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How to Boost Libido in Men: Tips and Advice

Libido implies sexual attraction to the opposite sex and has a psychological basis. Do not confuse this concept with virility, which is physiological ability. In other words, in the first case it will be correct to say “I want”, and in the second – “I can”. Men often face different sexual problems with age: they cease to experience the desire when they see a beautiful single woman. Basically it depends on the level of testosterone, but there are other reasons for low libido in men. Let's figure out why this happens and how to get rid of the problem.

how to increase your libido

Everything you need to know about libido in men

So, what is libido in men? Libido is responsible for the male power - the energy that underlies the sexual drive, expressing the desire both during sexual intercourse and before it. Libido shows how much a person wants intimacy with the opposite sex and how often this desire can arise. The continuation of the bloodline and the reproductive function depend on it.

Knowing what libido is, you can distinguish several factors: psychology and physiology. To begin with, we'll deal with physiological one. It is determined by the hormonal background and the amount of hormones produced by the body. The testosterone hormone is responsible for the sex drive men feel towards women. With its lack, there is a disproportion of female and male hormones, which affects both libido and potency negatively.

Recommendation: if the balance is broken, do not panic immediately. It can be restored with some good nutrition, right diet, healthy day schedule, and doctor’s recommendations.

As for the psychological factor, it is not so simple here. It depends entirely on the mood of a man and his emotional state. For example, temper is very important. It will play a huge role in being attracted to a woman and experiencing the desire to have sex with her. The harmony can be violated by literally everything: conflict situations in different spheres, work, family quarrels, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

All this leads to a low libido, and, as a result, a low interest in women. A man risks facing another important problem – erectile dysfunction.

Loss of libido in men

Nowadays, the problem of low libido in men is very common, but in practice there are also cases when a man is, on the contrary, hypersexual.

In this case, we are speaking about high libido, which is a completely different problem. The causes can include tumors, brain injuries, hormonal system disorders, encephalitis consequences. In order to find out the reason and choose the correct method of treatment, it is better to schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible.

It is also important to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Avoid nervous tension, conflict, stress;
  • Minimize the stressing factors;
  • Start to lead an active life, go in for sports;
  • Eliminate the causes of anxiety;
  • Do yoga and meditation;low testosterone in young men
  • Reduce the amount of adrenaline in the body;
  • Increase the duration of sleep;
  • Take sedative herbs.

Recommendation: do not accept libido improvement as destruction. If I consider it from the point of vision of medicine, this is a sexual disorder which I need to treat.

Causes of low libido in men

Anyway, low libido is a very common problem, and to avoid it you need to know all the reasons that may cause it and recommendations on how to boost libido. An attractive woman provokes a response only in 50% of men. The rest have either a low level of attraction, or none attraction at all.

The main causes of the problem are:

Psychological factors. Constant stress, prolonged depression, lack of sleep, fatigue, and anxiety can significantly reduce a man's libido. Although for many men this sounds like a normal and everyday life. But in reality constant psychological stress brings nothing but troubles with women. Therefore, dear ladies, keep in mind the following: frequent quarrels and abuses do not bring anything good.

Hormonal disorders. The concepts of potency and libido are closely related to hormones. When a man is young and full of strength, testosterone production is normal (of course, there are cases of low testosterone in young men), but when he is close to his 40s, the level of testosterone gradually reduces, which leads to a low sexual vigor.

Chronic diseases often cause a low libido, as well. This is especially true about diseases associated with the cardiovascular system and endocrine organs.

Injuries of genital organs, mechanical injuries that can cause significant harm: testicles disorders (they produce testosterone, so the libido decreases).

Drugs can have a significant effect on a man. Especially hormones, antidepressants, sedatives and those that contain steroids.

Illicit sexual relationships - this applies to both long abstinence and a frequent sex life. Try to avoid stress as much as possible if you are wondering how to increase your libido. Initially, it is necessary to consult an urologist, an endocrinologist, and an andrologist, because a low libido, bad erection, and other sexual problems can indicate prostatitis, hormonal failure, diabetes and prostate adenoma.

If those reasons are excluded, most likely, your problem is psychological. And here we must determine three factors that can cause it:

  • Depression,
  • Irritability,
  • Dissatisfaction,

Recommendation: if the desire is absolutely absent, pay attention to hormonal disorders, anemia, and age. So, having determined the exact reason, you can restore your youth, strength, activity, and even increase interest in the opposite sex. The main thing is not to be shy about your troubles, but start looking for a solution immediately. So let’s speak about how to boost male libido.

How to increase libido in men

First of all, it is worth remembering that you can solve the problem on your own only in the case of a low libido. If the task is to restore the lost sexual desire completely, it is necessary to consult with a doctor.

It is also important to change your behavior in different aspects of life:

  • Only proper nutrition without fatty and fried foods, the body must be provided with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins;
  • Increase testosterone levels in the blood;
  • Rest should be an integral part of life;
  • If you have extra weight, you need to normalize it;
  • Drugs should be selected carefully.


Recommendation: pay attention to products, which increase testosterone in blood, eat more nuts, greens, garlic, onion and dairy products.

The above mentioned products include a huge amount of zinc, and it is an important component in the structure of testosterone molecules. It is also good idea to add to your diet products that contain B, C, and D vitamins. Selenium, magnesium are useful minerals for you. They are easy to get from vegetables and fruits. And, of course, drink enough water.

Hormones are quickly and correctly synthesized in the body if proteins, fats, and carbohydrates start to come in sufficient quantities. This will help blood circulation in the genital organs and will stimulate the production of the necessary hormone. So, how to raise libido with physical trainings?

how to boost male libidoPhysical exercises

You can perform simple exercises for your pelvic muscles, which are quite effective and useful for men's health. Give up bad habits, do your best to normalize your day, eat healthy food, containing aphrodisiacs. Go in for sports, as regular physical activity brings the right mood, improves your external and internal sensations, and helps get rid of stress. Carrying out all the instructions, it will be quite easy to achieve a positive result. Given the psychological aspects of the problem, you should remember: the normal development of the body requires constant exercises and physical activity.


Following such an easy tip, you will not need to run around the doctors in the future, wondering what causes your problem. It is enough to be aware of how to improve libido. The process is simple: use an ordinary unobtrusive flirtation with beautiful women - that's all the exercises. When deciding to get married, a man usually balances the libido. This can become rather ambiguous for a married couple: everything seems to be good, the relationship becomes stable, but how to maintain the “fire” that is so important for desire in bed? Flirt with your wife, thereby developing your libido.

Recommendation: practice flirting on a daily basis and it will compensate reflexes of psychological attraction. Being worried about how to increase sex drive in men, the wife also may help him restore the libido. It's very simple to do this, but she should change her behavior and attitude towards the spouse.

Here are the basic rules:

Every loving woman should remember that the libido of men depends on her desire directly. Therefore, if your spouse starts flirting or showing signs of attention, respond to them.

Despite quarrels and malfunctions, sleep under one blanket. Each touch and each gentle embrace is so necessary to maintain the normal libido in a man. Constant intimacy cannot dull the desire, but, on the contrary, should strengthen it. Your love will serve as an excellent stimulation of his attention.

Punishing by depriving your husband of sex will only add to the situation. This is the mistake many ladies make. Even if the spouse is very guilty, do not deprive him of sexual pleasures.

If you are already saturated with each other, take a day rest. You can, for example, visit relatives or friends individually. Strengthen your feelings with short individual trips. But spend your vacation together.

Do not rush to take pills

If you are inclined to medication, be careful. A low libido in young men may not require such interference, so get to know how to increase libido naturally first. Often, in his 40s, a man begins to lose his power and starts looking for a way to return everything as it used to be, and the easiest way is to take a pill. But we must remember that they can do more harm than good. Do not forget that in old age a man can have a normal sexual attraction to the opposite sex, sometimes even high.

Therefore, doctors can recommend hormonal therapy, which normalizes the level of testosterone. It is difficult to come to the conclusion whether it will be safe or useless: in such cases you just need to consult your doctor on how to increase libido in men quickly.

Recommendation: the emotional background often helps restore physiological abilities better than any medications.

Finally, essential libido enhancers for men include watermelon, saffron, mint, celery, parsley, ginger, and in combination with a psychologist's advice the problem will go away soon.

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