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Are You Compatible? Perfect Quiz for Couples

The strongest relationships are those in which both partners can stay themselves. The desire to change another person or to tune oneself to other people's ideals dooms couples to failure. When two people have different beliefs or habits, it creates contradictions. Opposites can attract, but such a union does not always "survive." The only recipe is to always remember about compromise. However, isn’t it better to find out in advance how compatible you are?

Your partner isn’t your clone. If the core values of two people are completely incompatible, communication will be almost impossible. Of course, not all values should coincide, but common ground is a mandatory condition. Small differences can also lead to a "failure" in communication. In some cases, a compromise becomes a very difficult task. In other cases, conflicts are based on a misunderstanding of the situation. So, how compatible are you?

how to know if you are compatible

1. Do you like to talk to each other?

Many couples who are in long-term relationships don’t know even about the hobbies of their partners. It happens that over time, they stop talking about some personal stuff. However, a contact at the level of emotional connection is of great importance, and it doesn’t matter whether you have challenging conversations or light ones. In the right relationship, everything is always easy. You interact with a partner with pleasure and do not even think about choosing someone else instead of them. You feel endless tenderness. When you are compatible, you learn to listen to each other, and it is essential in family life. Look at your beloved one and answer honestly, “Do they avoid talking? Do they answer all your questions with a specific and comprehensive “yes" or “no”?” If partners can talk about different things, getting pleasure from the process, then it’s the first “yes” on the list of relationship compatibility quiz.

2. Do you read each other's minds?

Some people have been living together for many years, but they still don’t understand how it is possible to read each other’s mind. Nonetheless, it’s quite a common thing for people who can successfully pass a love compatibility test. Have you ever had such cases when you want to call a person, you pick up the phone and see the incoming call from your partner at the same moment? Can you start talking simultaneously about the same thing for no reason? You could have a feeling as if your partner knew what you were thinking about. Of course, you can call it a coincidence, but if it happens quite often, then this is one of the signs that you have found a soul mate. Are you compatible? If you can read each other’s minds from time to time, then it is a resounding yes.

3. Does your role models match?

It is not a secret that everyone plays a role: a naughty child, a custodial parent or an independent adult. People who are compatible, complement each other according to the psycho type: parent-child, victim-tyrant, adult-adult. are we compatibleThat is why infantile people prefer authoritarian personalities who love to teach and control, and adults and independents are looking for people like themselves. They feel very comfortable in such relationships, and can say yes to the question, “Are we compatible?” All people are unique, but many of them have some common ground, basing on life experience or personal beliefs, which determine who they are.

4. Do you have the same level of empathy?

As it has turned out, the most compatible partner is the person who has the same level of kindness towards the world. That is, a stand-up guy will have a healthy relationship with the same compassionate girl, and an animal rights activist will be happy with someone who is also thinking about volunteering. At the same time, people who are indifferent to charity should be better with the same cold fish. People who have the same level of empathy can easier find a common language, understand each other’s values perfectly and support. This strengthens the relationship. So, if you are on the same page in this respect, then you can put another check in the “are we compatible” quiz.

5. Are you compatible according to the sign?

Do you know what signs are compatible? There are couples whose union is uniquely made in the zodiac heaven. If you are one of the following zodiac couples, then you can add birthday compatibility to the list of small victories. So, what zodiac signs are compatible? Aquarius and Gemini can create a magnificent partnership, interacting like two halves of the same person. They need each other to complement the partner and achieve their goals. Taurus and Virgo perfectly balance each other and build a very harmonious and quiet relationship, trying to balance their own idealistic desires and dreams. Libra and Cancer are susceptible people who can understand their partners at a deeper level. Aries and Sagittarius are two adventure seekers and two bright dreamers, who never get bored with each other. Gemini and Libra know how to listen to the needs of a partner and provide them with all kinds of comprehensive support.

6. Do you have similar household habits?

Sloppy Joe will not be able to get along with a girl who is obsessed with cleanliness, and vice versa. For example, a woman will certainly be annoyed by the partner’s habit of leaving things lying around or eating in bed. This is a start of painful quarrels on the topic “I'm not your maid.” The partners who have perfect relationships and who have already passed a compatibility test are on the same wavelength. They either perceive spider's web as an art object or start tiding up together. Of course, happy relationships require both comfort and passion. However, you can experience passion with almost anyone in contrast with comfort. This is one of the embodiments of happiness, and the ability to enjoy each other every day. This feeling is priceless, it makes your coexistence truly happy. It helps you get an honest answer to the question, “How compatible are we?”

7. Do you teach each other and always tell the truth?

How to know if you are compatible? You can be compatible in many ways, for example, whenever you communicate with your partner, you almost always find out something new. You will hardly get the same from friends or acquaintances. Your soulmate will surely tell you something interesting and show the right direction. They will want to share all their knowledge or give valuable advice that will be very relevant. In addition, you are always straightforward with each other, even if it is hurtful. Who else can open your eyes to the wrong situation except for the person you are compatible with? Moreover, this person will honestly tell you what they think, what their gut tells them, and what's the best course of action to take. Such a person will never intentionally and maliciously deceive you.

8. Do you have the same values and priorities?

To reach harmony in the couple, both partners should see their relationship in the same colors. For example, they should be aimed at the family, self-realization or wealth. Their vision of the roles in the relationship must be the same, otherwise, the social climber will quickly become disillusioned with the “homegrown” partner. A family man cannot get along with a bohemian beauty, who thinks only about parties. Such a relationship is doomed to failure. No wonder people say that partners who truly love each other are looking in the same direction. What is the most important thing for both of you in life? Do you share the same interests, beliefs and common views? Does your soulmate have the same value system? Does your partner listen to you when you tell about your hobby and passions? Does it matter whether you are talking about your favorite dish or political preferences? If you have the same views and beliefs, you will successfully pass a love compatibility quiz.

love compatibility9. Are you sexually compatible?

It is not a surprise that sex has a great impact on the quality of relationships. If the couple has problems with intimate life, then they don’t have love compatibility. Nonetheless, sexual connection plays one of the most important roles. Very often, everything falls apart since two people just cannot get along in bed. If the partners have completely different sexual temperaments, then, most likely, their sexual life can never become harmonious. If one thinks about sex 24 hours a day, and the second one perceives sexual intercourse as something completely unimportant, then they will face disagreements, quarrels, conflicts, and showdowns all the time. Such a relationship will not last for a long time, and one of the partners will leave sooner or later. That is why it is best to have a committed relationship with people who have similar sexual needs. So, before you decide to move further, you should ask yourself, “Are we sexually compatible?” Sexual intimacy, hugs, and kisses increase the level of affection and happiness. If you can respond positively to this item of the sexual compatibility quiz, then you are a lucky one.

10. Do you have alike plans and dreams?

Each person has their own plans and dreams about what they want to achieve. When people start a committed relationship, they, as a rule, correct their desires, creating common wishes. This scenario can be called the most ideal one because this is how people get very close. Having chosen one path, the partners go forward hand in hand, overcoming all obstacles. However, it also happens that the partners see their future and the future of their family in completely different ways, having no desire to examine other options. This is a real problem because when spouses begin to stir the pot, this has negative consequences in the form of constant quarrels and offenses. In the end, everything can result in a breakup. In order to avoid such an unpleasant outcome, it is necessary to look for a person who dreams about the same things. Only such a harmonious couple can meet any challenges. So, if you have alike plans, and you take steps forward your shared dream, then you are one of the most compatible couples.

11. Do you have the same sense of humor?

A sense of humor works with everyone, and this item shouldn’t be ignored when you try to find out the level of your compatibility with the partner. People who understand and like each other’s jokes can solve most problems without any consequences. Neither you nor your partner should be a famous or great stand-up comedian, it’s enough to find their jokes funny and laugh like little Audrey. Scientists have confirmed that compatibility in this aspect means an equal level of intelligence, which is the basis for a happy relationship. In addition, humor perfectly neutralizes tension, saves relationships from routine and crisis moments. Sometimes, a good joke and a glass of wine can save even the hardest day.
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