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12 Qualities Ukrainian Women Value a Man

We’ll bet there is no man who has never got to thinking about building a serious relationship with a foreign lady. Ukrainian women today gain the overwhelming popularity in the West: thousands of guys dream to date or marry those. Before you actually come to an online dating site, it’s necessary to get the very basic understanding of the Ukrainian national character. This article presents the key things that Ukrainian girls value in a prospective partner. Read and find out!


1. Intelligence

Ukrainian girls generally have the high level of intellect. No wonder they seek a partner with similar mind capabilities to share their entire life with. In contrast to a popular opinion about undereducated Slavic women, Ukrainian ladies do anything to advance their skills and wits.

2. Fidelity

This is one of the core ingredients Ukrainian national culture is composed of. Being loyal to her husband, children, and friends – that’s among the duties of a Ukrainian lady, which means she typically hates lies and cheating. So she looks for a truly special man who will never betray her and always be honest.

3. Sincerity

Westerners value privacy above all. On the contrary, Ukrainian people tend to willingly share their mind with strangers. If you ask them “How do you do?”, they will probably tell you a long story instead of just answering “Fine, thanks”. So Ukrainian women are into foreign guys who can be emotional and sincere.

4. Courage

Times, when men used to hunt and rush to battlefields, are gone. However, ladies keep dreaming about modern knights. In the West, this tendency is obviously weaker as local women get more and more rights. In Ukraine, the situation is different: girls here wish to remain kind of princesses.

5. Passion for adventures

Any woman would like to live a bright life. Ukrainians are typically open-minded and tolerating to other cultures, not to mention they were always into opening new horizons. So a woman from this country will likely embrace your mindset. In return, she wishes to get the same attitude from you.

6. Sense of humour

Who could have guessed? Indeed, there’s no lady who’d remain indifferent to a man capable of cheering her up in any situation. Romance shouldn’t be restricted to lofty matters only. Just like other women, female Ukrainians want to date good-natured and enthusiastic men.

7. Sociability

Ukrainian girls are definitely not those who make the first step. Take us right – they do want to communicate yet it’s not in their nature to take the initiative. In their culture, it’s the man’s duty to start talking to a girl. Besides, this quality ensures your overall success in a life.

8. Willingness to satisfy his woman

As Ukrainian ladies wish to be wooed in a sophisticated and tender way, they pick potential boyfriends carefully. Once such a girl meets someone special, she starts treating him as the dearest person. And that’s exactly what she wants in return. If you wanna charm a Ukrainian bride, show her you are ready to invest the time and efforts in your relationship.

9. Self-sufficiency

There are the plenty of rumors and myths circulating through the Internet. One of the saddest among them is an opinion about Slavic – and Ukrainian – women being mean gold-diggers. Not that they are saints but in the reality, the situation is different. A regular Ukrainian girl cares about her education and career so she wants to find a partner with the similar priorities.

10. Adequate self-esteem

Our self-esteem defines the way we live our entire life. If you are secure about your capabilities and goals, women notice that instantly. In particular, Ukrainian women who are, by all means, family-oriented and will not miss the chance to attract a successful male creature. Guys who lack self-confidence usually have problems with intersexual communication.

11. Positive view of life

Optimistic people easily handle problematic situations and manage multiple routine tasks. By their side, ladies can be sure everything will go all right. And there’s absolutely no woman who’d like to be with a sullen and hostile guy. Their pessimistic mood spreads around and brings their partners down. Good if you demonstrate your positivity to your prospective Ukrainian bride.

12. Determined life goals

In fact, this feature is predictably desired by Ukrainian girls. Since the earliest childhood, they learn what the core goal of a woman’s life is: to find a good man, to build a healthy family, and to possibly raise a couple of kids. That’s why Ukrainian females are generally into guys whose life goals are the same. In our view, shared opinions about big issues and priorities keep your feelings alive for long years.

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