the statement wrong, as you can see all the girls that our site has to offer. Although online dating doesn't count physical attraction, we offer you to pick Russian girl for chatting based on her appearance. But before dating Russian brides, there are few things you need to know.


Quick Facts About Russian Girls: Why You Should Date Them?


Why there are so many Russian brides free dating sites? Because dating Russian singles is hugely popular, so let's figure out why.

The beauty of Russian women is widely considered to be the reason behind dating them. While Russian women are known for their natural beauty, the appearance is not the sole reason for the popularity of Slavic girls dating.

Russian women are beautiful brides and wives, and they are absolutely different from American women, regarding marriage. Russian women are taught from the childhood that man is the central figure in their life. Ideally, every Russian girl should become a housewife and a mother, and Russian women prefer traditional gender roles, so it's unlikely that you will come across a Russian feminist or overly-emancipated careerist on our site. As a result, if your dating a Russian woman goes fine, you can get a fantastic lover and a life partner, as well, as a tireless housewife, a terrific cook, and – in future – a perfect mother for your children.


Distinctive Feature of Russian Dating and How to Handle It Perfectly


You definitely want your dating to go smooth and culminate in a successful romantic relationship. That's why you need our tips on how to handle your Russian dating perfectly. First, let's dwell on Russian dating culture a little bit:

Forget about going dutch on the first date, as it is something that is not going to happen on your first date with a Russian girl. Man is a provider and woman is a receiver, according to the Russian culture. Thus, you are up to arranging dates, paying for dinners and sending her gifts.

Sending gifts is an important part of your online communication. If you want to show her that you have serious intentions, you need to send gifts, but mind that they shouldn't be expensive, as the girl may think that you are trying to buy her. The most common gifts for Russian girls are flowers and teddy bears. But it is better to figure out, while chatting, if she's into teddy bears, and what kind of flowers she likes.


When it comes to your first offline date, as we've said before, you are most likely going to be in charge of arranging everything, so start figuring out best romantic places in Moscow and location of cafes and restaurants where your first date might take place.


And don't forget to compliment your Russian woman on a regular basis, both online and offline. And make sure that your compliments are not limited solely to her appearance, as her thoughts and ideas also deserve your praise.