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How to Meet Up a Girl Online

We all are shooting for the stars, especially when it comes to love and finding someone special. We go through dozens of forums to learn how to behave, some of us keep trying even when the hope is defusing like a balloon. Some of us, however, see dating not as a long-term commitment with thousand barriers and challenges. They just enjoy meeting new people and do not overthink about relationship issues whatsoever. But we all go online from time to time for that special moment with a beautiful stranger.

meeting women online

So, Do Online Acquaintances Really Work?

Why not? We keep on progressing when it comes to dating. Relationships are not a real-time subject only. Besides that, online meeting always increases self-confidence and it’s easier to find a conversation starter.

Main advantages of meeting new people online:

1. It is not as time-consuming. You can literally chat on the go! While real-life talking requires a lot of time and effort, online conversations are much easier. Just tell your viz-a-viz that you are a little busy, or answer whenever you’re have some spare time to get to know each other.

2. It is way easier. If you are not the bravest type of a person, you may bring some awkwardness to the conversation. For those people, online-chatting seems to be a perfect variant. You can google some smart pick-up lines, send jokes on the subject of your mutual interest, or just think faster. Sometimes just a glance from a real person can be a challenge.

3. You can appear smarter online. Meet new people online and start faking or stay a true person – it is up to you. But what is obvious, is that we all need some extra-support on some subjects during conversations. For example, if a girl asked you a bummer question about 7th season of Game of Thrones, and you abandoned watching it on the 2nd one, you may or may not help yourself out. Better not be caught for those lies, young man! Admit it, we all want to be more likeable and clever in the eyes of the beloved person!

4. Online meeting is not as committing. If you see that relationships are actually not working out as well as you thought they would do, you can just escape the fate and block the person or politely tell that the conversation is over. Again, it doesn’t require as much bravery and you will feel an instant relief instead of remembering those sad eyes forever. Note: don’t substitute breakups, choosing to tell everything online if you’ve been meeting in real life, because it is very low and rude to end relationships like that!

online meeting 5. Internet liberates. A lot of people in real life are afraid or simply can not get acquainted with the opposite sex because of their modesty. So they come to the aid of the Internet, where you can relax and not enter into live communication until there is a real mutual interest from the correspondence. Social networks empower people. Here one can communicate with several people at once and choose his or her closest spirit twin.

6. Meet people online and your self-esteem will boost! Nowadays many people are keen on spreading their photos on social networks. Everyone is waiting for cherished likes and comments under their profile photos. It's so nice to get a compliment from your friends or just strangers. This really increases our self-esteem.

7. The Internet blurs the borders between us. If it happened to you to meet new people online, you probably know that feeling of togetherness even if there are hundred and thousand miles between you. Now we have online-chats, Facetime, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and lots of other helpers in achieving the goal of getting closer to a definite person!

But we also shouldn’t forget about some disadvantages of online-chatting:

1. Lack of live communication. Any virtual communication, no matter how wonderful it is, will never replace a live conversation, where words are followed by emotions, gestures and facial expressions.

2. We are deceived in our expectations after the meeting. Unfortunately, with virtual communication some of the traits of the interlocutor can be very difficult to discern. And here comes the inevitable disappointment in the transition to live communication. In a virtual correspondence, a person can be ideal, but in everyday life, it may not be your type of person at all.

3. Addiction to virtual communication. Many people become isolated on the Internet and simply stop communicating "live". The Internet is like a spider that lures into its net. People become addicted to communication in social networks. And this is the worst thing. So, returning to our question: do Internet acquaintances really work? Sure thing they do! It is only important to detect toxic and non-effective partners, and everything will be all right.

The story of one conversation…

There are hundreds and hundreds of narratives about people who have found their better half on the Internet. They chat, get to know each other, communicate, decide, plan. It’s like a beautiful Internet dream story. But the issue is when you want to transfer this online-romance into something more serious.

“My friend found a girl in one online-game chat. Soon they started dating in a very interesting way – it was Skype dating. After almost a year of mutual feelings the guy decided to fly to her country in order to meet for the first time. It was a true disappointment for a man who spent so much money and effort when the girl he met rejected him as he was “rude to her friends and not her type anyway”. I guess his reaction was not the happiest.”(From anonymous visitor)

“I have met my husband on Christian site. He was a middle-aged man, very handsome and kind, he spoke to my heart… After a few months, he proposed to move to Utah with him. I cannot believe that such people could be on the Internet. Seems like it was a destiny.” (From submitted user)

After reading those two completely different stories you can understand that an outcome can be drastically different. Would you continue a relationship that requires transition from online- to real-life status? If the answer is positive, we will move on to the next topic.

Meet A Girl Online: How, Where and When

meeting girls online 1. When you can meet girls online? The answer is more than simple. There are approximately a gazillion sites that are developed to help you find a better half. Those are: single ladies dating sites, online-group chats for people with similar interests, and, of course, social media, including Tinder, Facebook and so on. You can check out reviews anytime to decide what you want to stick to.

2. When should you meet women online? Every online meeting should be appropriate, so mind the fact you can probably belong two different hemispheres and facetiming people at night is not very pleasant. Instead, ask for the period of the day when it’s convenient to call or text. She might be at the meeting while you bombard a poor girl with notifications.

3. How should you start meeting women online?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to be romantic, appropriate and credible:

1) Have your profile filled with important information. If your page contains only your first and last name or there is nothing more than a nickname there, then no matter how hard you try to catch the girl with your messages, she is unlikely to answer you. Because it all looks like a fake bot or some of her friends who decided to play a trick on her. That's why you need to fill out your profile clearly and correctly, so that all these unnecessary questions will disappear. It is enough to write a few points: city, age, your real first and last name, upload good photos. This required minimum simply must be on your page. Your profile is you (your virtual self-image) on the Internet. Your self-expression. So wash your face before showing it to the World!

2) The first thing that any girl will notice is your appearance. If you upload an old photo of 2010, then blame yourself. Nobody will answer you. Photos should be new and have a good quality. Choose a photo, where you are in some cool place or next to something interesting, so it can be a conversation-starter. Upload some photos with your friends (decent photos, not some club debauchery). It will be good if your friends look worthy and presentable, not in sport suits and with alcohol. Another important point - change and update your photos, show that you live an exciting life, travel, go to cool places. The interest of the girl will increase and she 100% will want to continue communication. Your pictures are your lifestyle.

3) Skip the subject of religion and politics. Even if you seriously worry for the political situation in the country or you are a super atheist, you do not need to post about this in order not to appear a fanatic. A girl just might think that you're one crazy person, which uses social networks like a mouthpiece for your ideas. Stay away from something like this, because your main goal is to meet girls online, and not to discuss political views.

4) Your feed is very important. Try to fill in the section about yourself as much as possible, avoid stamps and do not write fake things like “professional guitar-player” when in general you can’t even play a song. Write about your favorite books, movies - let it be more than a standard set of the user, try to stand out and be able to meet people online. Add a few provocative quotes and voila - at least, she will be curious about what's in your head and what kind of guy writes like that. And this means that you achieved your goal.

To sum up I want to wish you to be wise and confident, true and friendly. People always fall for honesty, not fake compliments or pick-up lines. Be a diamond in cheap pile of garbage called social media, choose your partner wisely and generally be happy. Women online are waiting for a prince like you!

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