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30 Relationship Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Close personal relationships require you and your partner to ask and answer many questions. Serious long-term relationships are a lot like an exam sheet. Some questions you just need to state out loud. And you can’t ignore many others. Otherwise you’re going to fail. You can see a list of relationship questions below. It is up to you which of them to use and which not. Keep in mind that asking and answering these questions will only benefit your relationship even though it might hurt a bit. Healthy relationships depend on the exchange of information. Communication is, in its essence, the most important thing in a relationship. Therefore, read the following relationship questions and answers to improve your love life.

relationship questions and answers

Are you satisfied with how much time we spend together?

This question is one of the most popular relationship building questions. The amount of time spent together directly affects the quality of your relationship. Typically, the more time you spend together the better. But you shouldn’t go to the extremes. It often happens so that your girlfriend wants more time with you while you don’t. Perhaps, you don’t want to get used to her. Because even the most close people need to be alone sometimes, and take a rest from each other. Without any doubt, you should talk about it.

How often do we have sex and does it satisfy you?

This one is also among the most common relationship questions to ask your girlfriend. The frequency of sexual intercourses matters a lot. It usually happens so that one partner wants more sex while the other one wants less. Both of you should compromise. Of course, it is difficult, if not impossible, to have sex against your will. It will definitely be unpleasant. Talking about it is a good way to deal with this problem.

Do you want to have children?

This one is, perhaps, one of the most serious and important relationship building questions for couples. Most of people go for serious long-term relationships in order to create a family. Even those who don’t have children yet must think about it for the sake of their future. In case your girlfriend doesn’t want to have children while you do want them, things may get complicated. Both partners should want children or both of them should not want to have children. That is how it should be.

Do you like how you look and do you like how I look?

Physical appearance is important. Both partners should be attracted to each other physically. Girls are often dissatisfied with how they look. Or, on the contrary, they think they’re better than they really are. Guys are usually okay with the way things are. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be forced to attend a gym or change your diet only to please your girl. In the same way you shouldn’t make your girl use makeup if she doesn’t want it. You two should be okay with how you naturally look at the present moment.

What is your relationship with your parents and other family members?

This is one of the most psychological relationship questions to ask a girl. We learn how to love and communicate with other people through our relationship with family. Our parents, brothers, and sisters are the first ones we learn how to live with. Therefore, many patterns from your childhood can repeat in your adult life. In case your girlfriend hates her father or constantly argues with her brother it may pop out in your relationship. You should discuss your own family life and that of your girl in order to get to the bottom of it.

relationship questions to askHow do you feel about our finances?

Different couples have different systems to divide finances. Some girls are sponsored by their men. Other couples divide everything equally. Perhaps, one system worked in the past but can no longer work. Money is a big and important factor. It can cause dependency, inequality, and insincere love. Partners should not depend on each other because of the money. Therefore, you both should be okay with how you earn and divide your income.

What do you think about domestic chores?

Romantic love is one thing. But never forget that couples argue all the time about dirty dishes. It really is serious. When one partner spends more time and effort to attend to the household duties it brings forth inequality. One partner does everything and becomes proud while the other gets lazy, reckless, and irresponsible. It hurts the relationship. You should aim for equal distribution of responsibilities and have a certain schedule.

How do you feel about your exes?

Talking about exes is like a forbidden zone. It is uncomfortable for both partners. Everybody always prefers to stay silent instead of saying something. That is just not right. These questions are not meant to be pleasant. They meant to act like a medicine for your relationship. And medicine is not meant to be sweet. Therefore, talk about your breakups, former lovers, and exes in order to understand the way you two act in relationships.

Are your okay with my job?

Girlfriends often act as motivators for guys. It is because of girls that we evolve, progress, and develop. Therefore, she might not be satisfied with what you do now. But the most important thing is the fact whether you are satisfied. You should prove that you like your job or quit if you don’t like it. You can do the same with you girlfriend and make her think about her job as well.

Are you sexually satisfied?

This is definitely one of the most significant relationship questions to ask her. Your performance in bed has a great effect on relationship. To be honest, your happiness depends on it. Girls can often be silent in order not to disappoint men. They will never tell that they didn’t like sex with you. Due to that you can’t improve because you think you’re already good. And you’re definitely going to be offended in case you find out. Thus, stay calm and improve your performance if you’re not that good. Tell her to perform better as well if you’re not content with it.

Do we share the same values?

All people have something they care about. It can be a job, a hobby, a dream, etc. Partners in serious relationships tend to share the same values. For example, you may want to make the world a better place or you support your families, perhaps you’d like to travel or buy a house, etc. It is important that both partners accepted the values of each other. No matter what you or your partner values you both should accept it for the sake of your relationship.

What is your dream?

Many people have dreams. And one of the reasons we need somebody to be close is so we can fulfill our dreams and become happier. You definitely need to know what your girl dreams about in order to help her succeed. You should also share your dreams with her so she can also provide you with help.

What do you like most about me? What do you hate about me?

There are things partners like about each other. And there are also things they don’t like about each other. Nobody’s perfect. However, it is important to know your weaknesses in order to get rid of them. You need to compromise and make an effort to suit your partner as much as you can. It is also flattering to know what are you liked for.

Why do we argue?

Most couples have frequent arguments on the same subjects. One faulty thing can cause numerous arguments. Constant arguments bring forth stress and anxiety. A quarrel can start from dirty dishes and then end up with something like “you don’t appreciate me!”. It is crucial for you two to know what causes you to argue.

list of relationship questionsAre you jealous? Can I have female friends?

Having female friends for a guy is a tricky thing. Most girls automatically become cautious about that. Your girl can easily become jealous just seeing you with another woman. It is like a mechanism. Girls always justify this behavior by saying that they’re just making sure. However, it indicates a presence of distrust. Jealousy is never good. It doesn’t prove love. True love implies complete faith in your partner. You need to talk about that with your girl. But you also shouldn’t provoke her or be offended. Most girls do it, so there’s nothing surprising about it.

What makes you feel most loved?

All people express love in different ways. For somebody touching a hand is a great love gesture. For another person going to the store is a better one. Some prefer kisses, others go for words, and even more people like to see deeds instead of words. The perfect way is to do it all. But it is impossible. Therefore, you need to know what the optimal way for you to express your love is.

What do you fear?

We all fear something. Fear is the most primal emotion. People rarely talk about their fears. However, partners in serious relationships should help each other emotionally. It is easier to battle your fears together than being alone.

Why do you think we are together?

This is one of the most fundamental relationship questions to ask your girlfriend. But keep in mind that the answer “because we love each other” doesn’t work. It is obvious. But why do you love each other? What for do you love each other? Why are you two together and not with somebody else? There should be something. Look in the past and try to define what keeps you together.

What are your favorite books, films, and songs?

This one is a simple one. It actually helps you to know your partner a little bit better. Knowing you girl’s preferences can show you the way into her soul. Out tastes define us.

What is your favorite place and dish?

Again, our tastes define us. It’d be great to know where to take your girl to make her feel happy. It is also great to know what to order for her in a restaurant or, perhaps, even cook yourself.

What are your favorite moments from our past?

Your past is what keeps you together. You and your partner share the same experiences. You share memories that led you to a moment where you are now. Now, most of them were a routine. It is true. But there’re always moments that were unique and original. There are moments you two felt happier than you’ve ever been before. We live for such moments. You need to know the circumstances so you could repeat them someday.

Do your parents like me?

Being a friend of your girlfriend’s parents is a huge plus. It’s not good to be disliked by somebody. You need to know whether they approve you as a boyfriend or not. It’s not bad if they don’t approve. But it is good to know it. And you should ask your girlfriend to reveal this information.

When did you first have sex?

Partners usually share their stories about how they lost virginity. This is one of the early relationship questions you should ask. It’s like a little tradition. It is good to know where, when, and with whom this important thing happened. You should also tell about it. Keep in mind that all the questions here should not only be answered by your girl but by you as well.

Well, now you know what to ask your girlfriend in order to improve your relationships. There are plenty of other questions. Perhaps, you should come up with some of your own. Good luck!

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