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10 Signs She's Losing Interest in You and What to Do About It

So, here you are, cruising along the romantic relations highway with your wonderful girlie you have snagged, when boom – you suddenly grind back to second gear. Your girlfriend anymore looks as engaged with all the conversations, does not find your jokes as funny as before, is not as complaisant or available, and for sure is slower to return your love.

Some of the main reasons why girls lose interest in guys are pretty straightforward and if you manage to catch them quick enough, the situation can still be turned around — the girl will be engaged and interested again and probably even more than ever!

why do women lose interest in men

Why do women lose interest in men?

Perhaps there is no greater and brighter experience than falling in love with someone. Both of you are super excited to be around one another what definitely gives you the feeling you simply cannot put into words. Everything else in your lives might be going wrong, yet when you are together, all the problems appear to melt away. You and your beautiful crush are there, in this moment, living what can be commonly called the second life.

And, needless to say, in any relationship, no matter how strong and passionate it is, there comes a wall. At certain point, the feelings of the honeymoon phase seem to fade away and the real routine stage of life in your relations begins. You may still have those fresh and remarkable feelings, but they no longer seem so powerful. The passion remains there, but it is flickering a bit. But why do women lose interest in their husbands and boyfriends? The major reason to that may be lying deep within the female nature.

The point is, women are deeply spiritual and intuitive souls. And indeed, the depth and intuition can explain why all girls are believed to be too complicated. When they connect with a partner in relationship, they always connect on a soul level. Girls usually look for and need more in the romantic partnerships and interactions with people around – first of all, both a spiritual and emotional exchange equally. In truth, it can take a whole lot and so little at the same time to maintain a woman’s interest: true friendship, constant mental stimulation, acceptance and creativity. However, all those should be offered in a free and sincere way with no hidden agendas and anticipated sexual favors. And there are two things all women genuinely desire - authentic unity and connection.

10 signs your girlfriend is losing interest in you

When left unchecked, your beloved partner may begin to lose interest in your relationship. It often doesn’t take too much time before you are wondering if all the love and passion you once shared even used to exist at all. And thus, here you got ten warning signs she is losing interest in you staying together – and what, if anything, you have to do in order to win her back.

1. It is not about fun anymore

Let’s face it, life does not end at some point after the honeymoon phase. At the same time, there should always remain a sense of fun even in the daily routine — especially with your significant other. Excitement and laughter are the most essential elements of any healthy solid relationship. That’s why you should always keep things fun, take time for sincere laughter, and, of course, continue “dating” her, creating even more of the memorable shared experiences.

signs she is losing interest​2. Things have moved to a beaten track

Habitual gray routine is a cold-blooded killer of mutual goals and dreams and can easily kill your romance. Sure, get up, make your bed, take a shower, share a breakfast and split up for work — in other words, whatever you have to do to keep things flowing in your simple day-to-day life. But, speaking of relationships, you are actually supposed to keep up an intrigue. And, most of all, it should become a team effort with both parties throwing some deal of sparkle into the ring to endorse the entertainment for each other.

3. She starts feeling like your main trophy

A woman can always feel it when she is simply ticked off of her man’s to-do-list! That’s why you’d better add a better deal of excitement to your daily life, make your other half feel special and keep waiting for what comes next.

4. She is left guessing where she stands in your relations

One of the major signs of losing interest in a relationship is when a woman simply refuses to continue guessing where she stands in a relationship. For sure, this is the way to a girl’s heart and the main way to keep her entertained, so think again. In truth, any self-respecting lady will wave farewell and start looking for another guy who won’t make her of second value.

5. You are pretty much over the top

There is a really fine line between acting interested and demonstrating an insane interest. If you text or call her dozen times a day without any response —just STOP and put your phone down. Being too much over the top will easily turn your girl off. But if she feels okay about four texts and ten calls a day, then, well, carry on as you were. Still, if she never responds to any of your calls/messages, that can be among the first signs she’s losing interest in the partnership.

6. You are actually not your word

Promising to do something and then not acting on it or making promises you never intended to stand by — are instant death to any relationship. That’s why, avoid giving a word if you are not going to keep it. She will definitely respect you for that.

7. You began annoying her

A constantly irritated mood is among the first signs that your girlfriend is losing interest. Our tip is this easy: don’t annoy her! You certainly know what you’re doing. Just stop it!

8. Your values are not being met

If your values and expectations are not being aligned, eventually, everything will become a lot tougher. If you can see some really big gaps in the core values of your relationship, there’s a chance she might just be thinking: “Will we make it through or not? Make sure your values are always aligned or at least can be easily worked through.

9. The interaction is dull

You are talking about Zen Buddhism and your girlfriend is talking about real things. If you are struggling hard to find common topics or she is plain non-supportive of what you are saying, that can be a recipe for truly awkward silences and finally, for her to completely lose interest in your conversations! Find out what ground makes you both feel interested.

10. She has found someone else

Surely not the best case scenario and not really the one you can effortlessly change, regardless of what you might plan to do. If she has met some other man who can keep her boat afloat and decided to let you go, then you are always better off letting her away.

How to get a girl’s interest back?

Losing interest is usually quite a natural consequence of ending up pulled in so many directions. A beautiful lonely girl can rarely last more than a week without being courted by another willing admirer. So, how to get a girl back after she lost interest in staying with you? While there is no actual foolproof method that can work in every situation, there still are several steps you should take in order to optimize your chances of drawing her attention back. Below there are some of the most effective pieces of advice you can use to attract a woman who is no longer interested in having relations with you.

1. Define what had gone wrong the first time

Before you find the best way how to get interest back in a relationship, you’ll need to understand what actually went wrong last time. Almost always, you might have literally suffocated the girl with your excessive attention and control. There may be a thin line between pleasing your significant other and behaving like you are her servant. Do not be crossing that line and keep the self-respect you have.

how to get a girl's interest back2. Impress her on a distance

Be a decent guy. Let the girl realize what she might be missing out on. First and foremost, do not behave like you feel depressed or broken hearted. She is not in love with you to be feeling sorry for you. But she will only think you are weak. Instead, have some fun and enjoy yourself. That is guaranteed to make her secretly wish your company again.

3. Make her miss you and desire you

After all, both you and your girl might get along on friendly terms. Still avoid spending too much time around her. Even if you have great conversations with her, be sure to excuse yourself and walk away just like you are busy. Unless she still likes you, she should not be having the privileges of your past actions.

4. Make her feel jealous

Do not make it too obvious, though. Consider flirting with other girls and give them tons of attention. Your uninterested girlfriend can’t help but will only get super annoyed with you succeeding to ignore her. And the more you will be ignoring her, the more she will want your attention back. Even if she starts flirting with other guys, do not let that bother you. Those are her attempts to hurt you.

5. Ask your girl out on a date again

If you are absolutely convinced she might like you back or if you started feeling like she has somehow warmed up to you after some time spent apart, check out if you can get her out again. Flirt with the girl and keep watching if she reciprocates. At that happy moment, keep your fingers crossed, casually asking her if she would like to spend an evening with you.

6. Check out if she has warmed up to you

Have you ever caught your almost-ex-girlfriend lovingly staring at you? Does it seem like she started taking interest in you again? If you have two positive answers, try to find out if the girl is still interested in you through her behavior. If you have played the previous moves right, you will be able to see that she is trying to get closer to you or encourage longer conversations with you.

Final Moments

So, you have picked up all the facts and are wondering how to proceed. Some would say that if you started noticing your girl losing interest in your relationship, why should you fight it? In any case, it is always quite difficult to go for a serious talk about things happening between you, still it is also important to let the girl know how her indifference makes you feeling and to give your relationship one more chance to start everything up again.

If you have come looking for this article, there might be chances you are already unsatisfied and concerned about the direction your relationship is going. If she is simply not interested in moving ahead, not present in the relationship in the way it needs and won’t even discuss the reasons for that, you definitely deserve more. It can never be easy to walk away, but spending your time and life energy on a person who’s not willing to spend time and energy on you might be much harder.

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