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Pros and Cons of Women over 40 in Bed

The relationship between a young man and an older woman is not a novelty. And if earlier these couples attracted the views of passers-by and caused newspaper scandals (if they were media personalities) or neighbor rumors (if they are "mere mortals"), today such topic can even be called boring. The world is changing, the boundaries of what is permitted expand, the society evolves towards tolerance and understanding. Gradually, even the most notorious snobs learn to keep their opinions about mature women sex to themselves.

But when we talk about the relationship between a young man and a woman over 40, not only romantic candlelight dinners or family viewing of her youth's films come to mind. And what about sex with mature women? If you read this article, then you fell in love with a mature woman, who is ten years older than you and now you do not know what sex awaits you. Or you dream of intimate relationships with a mature woman, but you want to be ready for anything. Whatever it is, our article will help in both cases.


Pros of Women over 40 in Bed

Experience is the first thing we think about when it comes to mature women and sex. And if a person has a solid everyday experience, we are always interested in communicating with him or her. And if this is a woman with whom we can have an intimate relationship, well, most men will say that this is a real jackpot. And it is impossible not to agree with them. So, we begin our hit parade of advantages with it:

1. She is experienced. Do you know what is the main reason why sex is divided into "good" and "bad"? One of the partners lacks experience. A forty-year-old woman already knows about sex so much that from her words one can write a whole encyclopedia. If she, of course, did not live most of her life in a Carmelite monastery. Sex in forties is completely another thing than sex in 25 due to experience.

sex in forties2. She will teach you a lot. Do you think you are guru of sex at your 25? Most likely, this is an illusion. Maybe you could impress your girlfriend (and her friends too), but do not forget that she was of your age. With a mature woman, everything will be different. She will guide you in bed, and not vice versa. Your task is to be a good student. Believe me, when you start to discover new facets of sex, which you did not even suspect earlier, "humility" will quickly pay off. Sex after forty resembles classes at the academy.

3. She knows what crazy sex is. According to numerous surveys conducted annually by sexologists, these are experienced, mature women who appreciate insane and wild sex. It is much easier for them to be liberated, because they are confident in themselves and know what almost every man wants. Even if you behave like an inveterate virgin, for whom the missionary position is the peak of erotic dreams, she will understand that you lack determination. So with a mature woman, even the most daring sexual fantasies can become a reality.

4. She knows how to get the most out of pleasure. Studies by sexologists show that only after 35 years women become truly sensual. They are more willing to respond to the affection of a partner, which makes sex much better. This is good for both men and women. And now remember your ex for the sake of which you tried so hard in bed. You studied the techniques of erotic massage, looked for all her secret erogenous zones as Indiana Jones sought treasure and mastered oral sex as a serious academic discipline. But the sense of this was always small, because she could not get from sex the pleasure that is available to a mature woman.

5. She knows how to give her body to a man. Selfishness in sex is not about mature women. Ladies who have crossed the middle age line refer to sex as a sacred ceremony, as a sacred gift. Your mature girlfriend knows that old age is already somewhere on the horizon and today she needs to take everything that life gives. She knows the secret of sex: the greatest pleasure is available only to those partners who can fully surrender to the process. Therefore, you have the opportunity to feel like an ancient emperor who undividedly owns not only the vast lands, but also the body of a charming, hot sex goddess.

6. She says what she thinks. When a woman crosses the middle age line, she stops playing typical female games. Not completely, of course, but now her "yes" is exactly "yes", and her "no" is just "no." You do not need to endlessly solve riddles and read between the lines - a mature woman always knows what she wants from life, from others and from sex. And if she wants you to give her pleasure with the help of your tongue, she will tell you straight about it. So you can also feel free to ask questions. You will have the highest possible level of mutual understanding.

mature women and sex7. She will be grateful to you. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. Even if your technique of stimulating massage is far from perfect, it's a trifle compared to your sincere desire to please the lady. Any mature woman will appreciate it and will thank you for it.

8. No awkward silence after sex. A mature woman is not only a great lover, but also a good companion. With this lady, it is always nice to talk after a stormy sex. You do not want to dress quickly and run home. You will want to open a bottle of wine, talk about films or literature and again render between her legs. We guarantee this.

Cons of Women over 40 in Bed

If the list of advantages can be called objective, then the author of this article has a purely subjective opinion about the shortcomings. But the absolute majority of men agree with him, so it is worth studying - most likely, you too will sign under each item. And if you will not - do not hesitate to contact us, we are always interested in the opposite opinion. Especially if this is the opinion of our readers.

1. Her body does not look like the body of a twenty-year-old girl. Yes, admit it. Maturity and old age are located somewhere nearby and this is reflected in the appearance of the woman as well, as it is reflected in her spiritual qualities. Not so smooth and elastic skin, flabbiness in muscles - all this happens. And even if your chosen one regularly visits the gym and cosmetologists' offices, some signs of aging cannot be hidden. But many men find sexuality in this, and sometimes even aesthetic pleasure.

2. She sees right through you. If you're used to showing off and playing the part of who you are not - it's time to stop it. Your impulsive antics and pathos about life can impress only young cheerleaders, but not a mature lady. Be who you are if you do not want to look like a fool. Mature ladies appreciate sincerity, because the older you become, the less often it occurs. For single hot women over middle age, an honest young man is much sexier than a fake macho who never brought a partner to orgasm.

3.She knows how great sex can be. Therefore, she expects from you only complete surrender. Even if you are very young and inexperienced, subconsciously mature lady will expect a lot from you. If you do not satisfy her in bed, she can start looking for another lover. After all, time goes by, years roll by and no one wants to spend them on bad sex without bright orgasms.

Sex in 40 years is the most interesting erotic adventure.

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