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Sure Signs of Love at First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? This question seems to be a little bit of a cliché, especially considering the fact how often it is used in pop songs and melodramas. But no matter how clichéd love at first sight may be, it is still a thing that a lot of people are dreaming of. Every single woman or man wants to fall in love at first sight, and wants it to be mutual. But what is love at first sight after all? Some people dismiss the mere possibility of it, claiming that it is nothing more than sexual attraction, while others claim that it does exist.

So, is it possible? And if so, how to recognize love at first sight? If those are the questions that prevent you from sleeping at night, you should definitely read this article.

is love at first sight possible

What is Love at First Sight?

What does love at first sight feel like? The best way to answer your question is to consult Wikipedia, but that would immediately force you into wondering is there such thing as love at first sight in real life? Wikipedia states that love at first sight is a common trope in fiction that emerged in ancient Greece and became typical for Western literature. Falling in love at first sight means feeling an instant, extreme, and long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger upon the very first sight. Oops... does that mean that love at first sight exists only in literature? And all those songs with lyrics " was love at first sight" are pure fiction? Actually not, as psychologists have been studying the phenomenon of love at first sight. According to their studies, there are two types of love at first sight.

13 Seconds

The first type is based solely on a stranger's attractiveness. All you need is 13 seconds to fall in love with a person. So, basically, it takes you an instant to fall for someone.

A Few Minutes

Another kind of love at first sight may take a few minutes. During the first few minutes of your acquaintance, you can predict your relationship's future success. So, basically it involves conversation, and, most likely, you have experienced something like that.

Mind that you shouldn't confuse infatuation with love at first sight. Love at first sight is called that way, as it does include love. When it comes to infatuation, you are just carried away by an unreasonable passion or assumed love. When it's love at first sight, you have a long-term romantic attraction to that stranger.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

true love at first sightOkay, so we've learned that love at first sight does exist, but is it possible? There are a lot of arguments against the actual probability of love at first sight. And, you can see where it's coming from. When you think about falling in love, love at first sight seems quite possible, but when you think about the future and building the relationship, you quickly realize that falling in love with someone in a blink of an eye, doesn't promise a long-lasting relationship. But don't get depressed if you want to believe. We are going to give you two arguments against love at first sight, and bust them with ease.

Argument #1: Absence of the knowledge

You know nothing about the stranger when you fall for him or her. Your response to the stranger is nothing but the wishful thinking, as you don't know the characteristics of the person to fall in love with him or her.

Argument #2: Lack of Time

You don't have enough time to exercise the activities that are common for romantic love. Thus, your response to the stranger cannot be attributed to romantic love. According to this argument, it is possible to be attracted to a stranger at first glance, but it is impossible to fall in love at first sight.

So, is there love at first sight? To answer your question, we need to talk about the thing that both of those arguments got absolutely wrong. Neither the lack of information, nor the lack of time has anything to do with love. Why it is so hard to study and analyze love? Cause you can't attribute logic to it. Love comes uninvited and love doesn't give a damn about logic. So, regardless of whether you know anything about the person or not, you can easily fall in love with him or her.

And what's the statistical probability of love at first sight? Things are simple, at least 60% of world population believes in love at first sight. 50% of the believers have personally experienced love at first sight. 55% of those who had experienced love at first sight got married to their crush. So, love at first sight is true and you have high chances to experience it as well.

Love at First Sight Signs

While everything above mentioned proves that love at first sight exists, one question remains how to tell it from infatuation or lust? Sometimes it gets quite confusing. We don't want you to risk, as after confirmation of existence of love at first sight you can easily go seeing it everywhere. So, in order to help you, we've decided to collect sure signs of love at first sight, which we offer to check out without further ado.

1. Your Stomach Drops

We get butterflies in the stomach from time to time. They are quite possible when it comes to infatuation, so how can you tell if that's the sure sign of love at first sight? In both cases, when you set your eyes on the object of your lust, infatuation or love at first sight, the level of adrenaline increases immediately. You can basically feel it pumping through your veins and you feel the butterflies in your stomach. But when it's true love at first sight, it's going to be the most powerful butterflies in your stomach that you've ever experienced.

2. You Get Nervous

Once again, you are getting nervous when you are infatuated and when you feel lust for someone. So, how can you make sure that love at first sight is the actual cause of your getting nervous? Simple, when you are infatuated or feeling lust, you know the reason. When it's love at first sight you can't realize for a few moments what causes that. When just setting your eyes on person makes you feel extremely nervous, you can be absolutely sure that it is love at first sight.

3. You Feel Like You've Met Before

If two previous points still haven’t made you confident that it is love at first sight, then this one guarantees that you are on the right track. When it comes to love at first sight, one glance is enough to make you feel like you've met before. You just see this person and you know that he or she is an ultimate stranger to you, but you get the feeling like you've known each other for ages. And suddenly you are no longer looking at this person as a stranger. It feels more like an old friend of yours, whom you've known for ages. If that's what you feel, then it's surely love at first sight.

is love at first sight possible4. You Get An Unbearable Desire To Talk To The Stranger

Now, you don't talk to strangers that often. Mostly a stranger is just a stranger, a passerby. But this time, everything is absolutely different. You get an unbearable desire to talk to this person. Once again, you look at him or her as at an old friend of yours. Something forces you to check out whether you are right about that. Even if you feel extremely shy, you would get this giant pull from inside that would force you to talk to the stranger, if it's love at first sight.

5. He/She Is Not Your Type

You can always say that you don't have a type, but we all have it, even when we don't like to admit it. You like athletic blondes, and the stranger is a skinny brunette, and you can't find the logical explanation why you can't take your eyes off of him or her. All in all, this person is as far from your type as one can be. Still, you want to get to know him or her. You will get ultimately confused, as that's not even someone that you imagined yourself with. It's not the kind of person that you generally fall for. Is that what you feel? If so, then look no further - that's definitely the sign of love at first sight.

6. You Can't Get Him Or Her Out Of Your Head

Remember when you were a teenager and had your first time crush? Basically, that's what going to happen when it comes to love at first sight. You won't be able to get that person out of your head. That stranger's face or voice would come into your mind every minute. You feel that if you don't talk to him or her, you won't be able to concentrate on other things in your life. Your thoughts are completely devoted to him or her. Days, weeks and even months can past, and you are still thinking of that stranger and when you are going to meet or talk again. If that's what's going in your head, then it is definitely love at first sight.

7. You Want To Get To Know Him Or Her

That's why love at first sight doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with sexual attraction. While you may picture yourself in bed with the stranger, you really want to know him or her better. You want to know about his or her childhood, his or her views on different things, his or her beliefs. And you are not trying to check whether the perfect picture of you together corresponds to the reality. You know that their traits will fit in. If that's what you feel, then that's definitely love at first sight.

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