Dating Advice

  • How to Sexually Arouse a Woman in Bed
    Men sometimes mistakenly believe that just having sex with a girl, they can easily satisfy her. But women are much more complicated than men, and besides the physical act, the psychological aspect is important to them. We understand how to satisfy a girl in bed and how to prove yourself an ideal lover.
  • A Guide to Dating Someone Who Is Bisexual
    Recently, non-traditional sexual relationships have been perceived as a variant of the norm, and the modern society is called upon not to condemn such connections because everyone has the right to self-determination. Besides, a bisexual relationship has become some kind of a trend.
  • Dating for Single Parents: Sites, Apps, Tips, and Advice
    When you are a single parent, you find yourself in quite a difficult dating situation. If you are a single dad, things are a little bit brighter, as women consider you to be as magical as a unicorn, still you are not that lucky. Dating market is mainly designed for singles with no appendage. So, no matter how charming you are, the fact that you are having a kid, with a high possibility that his/her another parent is hanging around, makes you less attractive for prospective partners.
  • How to Boost Libido in Men: Tips and Advice
    Men often face different sexual problems with age: they cease to experience the desire when they see a beautiful woman. Basically it depends on the level of testosterone, but there are other reasons for low libido in men. Let's figure out why this happens and how to get rid of the problem.
  • What Affects Your Sex Drive
    Your sex drive can be affected by numerous different factors. Anything like your diet, lifestyle habits, and emotional condition can either improve your sexual performance or worsen it. Reading the following info can help you understand better what affects your sex drive.
  • List of the Negative Relationship Behaviors
    In the modern world of single people, many are happy that they already have a loved one, often without thinking about the quality of these relationships and making many mistakes. Or it may be that a person has been trying to arrange their romantic life for years, but relations often end in the same scenario. There can be many reasons for such negative behavior patterns.
  • How to Get Over Someone You Still Love
    Even if you have already come to accept that it is the right time to move on, it can hardly be that easy to embody. The question of “how to get over someone you love?” will keep on popping into your head. Naturally, you’re wondering why all those bad things happened to your relationship.
  • Romantic Things to Do with Your Girlfriend
    In each couple comes a time when the relationship requires fresh air. As you know, everyday worries can destroy even the highest "book" relationships. What has recently been fun (for example, sharing your favorite TV shows or movies) turns into a boring routine. But people stubbornly continue to engage in the usual things because in their minds there is a psychological attitude - "we always liked it, this is what we love."
  • 10 Signs She's Losing Interest in You and What to Do About It
    Some of the main reasons why girls lose interest in guys are pretty straightforward and if you manage to catch them quick enough, the situation can still be turned around the girl will be engaged and interested again and probably even more than ever!
  • Fighting in a Relationship: How Much Is Too Much
    Love doesn’t come at once. People understand it, but not many are willing to work in order to love sincerely and deeply. It has long been noted that a real feeling appears as the years go by, and to love you need a lot of trials and wisdom.
  • What Makes Healthy Communication in a Relationship
    By definition, an effective communication is the successful transfer of particular information from one side to another. But what is healthy communication in relationships? In this way, healthy communication in a romantic union allows both partners to explain what they are experiencing and what they need without holding anything back.
  • Sex Addiction and How It May Affect Your Life
    So is sex addiction real? Yes, it is. Some scientists call sex addiction one of the main pathological inclinations of the 21st century. Of course, the scale of the problem is not as impressive as alcoholism, drug addiction or game addiction, but nevertheless, it exists. According to some sex addiction facts, every 10th man and 50th woman suffer from this disease. It is very easy to trace the roots of this problem: sex is no longer a taboo in most Western cultures.
  • Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally
    Magical pills advertised on TV and on the Internet are first to come to mind. However, before taking any measures, men should consult a doctor and take blood tests. In some cases, it’s possible to get your testosterone levels back to normal without resorting to medicine.
  • Sexual Frustration and How to Deal with It
    Often you desire one thing and your body gives you something completely different. From one point of view, you love and want your date, but from the other – your body seems to have already decided everything for you. Sometimes it is even not the body to decide, but your mental, religious or emotional barriers. Nowadays the term sexual frustration afflicts more and more people, both male and female. What is more, it strikes them every day, affects the thoughts, spoils personal life and makes a person feel inferior and depressed.
  • 9 Tips to Rebuild Trust after You Have Cheated
    A single episode of cheating can be dealt with if only a guilty party admits guilt. It requires both partners to reconsider their relationships from ground zero, learn how to respect each other, and provide care. Read the following tips to know how to build trust after cheating.
  • Sex Tourism in the Modern World: What to Do and Where to Go
    The kind of tourism people are not supposed to talk and write about much is gaining momentum. Annually, hundreds of thousands of travelers rush to foreign countries in search of exotics and adventure.
  • A Complete Guide to Having a Threesome: Positions, Insights, Tips
    Why do you need a threesome? As you know, passion fades with time, and it’s a proven fact. If you’ve been together for more than three years, then you probably already understand what we’re talking about. And a threesome is one of the great ways to bring variety to your sex life.
  • 10 Ideas to Celebrate 1 Year Dating Anniversary
    First 365 days of a relationship are the most important since partners lay the foundation for their future. If you are about to celebrate your 1 year of dating, it means your relationship does go on.
  • Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl: Laughing is Loving
    We are specialists in the business of flirty questions to ask a girl. We want to share with you a list of funny flirty questions that any girl will respond with pleasure and a smile on her lips!
  • Are You Going to Divorce? Here Are 10 Signs You Are
    It is the biggest luck to meet an interesting person and to fall in love. But to build a relationship, to keep warmth, love and understanding is not an easy task. But wise people will surely cope with it.