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  • Top 10 Trendy Eco-friendly Gifts for Girls
    Choosing gifts for loved ones, we strive to put a piece of soul in them and show how dear they are to us. Presentations can be different: some emphasize the status, others help express attraction. If you want to show your concern to a girl (even though you are at the stage of online dating), then pay attention to eco-friendly gifts.
  • Effective and Pleasant Ways to Compliment a Girl
    Some of you might think, “There is nothing hard about complimenting women, it is natural and works out by itself,” others will be quite worried about saying something nice to a woman. But why are some men worried about such good natural action? Well, they are worried that they are going to say something wrong, strike the wrong chord and end up pushing a woman away.
  • Dating When Overweight: Tips and Strategies for Guys
    It is not a secret that dating when overweight may be harder than dating when you have standard physical conditions. Today we are not going to overwhelm you with facts explaining why girls prefer slim guys but will give you a hand in dating when you are overweight. Often overweight guys decide to search women online and only online. Yes, online dating while overweight is easier, but you should never forget about getting acquainted offline too. Even though at the beginning of the article we have said that girls prefer slim boys, there are still many girls who like overweight guys.
  • Midlife Crisis in Men: How to Cope with It?
    Most men aged about 40 years (+ - 5 years) have a certain difficult stage in life. A reassessment of values is often accompanied by a depressive state. It leads to divorce, health problems, and sometimes even suicide. This happens to men of any social status and financial situation. So, what should you know about it?
  • Dating When Overweight: Main Tips for Men
    If you ask yourself whether it’s possible to become successful in dating being overweight, and you cannot decide on taking the first step, then it’s high time to study this issue and dot the i's and cross the t's.
  • Codependent Relationships: Definition and Treatment
    People who have codependent relationships often believe that this is the best they deserve. Needless to say that they are wrong, and you should, at any cost, avoid having codependent relationships. This article is addressed primarily to people who are in bad and destructive relationships right now.
  • 8 Simple and Romantic Proposal Ideas for Your Girlfriend
    It is very challenging to come up with some tips and ideas for a proposal, not because there aren’t good proposal ideas, but because this step in the life of a loving couple is so important, and as a writer, you have to be very careful with what you present to your audience. Thus, I’ve decided to talk to some of my friends that are or were married to provide you with the best information that we have, including 8 marriage proposal ideas and the importance of a marriage proposal in one’s life.
  • How to Understand that She Is Playing Hard to Get
    Sometimes you meet a girl whom you can’t simply understand. In one moment, it seems like she likes you, but in the next one, she acts as cold as a winter somewhere in Russia. In this case, professional pickup artists say, “She is playing hard to get.” But what does it mean?
  • What to Do When You Retire: Relationships, Tips and Hobbies
    The day of the official retirement has come, and you no longer need to go to work every day. It would seem that you can relax and unwind. But pensioners quickly get tired of idleness and think about what to do in retirement.
  • Vacations for Singles Over 60: Tips and Ideas
    Each of us had a chance to meet cheerful old men in sneakers and caps, with backpacks behind their backs and cameras in their hands, or a group of elegantly dressed seniors studying the city's sights. Thanks to the financial support of the state and the habit of an active lifestyle, pensioners of progressive countries begin to travel, discovering new horizons, countries, and cultures. Quite attractive prospects, isn't it?
  • Dating Mature Women: All the Truth
    In the modern world, when everyone notes the progress of the sexual revolution, you can meet not quite standard couples more and more often. No, we are not talking about open relationships or something considered unacceptable by the traditionalists but about couples with a noticeable difference in age, especially when a man is much younger than his wife.
  • How to Get a Girl Back After a Breakup
    It doesn’t matter how old you are: 15 or 45 — when a woman abandons you, it’s always unpleasant because it beats pride and makes a man doubt himself. In such a situation, most guys consider it unacceptable to humiliate themselves and ask for forgiveness (especially if they are not guilty of a break-up), so they simply give up, turn the page, and heal their wounds in the company of friends or another (most often unloved) woman.
  • What Does It Mean When Your Wife Doesn't Show Affection?
    When the two people choose each other, the world does not stop moving even for a second. Years pass, people start living together, get married and stick to the routine. Over time, the spell of love dissipates, giving way to more tangible things like career ambitions, household chores, raising children. Exalted feelings acquire quite earthly outlines, and love comes to an end.
  • How to Be Successful with Women
    Have you ever noticed how a man needs a minimum amount of time to attract a lady, while others are not successful at all? You’re neat, your shoes are clean, you use the best site to meet women and always smile but, still, something goes wrong. What to do and how to be successful with women?
  • Making Her Feel Special: a Comprehensive Guide for Men
    Every girl wants to feel like a special and unique treasure for her man. How to show your girlfriend that you consider her special? Today, you are going to learn how to please your girlfriend and how to make her feel special.
  • Signs Your Marriage Cannot Be Saved
    It is great if two married people treat each other with love and respect. And it’s pretty sad if the spouses aren’t happy together. According to research, an unsuccessful marriage can even lead to various diseases. After a few months or years spent in an unhappy marriage, you begin to guess why it happened. Such disturbing thoughts may come to you quite often. So, what are the unhappy marriage signs you’ll get divorced?
  • How to Get Over a Divorce When You Still Love Her
    Divorce is a very natural end of human relationships. Some of them are tragic, but a lot of them end on a good, positive note. Divorces also happen for several reasons, like betrayal, the financial instability of a couple, problems with sexual life, children, or just different traits of character which make members of the family completely incompatible. But how to cope with divorce and stay positive after such a breakup, especially if you still love this person?
  • Signs of Micro-Cheating in a Relationship
    Let’s start with probably the most important question. Some of you may not be aware of such a concept, some of you may have a rough idea of it, but you are not really sure of what it is. Thus, let’s find out what micro-cheating is.
  • How to Deal with a Compulsive Liar in a Relationship
    When your friend asks if you like their haircut, you do your best to find words to compliment even the worst haircut in the universe. Life is such a challenging thing that there is no other way but to tell a lie once in a while: to comfort or reassure someone, to avoid trouble or long and unnecessary explanations. However, there are people who are not limited to telling lies for the sake of comforting someone else.
  • Are You Feeling Lonely in a Relationship?
    Loneliness has many faces. One of the most paradoxical of these faces is to be in a relationship but lonely, that is, a situation in which you have a partner, and you are physically close to them, but there is no spiritual connection. You have a partner, this seems like the only thing that is needed for a relationship, but all of the efforts that you’ve put into it seems to have been wasted.
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