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How to Kiss a Russian Girl: General Advice

Oh, those Russian women... an obsession of each and every western man for the last quarter of the century. Soon after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russian women became the dream girls for western men. The internet has made it quite easy to date a Russian woman. With all those matchmaking services offering Russian women dating online, it makes no surprise that thousands of men create accounts on those sites. But what makes all those men dream about dating a Russian girl?

The main reason is that Russian women differ greatly from their western counterparts. Feminism reigns the western world for more than half of the century. Woman who is more into building a career than into family is common in the Western world. Still, not all men appreciate self-sufficient and independent women. Russian women often become a target of supporters of traditional gender roles and Slavic beauty's aficionados. This comes because of Russian girls' patriarchal upbringing. According to Russian patriarchal upbringing man is the central figure of a woman's life. So, there's no surprise that Russian women accept traditional gender roles and that they are much more family oriented than their western 'sisters'.


Besides, Russian women are known for their complete devotion to their men. The reason for such devotion lies in the aspect of Russian culture known as a self-sacrifice. While Russian men can sacrifice themselves for religion or for their homeland, self-sacrifice in Russian women transformed into the absolute devotion to their husbands and their families.

All those features make Russian girls perfect girlfriends and perfect spouses. So, are there any secret in conquering them? Unfortunately, yes. Especially when it comes to western men dating Russian girls. Although nobody wants to acknowledge it, but western men are spoiled by their overly-emancipated women. Because western women are self-sufficient and independent, they have no need in men trying to win them. If you like each other, you easily pass from the first look to the first kiss. And the most common mistake that western men make when they date a Russian girl, is taking her for a western woman.

So, how to kiss a Russian girl? Without further ado check out our top tips on how to get a Russian girl to kiss you.


Well, you cannot start with a kiss when you're dating a Russian girl. You know that Russian women are prudent and you can't be fast with them. Moreover, you need to think about all the things beforehand. It's very unlikely that a Russian woman would like to kiss with you in the crowded place. So, a cinema, cafes, and bars are definitely bad choices for kissing a Russian girl. While an empty park or your home can be a much better choices. In case if the kiss takes place in your home, take care of the intimate and romantic atmosphere. There is no need in much lightning. Candles may be the best choice.


Although you need to be chivalrous and show your assertiveness when you're dating a Russian girl, there is no need to be rude or demanding when it comes to kissing a Russian woman. First of all, you must be ready that your first kiss may not take place on your first date. You should pay close attention to her body language, as she may give you some hints on whether she is ready or not for the first kiss.

Those hints have an important role, as when it comes to dating a Russian girl you always need to make the first move. If she stands close to you keeping an eye contact with you, then it means that it is a perfect moment to kiss your Russian lady.


A kiss with a Russian girl requires a perfect tension. The more sexual tension is between you – the better your first kiss will be. If you want to build that tension, you need to stand close to each other and hold a string an eye contact. But don't make any creepy looks, it must be a soft lovely gaze. Otherwise, the whole moment can become vulgar and ruin your first kiss with a Russian woman. In order not to make this moment vulgar, it’s better to put your hands on her waist rather than on her hips.

Where to start a kiss

It is unlikely that a prudent Russian girl will allow you to start from the French kiss. Most likely that you should start from a tender and soft kiss. Although everything depends on the level of sexual tension between you, it is better to start the kiss from the corner of her lips. Your soft kiss will grow into something bigger, but don't force her to it. Moreover, you should control your tongue, no need to invade her mouth with it. Of course you are making the first move, but after that let her lead you. Keep your mouth slightly open in order if she wants more, as no one knows how far your Russian girl can go. A slightly open mouth is a sign that you are giving her a chance in case if the sexual tension between you will force her into exploring your mouth.

When you are kissing, remember that it is way better to keep your eyes closed. It's highly unlikely that you may miss anything special. Moreover, closed eyes will help you avoid creepy looks. You definitely know how stupid your face may look when you kiss with open eyes.


It doesn't matter if you are preparing for the first kiss with a Russian girl or with any other girl, there a few things you need to take care of. First of all, you need to take care of your breath. No girl likes to kiss you if your breath smells badly. Also, none of you should be drunk if you want to have a perfect first kiss. You would like to remember it, don't you? And sometimes it is even better not to remember that sloppy and pathetic mess that your first kiss has turned into because of too much alcohol. So, both of you should be sober. A glass of wine will do just fine for the first kiss. Although your first kiss doesn't need to be perfect, still too much is at stake, as it demonstrates your appreciation.

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