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List of the Negative Relationship Behaviors

In the modern world of single people, many are happy that they already have a loved one, often without thinking about the quality of these relationships and making many mistakes. Or it may be that a person has been trying to arrange their romantic life for years, but relations often end in the same scenario.

There can be many reasons for such negative behavior patterns. You can unconsciously repeat the same mistakes out of fear of the unknown or failure. Because you don't know how and are afraid to do it differently. To get out of this vicious circle, one must understand the main typical mistakes in relations committed by men and women, find out how to change negative behavior and make every effort to mistake as rarely as possible.

Men's mistakes differ from women's with some exceptions. But one thing unites both of them: they negatively affect relations, bring suffering and pain into them, provoke family quarrels, destroy marriages and sow misfortunes. Therefore, all the representatives of the stronger sex who want to maintain a happy relationship with their chosen ones need to learn the most serious mistakes men make when dealing with women, and try to avoid them. So have a look at the list of negative behaviors.

list of negative behaviors

Men's mistakes

Inability and unwillingness to listen to a woman

This is one of the key men's mistakes. Men don’t tend to listen to women, especially if it concerns family issues and making some important decisions. Men think that all this "blether" is worth nothing, that there are too many emotions. But the point is in emotions. They always accompany women's cogitativeness. Therefore, it’s important to let them go out together with words, and keep them from boiling inside.

In addition, if a man inattentively listens to a woman, she perceives this as a signal of disrespect. "If my words mean nothing to him, then I'm worth little for him," she concludes.


Criticism and reproaches based on annoyance are the biggest men's mistakes and killers of all marriages. Criticism is one of the most destructive ways of intercommunion. In this case, we mean an unconstructive criticism, when a man, pointing out a woman's mistakes, doesn’t offer anything to correct them but starts reproaching her. And he does it in a rude way, seeking out and fomenting the woman's faults and belittling her dignity.

Constant and merciless criticism, accusations and chronic irritation may indicate that your marriage has long been bulging at the seams. If you aren’t happy with something and want to say it to your partner, then you need to do it in a constructive way. This should be not destructive but supportive criticism, which sets for a dialogue and discussion.

Anger and rudeness

This is another mistake destroying relationships. A brutal and cruel attitude, accompanied by anger and wrath, frightens and humiliates women.

If a man shows anger and rudeness, then at the unconscious level, at the level of instinct, a woman perceives such behavior as a threat to herself and her offspring. Accordingly, she tries to avoid these relations, because ignoring such negative behavior is impossible. She may resort to defensive behavior, for example, responds to rudeness with her own aggression. Family quarrels and scandals most often appear on the basis of mutual anger and rudeness, which, naturally, has a destructive effect on family relations.

The desire to control and bend everything to his will

Very often a man tries to establish complete control over a woman and wants her to obey him in everything. At the same time, he can use emotional blackmail, pressure, and even threats and intimidation. However, he can do this very gently, using elements of manipulation. Naturally, there can be no question of any equitable relationships in this case. Most women begin to resist such attitude toward them, which, in the end, leads to a split. Even if partners stay together, when, for example, a woman is ready to accept the domineering behavior of her man, they will hardly be able to make a happy family. Especially, if a man completely ignores the wishes and needs of his woman, and all the more so he suppresses her personality.

negative communication behaviorsChildishness

Some men unconsciously duplicate their childhood pattern of behavior with their mother in relations with women. They often show helplessness, shift all responsibility on a woman and obey her. But at the same time, they are capricious, behave too emotionally, very demanding and ambitious for no good reason. Such men can’t cope with everyday difficulties. Their usual tactic is avoiding problems. They tend to go back on promises and commitments. They are characterized by resentment, jealousy, scenes of discontent, etc.

If a woman is ready to play the role of a mother for such a man, then, perhaps, they will have a relationship. Truly speaking, they are unlikely to be happy. Such relations are impregnated with conflicts and very harmful to psychological health.

Unwillingness or inability to share your thoughts and feelings

It’s one of the negative communication behaviors. We can say that it isn't a grave mistake, but nevertheless, destructively affects relationships with women. Unless she is a woman of few words.

The fact is that for a woman it is very important to communicate and exchange emotions. This is especially important in difficult moments of her life when support and understanding are very necessary. But many men don’t want or (most often) simply don’t know how to maintain emotional contact at the proper level and express their thoughts and feelings. They prefer to keep them in or even hide from themselves.

Many women regard this behavior as alienation. That, "if he is silent, then I'm doing something wrong. Or, he has something to hide!"

Consumer's attitude to a woman

As a rule, consumer’s attitude of a man to a woman includes elements of emotional tyranny. A man can use a woman as an object of satisfying sexual needs and instrument for solving his material and everyday problems. Many men stay with women simply because they "feel comfortable with them." After all, you don’t need to bother about washing, cooking, arranging dwellings, etc. Some men are prone to the parasitic existence and use the woman to shift responsibility for their entire life, for making key decisions, setting life goals and assigning priorities. And after the woman does all this for him, he also expresses strong discontent.

Lack of basic knowledge about women

Many men sincerely believe that "women are the same as they are", so behave accordingly. Men know almost nothing about women: why she often has mood swings, how she gets an orgasm, what she wants from a relationship with you, how to attract her attention, why she needs your care and tenderness, what makes her happy, why she sometimes needs shopping etc.

The more a man knows his woman, the more he shows his love, attention, and care, the happier they will be together.

Women’s mistakes

Now let's look at the main examples of negative behaviors of women in relationships with men.

A woman mentally suppresses her man

This is one of the most dangerous mistakes for the relationship. A reasonable and wise woman knows that her psyche is several times stronger than the man's one. And every woman has two options: to inspire her man or destroy him mentally. Accordingly, if a woman suppresses a man mentally, he becomes deeply unhappy and useless person.

Constant doubts about a man

If a woman constantly doubts a man, thinks that she could find better, or that he won’t achieve anything in life, so the result is: the man becomes weak, loses his strength to achieve goals, and he is no longer respected in society. If a woman believes in her man, considers him to be the best in her life, then amazing changes occur in him: he becomes self-confident, purposeful, full of strength and energy. In such state, he does everything for the happiness of his woman.

Doesn’t support his life goals

It’s sad when a woman is constantly nagging at her man about his attitude to life, work, etc. If she doesn’t like his attitude to some life situation, work or level of earnings, then she begins to hold up somebody as an example for him, thus humiliating her husband.

If a woman doesn't accept or respect the life goals of a man, it severely breaks him, and he can start looking for another woman, or somehow crock up (for example, start drinking alcohol).

A woman needs to remember that the main thing is to love her husband for what he is and at least outwardly agree with him. And then she can gradually change it, provided that she knows how to do it right.

negative behavior patternsConstant dissatisfaction with relationships or life in general

Men often say that the wife has really got to them with her constant displeasure: "She is always dissatisfied with everything, it's hard to please her".

A woman needs to learn how to accept her husband. If she wants a better life, then she needs to do something to achieve it, not to shift the blame to her husband. Work on yourself, change yourself and life will also begin to change.

There is no feeling of love on her part

In this situation, a man usually has a mistress or even leaves the family. When a man feels a lack of love, he automatically begins to look for it on the side. It’s a kind of negative attention seeking behavior in adults. What kind of love are we talking about? To begin with, this is an elementary women's tendance: to cook and feed are the basic elements of caring. Then there is support and inspiration for action. Without this, it’s hard for a man to become successful.

Attempt to fully control him

A huge mistake for a woman is to try to worm herself into the confidence of her man and learn absolutely everything about him. When a woman gets it, then she loses interest in him.

It isn’t necessary to aspire to control a man, it’s better to become such a woman, to whom he will always run after the work. Male nature is an external activity in society, so give him the opportunity to achieve success, don’t limit his life trying to fill it only with yourself.

Attempts to change him

It’s one of the worst types of negative behaviors. Many girls start a relationship with a man already noticing his shortcomings but hope that they will be able to correct them. It’s completely wrong, and in general is a great push to break up. Once you have fallen in love with him, then be so kind as to accept him for who he is and don’t try to remake the living person as you like. In occasion of small misses - simply be punctual and gentle hearted. There is no need to criticize your man rigidly or make him feel like an idiot. Try to show your care, and it will inspire him to make positive changes. Make your partner appreciate your opinion, not hate it.

Every person makes mistakes from time to time and that's okay. It's terrible if you make mistakes and don’t realize it or don’t want to correct them. Therefore, in family life, nothing should be left unattended. If you see that your partner is miffed at you but don’t understand why, ask them about it, preventing a small spark of resentment from growing into a big fire. Love each other and be happy!

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