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Romantic Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

In each couple comes a time when the relationship requires fresh air. As you know, everyday worries can destroy even the highest "book" relationships. What has recently been fun (for example, sharing your favorite TV shows or movies) turns into a boring routine. But people stubbornly continue to engage in the usual things because in their minds there is a psychological attitude - "we always liked it, this is what we love." When the usual actions cease to bring pleasure, people mistakenly think that the reason is a "breakdown" in their feelings to each other. From that very moment, an endless series of conflicts begins.

How to avoid this situation? In fact, everything is quite simple: remember why you are together. Remember, why even the simplest joint activity delivered to you an incomparable pleasure and feeling of affinity for each other. The thing is, there was a sense of romance in your heart. It is romanticism that adorns love. You can return it all. It is enough to get rid of destructive thoughts about the spoiled relations and to show creativity. And we will gladly help you with these romantic things to do and romantic things to say!

romantic things to do

Romantic Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

Rest on the Beach

The ocean or the sea has a special magnetic force. Clean sand, the wash, seagull cries and energy-laden air create a feeling of peace and tranquility. This pristine beauty can awaken romantic feelings even in the most inveterate cynics and misanthropes. So it will be our number 1 of romantic things to do for your girlfriend.

Do not think that going to the beach is possible only in the summer. A picnic on the shore of the ocean or the sea in the early autumn or late spring has its charm. There is no hustle and bustle of tourists around. Only the same couples of lovers, like you, who came to enjoy the fresh air and energy of this powerful element. All you need is a basket of goodies, a bottle of good wine or tea. You can take the ball with you - this ingenious invention will not let you get bored and will be an excellent occasion to warm up. Go to the beach at least for a few hours, so you can just sit with a glass of wine and chat, and then play with the ball. Be the children who only need that merry splash of waves and a pleasant company. Romantic things to do for your girlfriend are simple!

A Walk in the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a very unusual entertainment for two. Lay your way through manicured lawns, trees, groves. Take time to sit next to the fountain, drink a cup of hot coffee, enjoy the romantic scenery and clean air. There is usually silence and peace in such places, which facilitates a leisurely, thorough conversation.

Show yourself as an interesting and erudite person - arrange a little excursion for your loved one. To do this, learn the history of the place you are going to visit, some interesting facts and stories. In the age of the Internet, anyone can play the role of a botanist, even if the only main hobby of yours was watching the show by Jerry Springer.

Arrange the Stand-Up Show for Two

Laughter is the best cure for all diseases. Even from the all-pervasive boredom and routine. And if you have enough zeal and creativity to come up with your own humorous performance, you will get real pleasure from laughter and from the process of creating something new. You can come up with a joint sketch or let everyone perform their own program. You are allowed to do anything. You can scream, tell trivial jokes, use black humor, dress in ridiculous clothes - the main thing is to feel fun.

romantic things to do with your gfTune in to the fact that all this show is just for the two of you. Get rid of the constraints, do not hesitate. Believe me, you will be happy with only a thought what you do. No one expects you to perform at the level of Jim Carrey or Chris Rock - just have fun! This option is uncommon and one of the most interesting among other romantic things to do for your girlfriend.

Look at the Meteor Shower

This one is my favorite of other romantic things to do with your gf. All you need for this is check the forecast on the Internet and agree in advance with your significant other that you will spend together this evening. Do not say in advance where you are going. Let it be a surprise. No girl will remain indifferent to such a spectacle. By the way, find a suitable location for observation in advance. The best choice is a quiet, open area, where there will be no one else but the two of you. Take a warm blanket, a bottle of good wine, snacks (cheese, crackers, fresh grapes - it is an excellent addition to wine) and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Recreate Your Most Memorable Date

Romantic things to do with your girlfriend are all about creativity. If you are already in a romantic relationship for a while, you probably have a fair amount of common memories. Agree that the best of them are related to the period when a warm, tender feeling arose between you. Why don’t you recreate this period? What date did you remember most of all? Together, find out the answer to this question and recreate this date in the smallest detail. Go to the same restaurant, listen to the same music (if, of course, you could keep such details in mind), put on the same clothes. Then do the same thing you did after the date. It's both fun, and romantic, and very unusual. You will like it and you will definitely want to repeat this experience at least one more time. In addition, you will have an excellent motivation to go on dates often and make them memorable.

Be a Tourist in the Native City

The original date does not have to be too far-fetched: sometimes simple things are the most touching ones – to take a boat ride in the park, walk around the old city center, rent a couple of bicycles (or one tandem) and have a picnic. In addition, in Appstore there are up to ten good (and free) applications that will help you conduct a thematic excursion for your better half - it may be about architectural art deco monuments, or at least about favorite places of literary characters if your better half is fond of books. Going to the museum can be just as exciting, especially if you do not begin to check the knowledge of a friend in modern art, and take her to the Museum of retro cars or another entertaining place.

Visit a Lecture or Open Lesson

Intellectuals (and also those who are happy to join their circle) will like a lecture or an open lesson as an option of a date. Poets, musicians, artists, architects - almost every week you can get (often - for free) to unique master classes in major cities. However, it is better to use this dating script at the very beginning of communication: first, it will help you to know your new friend better, and secondly, after the lecture, it will be guaranteed that you have something to talk about over a cup of coffee. And if the cultural trips for your couple are the usual thing, choose more piquant "lessons": for example, body art or exotic massage. In any case, the joint process of obtaining new skills or knowledge is a great way to become even closer to each other.

Extreme Dating

The original option for a long date in the countryside is horseback riding, golfing or flying: in a balloon, paraglider or fighter. Karting, wakeboarding (or water skiing, which is said to be easier), shooting with a firearm or crossbow can be an exciting adventure for the most active and courageous couples. The main thing is that the extreme hobbies of one of you do not frighten the other too much!

If you decide to try something from the list above, notify the partner about this in advance. It's better to plan these things together. This is an extremely unsuitable option for a surprise. If you decide to bring a girl on board of the airplane with a blindfold covering her eyes and remove it only when you are at a height of several thousand meters, and she has a parachute behind her back, she is unlikely to like it.

Romantic Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

The main thing is not what pleasant words you say to your girlfriend, the most important thing is the way you say them. Some guys are looking for online templates phrases that have long been known to all girls. You need to be creative. It's not as difficult as it seems. All you need is to have several reference points for "eloquence." And we will be happy to provide them to you. Now check most romantic things to say to her.

Say Compliments

The best pleasant words for a girl are compliments. You do not have to think long about what to say to the girl, say a compliment about what you immediately noticed in her. For example, beautiful eyes, hair, birthmarks or dimples on the cheeks, when she smiles. Any detail that you notice in the girl will make a greater impression than the template compliments and words. Your sincerity will help you. The right words will appear by themselves if they go from the heart.

romantic things to say to herSay That You Love Her

Why should you hide your feelings, if you can say pleasant words to the girl sincerely? Say that you love her, only not by SMS and not on the Internet, but in real life. Those guys who write messages with a confession of love, cause distrust. Give her those flowers that she loves and say that you will love her until the end of your days. This is the best phrase a guy can say to his girlfriend. Do not be afraid to sound trite - sometimes a simple phrase is worth much more than smart words or a high artistic style.

Praise Her

If, for example, a girl has got a new hairstyle, or performed some important work at home or at work, be sure to praise her. This will make a greater impression than the patterned sweet words to the girl. Be real and say all that you want to say to her because sincerity is better than any words. That's why you need to fall in love with a girl for real, then everything else will not matter. All the phrases come to the head of a guy who is in love without any help “from the side”.

Reinforce Compliments by Actions

Tell her she is very beautiful. Admire her beauty. Say something funny or sweet so that she will smile. And then hug her. Words, reinforced by actions, have a completely different effect. Never say anything just for the sake of saying or for personal gain. If the girl understands that the reason for your eloquence is the desire to quickly have sex, she will immediately understand this. After that, it will be very difficult for her to trust your words, even if they are sincere. Remember that girls are very hypochondriac by nature. If you need more romantic things to say to a girl, just ask your heart.

What to Write and Say if You Offended Her

How is it better to write a sweet SMS to a girl if you’re at fault? Just turn on your imagination to 100%. Here the text itself, and emoticons, and pictures - everything will go into a game. Here are a few options for SMS-apologies, based on which you can come up with your own, depending on the situation:

  • "Darling, it is so cloudy on the street ... Let's fix the weather, and start with your smile because you're the sun!"
  • "I'm not a magician, I'm just learning ... My fairy, forgive me, the biggest scoundrel in the world!"

You can write to the girl a nice letter, like once, by hand, and send it in an envelope. Now, probably, very few people think about this method. But this is one of the best options to talk about your feelings and thoughts! If you have some romantic things to say to her, just write them.

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