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How to Impress a Ukrainian Girl Right on the First Date

As time goes by, Ukrainian women become more and more preferred dates for westerners. Their outer attractiveness and numerous merits attract guys from all over the planet. Whether you only begin to think about dating a Ukrainian girl or have already found a decent mate via online dating services, you probably wanna know more about how to win her heart. In fact, there is nothing too hard about it. All you need to do is to follow a few simple tips we will give you in this article.

Ukrainian Girl on the First Date

Prepare a plan

If you decided to organise the entire romance tour by your own, you surely need a scrupulous plan. Yes, Ukrainian girls love surprises but for the first time together, everything should run under a certain scenario. The atmosphere must be as casual as possible. In such “neutral” conditions, you two will get the most adequate first impression about each other. No matter how alluring your communication via the Internet was, the live meeting will definitely change something.

Arrive in advance

This is one of the most important dating rules in Ukraine. A man should always be first who comes to a spot agreed while a woman has a legit rule to come later. We even know some Ukrainian single girls who usually are late for their dates on purpose! The most obvious reason is that women from this country are mad about how they look. So it will take your lady several hours to prepare for an in-person meeting with you.

Bring flowers or some other gift

In Eastern Slavic countries, the tradition of gifts giving is old and established. This works for both hosts and visitors. As a guest, you are actually expected to bring a gift for your Ukrainian match. Not that it must be some lavish stuff. Basically, a bouquet of flowers will be sufficient – only pick a sort she loves. Likewise, the number of flowers must be odd. Well, you aren’t obligated to bring just flowers: if she appreciates some books or even chocolate sweets, you are free to bring those as well.

Act chivalrously

Girls in the West seem to be really affected by feminism ideas. On the contrary, Ukrainian ladies are mostly impervious to this stuff. They still look for modern chivalry so if you wanna conquer your mate’s heart, demonstrate you can be her knight. All those little gentlemanlike acts are hugely welcomed by Ukrainian girls. Show your good manners and watch out your speech – and she will fall for you. By her side, you will definitely feel stronger and manlier.

Maintain the drinking etiquette

Westerners usually think there are huge problems with alcohol abuse in Eastern Slavic countries. In fact, the situation isn’t so terrible. Moreover, young Ukrainian ladies ultimately dislike guys addicted to hard liquors as they prefer the healthy lifestyle. Eventually, this isn’t good to drink much on first dates. So we strongly recommend you avoid taking a large amount of spirit. Try to replace it with dry wine.

Pay for the date

The question of who should pick up the tab isn’t simple for contemporary westerners. Most couples prefer splitting bills, which is ok. However, on a date with a Ukrainian woman, you should pay the whole sum by your own – this is just how their dating etiquette works. If you fail to do it, your lady will surely be disappointed.

Escort her on her way home

Dates typically take place late in the evening so letting your girlfriend go home alone isn’t a good idea. You are even required to accompany her. Apart from showing extra care about her, you will get more time to talk. Act your best throughout the entire date and you will make a Ukrainian girl’s heart melt!

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