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12 Fun Road Trip Ideas for Couples

Not sure where to spend your honeymoon? Do you want to plan a road trip with your partner? Are you tired of the same old lists of fabulously expensive wedding tours? Yes, they are all boring ... But we will tell you where and how to spend an unforgettable honeymoon trip and not pay that much for it - our experts will share places you did not even know about! Today we will list some road trip questions for couples, road trip games for couples and fun things for couples to do on a road trip.

road trip questions for couples

Reasons to Try a Romantic Road Trip for Couples

Psychologists say that you need to go on a honeymoon not only after the wedding but every year. The feeling that you are newly married again strengthens the relationship, you are actually “falling in love again.” All happy couples arrange romantic trips 1-2 times a year. It is important to arrange a small surprise and travel not to the same place every single year but each time to a different one. With a limited budget, this may not even be a trip to a different country, but at least a room in a good hotel in your city. Let’s now list some road trip tips for couples and find out how to arrange a road trip with your partner.

How to plan a couple road trip?

Here are the things you need to know if you plan to have a road trip with your partner.

Where to go to rest?

The first thing to do is to decide on the direction of the trip. In addition to sightseeing, Europe offers plenty of vacation options: beaches, resorts, cruises, wine and culinary tours, skiing, golf, hiking, and sporting events. Decide which type of vacation abroad you are most interested in. This will help you plan your trip so that every day will be interesting and unforgettable.

You can go to one city or region, or you can travel around the whole country. For example, if you are a connoisseur of good wine, even the label on the bottle of your favorite wine will serve as an inspiration for a trip. Find a wine-producing city, and for a start, you can plan a visit to this winery, and then find out what else can you see in this region.

Decide how much time you will spend on your trip

Do you have two days or two weeks? Even a three-day trip can be made fun. And if you have 7-14 days at your disposal, you can combine several types of recreation. For example, skiing, spend a few days in a cozy European town and spend time on quality shopping.

When planning a trip, pay attention to the calendar of events or religious holidays of the country. If the date of the trip coincides with a festival, you are lucky, and you will be able to visit a bright holiday, and if you are going to arrive around the time of a religious holiday, then all the shops, museums, etc. will be closed. If you don’t have anyone to share your trip with, you can find girls looking for dates online, after all, there are thousands of dating sites to be found online. If you are looking for a way to diversify your dating when overweight, a romantic trip abroad will be a great way to spend a week with your partner.

Why do I need a travel route?

To have time to see the most interesting places and not spend precious time on organizational issues. Once you have decided where you are going and for how many days, you can draw up a rough travel plan. The best plan is a flexible one! Do I need to stay in the selected city for three days or one is enough? What to see and what to do on vacation? Will museums, exhibitions, and shops work during your stay?

A sample plan might look like this:

  • Day 1: Arrival in Rome
  • Day 2: Rome
  • Day 3: Rome (Vatican City)
  • Day 4: Rome
  • Day 5: Train to Milan
  • Day 6: Milan
  • Day 7: Milan
  • Day 8: Departure home

It is advisable to purchase train or bus tickets online in advance. You will familiarize yourself with the schedule, select the appropriate flight and will not stand in line for a ticket at the station. Also, the cost of a ticket on the Internet is usually cheaper than at the box office.

For example, you need to get from Paris to Versailles by train, it takes about 30 minutes. If the palace is closed that day, you will spend several hours of your precious vacation.

What to get around in Europe?

If you plan to visit more than one city, then the transport issue is relevant to you. Railway communication in Europe is relatively inexpensive, and the punctuality and quality of trains will pleasantly surprise you. Traveling by bus over short distances is convenient and cheap. If you do not want to be attached to the public transport schedule, then a trip by a rented car will give you freedom of movement and the opportunity to visit remote places: closed beaches, historical monuments in the suburbs and colorful villages.

Rent a car in advance on the Internet, the rental price will be 10-30% lower than when renting offline at the company’s office.

How to find the best deals?

You have already decided where you want to go and how much time to spend in Europe, now we must turn to the search for favorable prices for air travel and accommodation. You can save quite a bit by using promotional offers. To do this, subscribe to the regular mailing of shares on several booking platforms and airline sites, and you will receive current "last-minute" offers.

July and August are the most popular tourist times in Europe. The cost of living has been increased, and cheap flights have long been sold out. Try traveling in April-June and September-October since the weather is fine at this time, and there are not so many tourists.

What to take on the road?

Many things do not need to be taken, but do not forget the most important: a passport, money and bank cards, a good guide, seasonal clothes and comfortable shoes, toiletries, and, of course, a corkscrew. Electronic devices are also useful: smartphone, tablet, camera or camcorder with spare memory cards.

A mandatory item on the checklist is a first-aid kit. Make sure that the chargers are suitable for standard European outlets. Just in case, we advise you to take a universal adapter, and your electronics will always be in order.

What kind of money?

road trip games for couplesNo money anywhere ... We advise you to have two types of money with you: in cash and on a bank card. Cash is convenient, but carrying a large amount with you is not safe. A bank card will protect your money from theft. Be sure to inform your bank about your trip: where you are going and for how long. Otherwise, the bank may block the card, assuming that it was stolen from you.

Check the availability of the international phone number on the back of the bank card, it will be useful to you in case of emergency.

To make more rational use of a bank card, specify the rates for cash withdrawals and terminal payments, which will be valid in the host country.

What language to speak?

The language barrier is not terrible. Europeans are very friendly and will always help even if you speak to them in sign language. Take your phrasebook with you in paper or electronic form. Attempts to speak the local language are always appreciated, even if your speech is not free.

Even knowing the English language, one can encounter a language barrier in Italy, France, and other non-English speaking countries. Do not worry, sign language will always help you out.

But what about the visa?

Check if you need a visa to visit the planned country, and if so, which one. Not all European countries are included in the Schengen area. For example, Great Britain, although a member of the European Union, did not sign the Schengen Agreement. Therefore, to visit London you must open a UK visa. Some countries of Eastern Europe, such as Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, can be visited without a visa if your stay is up to 30 days (sometimes up to 90 days).

Check the relevant information on the need for a visa on the official website of the country's embassy in your country. Also, check the customs rules to avoid border proceedings.

Let’s now look at some road trip ideas for couples.

12 Fun Road Trip Ideas for Couples

In some countries, a common driver’s license is almost like wings. Arrive, show the rights and for some $ 20-40 a day take the trip to a level that pedestrians have never dreamed of. We have chosen 12 great routes for traveling by car, the stories about which amaze your friends. All of them can be done in a week, and there will still be time for other entertainments - be it museums, mountains or beaches.

1. Iceland

Here’s the first of couple road trip ideas we have for you. Visit Iceland. It’s impossible to get lost while traveling along Ring Road (Route 1): the Icelandic ring road is excellently paved, there are markings everywhere, and signs with the number 1 continually confirm that you are on the right track. The Icelandic "county" passes through 18 cities and covers the main attractions of the country. You will see the geyser valleys and view the 60-meter Seljalandsfoss waterfall from all sides. From another impressive waterfall - Skogafoss - a hiking trail winds up to the one-day Fimmvörðuháls pass: it may not be possible to pronounce the name “Eyjafjallajökull,” but you should see it nonetheless. By the way, it will also be visible from the route, and in a small museum by the road, you can see the famous 2010 eruption.

For relaxation, Vic is the most southern town of Iceland with its black beaches. Next, you will find the largest Icelandic glacier called Vatnajokull with the Grimsvotn volcano and the Jökulsaurloun glacial lagoon, where the movie “Batman: The Beginning” was shot. Here you can rent an all-terrain vehicle or swim around the glowing icebergs. There is still a lot of interesting things ahead: the east of Iceland is famous for fjords, rocky mountains, and wild deer, and they say that a relative of Scottish Nessie lives in the depths of Lake Lagarfljót. The northern capital of Iceland - Akureyri - leads out of a mystical trance: there are excellent restaurants, the best ski resorts, and vibrant nightlife.

2. Georgia

If you are looking for cheap road trip ideas for couples, then a trip to Georgia will be a good choice. The concentration of beauties per square meter in Georgia is outstanding, and to see all of them in a week, you have to act quickly and allocate your time in a very efficient way. After getting to know Tbilisi, go to Sighnaghi, from there, through Gurjaani and Telavi with a stop at Alaverdi Cathedral, spend the night in the town of Akhmet, which will be a convenient base for exploring the beauties of Tusheti the next day. In the morning – go to Kazbegi! But be careful: you can get quite dizzy from the landscapes on the road to Stepantsminda. Mandatory stops along the way - in Ananuri and Mtskheta. You can spend the night in Kazbegi or Gudauri, but it is better to return to Tbilisi on the same day to advance to Svaneti the next morning. If you leave early, you can take a break in Uplistsikhe, Borjomi, and Kutaisi on the way. Few people are able to leave Svaneti without having spent at least 2-3 days there. But if you succeed, then you will have time to go down the mountains, swim in the Black Sea and spend a day in Batumi, which is becoming more beautiful every year.

3. USA

There are enough cinematic roads in America. But classic routes like The Great River Road, which stretches along the Mississippi through 10 states, or the iconic Route 66, are very long: it will take you a few weeks to cross them. Among dozens of tempting options within 7 days, the road from San Francisco to Portland captivates tourists with its richness. Along the rocky edge of Highway 1, it spreads along the coast of the Pacific Ocean to Mendocino County: in Fort Bragg, you can stroll along with the coastal botanical gardens, look at the lighthouse and, if you're lucky, observe whales (from December to April). Stop in the quiet town of Trinidad with giant sequoias or in Bandon - look for crabs on the beach, ride horses and try the local soup with smoked salmon. Pay tribute to Cannon Beach with its 70-meter Haystack Rock, while in hipster Portland, return your car to indulge in shopping and learn about the local drinking culture.

4. Russia

Have you heard of the cities of the Golden Ring? In Sergiyev Posad there is Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, the Toy Museum and lots of other sights. In Pereslavl-Zalessky there is Cathedral of the Transfiguration, the Museum of steam locomotives and a museum of an iron.

In Rostov the Great, you should see the Rostov Kremlin and the Museum of Enamel, and in Yaroslavl, you can enjoy the Gostiny Dvor, churches and the Metropolitan Chambers. In Kostroma, the Resurrection Church has turned into the Museum of Ivan Susanin. The chintz museum and the Tsvetaev family house-museum are waiting for you in Ivanovo. In Suzdal, you can admire the Open-Air Museum of Wooden Architecture, and in Vladimir, it will be about the Golden Gate and the frescoes of Andrei Rublev.

By car, it is convenient to drop into neighboring cities that are in no way inferior to the “gold ones”: learn the secrets of the lacquer miniatures in Palekh or look into the unique Mouse Museum in Myshkin.

5. Norway

A road trip from Bergen to Trondheim is the best way to arrange your trip around Norway. You will see fabulous mirrored fjords, mountain lakes, and waterfalls, including the 110-meter Tvindefossen, alpine landscapes, and glaciers. Even in the tunnels, adventures await you: the longest in the world - the 24.5-kilometer Lardal - is divided by three caves into four sections of 6 kilometers. Each cave is illuminated by blue radiance and yellow lights so that drivers see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s something even more breathtaking - from the bends of the Troll Stairs to the Atlantic Road, famously twisted over the ocean. By the way, if you decide to travel as a savage, it is not a problem in Norway since you can spend the night in a tent in nature where there is no warning about private property.

6. Austria

Do you want to combine the idyll of alpine meadows and ski holidays in one trip? It is easy to do. From Salzburg, it is only an hour and a half drive to the resort of Zell am See-Kaprun: thanks to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, there is a snow cover, ideal for skiers and snowboarders, which lies there at least 10 months a year. Having skated the winter program, keep your way to Lake Mondsee through green meadows. Immediately select the person responsible for taking photos, because you want to shoot every millimeter of the beauty, and the driver cannot be distracted.

On the way to St. Wolfgang, you will pass by the tiny quiet lake called Krottensee. It is worth stopping in St. Gilgen, where the mother of Mozart was born: the lifts in this resort town allow you to see the Alps from a height of one and a half kilometers. Admire the enchanting Alpine Postalm pasture and Gosau gorge with mountain lakes with such clear water that you can drink it without hesitation. Breathe the spirit of the Middle Ages in the village of Hallstatt, the Chinese even built an exact copy of it in Guangdong.

On the way to Vienna, there are still many things to see: for example, hidden in the valley among the majestic Obertraun mountains with the Ice and Mammoth caves of Dachstein and the world's largest ski jump called Kulm near the resort of Bad Aussee. Do not pass by the Admont Abbey with a huge monastery library and the Schallaburg Palace - one of the most beautiful castles in Lower Austria, which is famous for its medieval fortresses.

7. Scotland

Scotland is the birthplace of the world’s most famous wallpaper. To believe this, rent a car in Edinburgh and drive to Highlands. At the entrance to Loch Lomond, the largest lake in Scotland, keep yourself calm: there are so many beautiful places in the local forests that if you succumb to the temptation to explore them all, there will simply be no time for other beauties. In the resort called Oban, it’s worthwhile to spend some time here: see the local distillery, take a walk along the promenade and try to figure why this town is called the Scottish capital of seafood. The next day, feel like a speck of dust in the fabulous Glencoe Valley, where some of the "Harry Potter" movies were filmed.

After a hunt for the Loch Ness monster, head to Speyside, the homeland of the legendary varieties of single malt whiskey, and in the picturesque valley of the Spey River, there’s Glenfiddich, The Macallan, Balvenie, and three dozen famous factories. Stock up on a pair of bottles for yourself and a couple on souvenirs, and head to Avimor to master rafting and walk along the hills in the company of tame deer.

On the way to the east coast, turn to the Gothic Balmoral Palace, and then go straight to Stonehaven, where Dannotar Castle, immortalized on the Windows 7 wallpaper, rises above the sea. Return to Edinburgh through St. Andrews - the best place to learn how to play golf, because this city is considered to be the birthplace of this road trip ideas for couples

8. France and Spain

If you are looking for fun road trip ideas for couples, then France and Spain will be quite fun. If you cannot choose where you are more drawn to - France or Spain – you don’t have to! Take a car in Lyon and head to Barcelona through the Basque Country, Navarra, and Aragon. On the way, see the Port of the Moon, which is how they call the wine capital of Bordeaux for the graceful bend of the Garonne River, and the resorts of the Silver Coast of France, including Biarritz. In San Sebastian, you need to see the statue of Christ on top of Mount Urgull and walk along the beach of La Concha at the shell-shaped bay.

You can get involved in contemporary art at the Guggenheim Museum in the center of Bilbao: one of the giant spiders of Louise Bourgeois meets the tourists on the embankment of the Nervion River. To feel like a hero of the Hemingway Fiesta, spend at least a day in Pamplona. Here, every year from July 6 to July 14, the holiday of San Fermin is celebrated, and people still run ensierro – which is basically running along the city streets from angry bulls. The homeland of Goya Zaragoza also deserves a visit, where you can get acquainted with the architectural style of Mudejar - a striking fusion of Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance art. The route from Lyon to Barcelona is not the most obvious, but it is very colorful and rich in the things you can see there. You will no longer be an ordinary tourist but rather an enlightened traveler.

9. Australia

If you want to get the most Australian experience in just a week, head out from Sydney to Melbourne along the coast. Along the way, you will find Kangaroo Valley and Pebble Beach, where marsupials gracefully pose against the backdrop of waves, and also the uninhabited Phillip island with penguins and koalas. Feel free to stop at campsites at nature reserves or in tiny towns along the way – who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to go fishing with the natives.

The cherry on the cake will be a trip from Melbourne to Port Campbell National Park via The Great Ocean Road, which in itself is worth a visit to Australia. At the same time, you will admire one of the main attractions of the country - the rocks, which until 1922 were popularly known as "Pinnacles," and today they are called the Twelve Apostles.

10. Germany

The most romantic car trip in Germany begins in Würzburg: heading south, dine in one of the towns in the Tauber Valley, for example, in the spa resort of Bad Mergentheim. The rest of the day is best spent in Rothenburg with its German Christmas Museum, where the holiday lasts all year round. The next city is Dinkelsbühl in the Wernitz Valley. The ancient fortress wall, half-timbered houses with tiled roofs, cute old signs on medieval streets make you pinch yourself every now and again: is this really a dream? The night can be spent in Nordlingen, located in a meteorite crater. Other points of interest are Harburg with one of the most impressive castles in Bavaria and Augsburg with a Renaissance town hall and the Open Theater at the Red Gate, where noisy street performances take place from mid-June to mid-July. On the last day, a visit to Hohenschwangau and the “Disney” Neuschwanstein, in which, as they say, the idea of “Swan Lake” came to Tchaikovsky, will be an obvious crescendo of traveling through German castles.

11. Altai

When Gorny Altai is called second Switzerland, the Altai people say that we still need to figure out who the second is. To put everything in its place, go on a trip along the Chuya Highway - the most beautiful track that flows along the Altai Mountains to Mongolia. 962 km takes the full route Novosibirsk — Novoaltaysk — Biysk — Mayma — the state border with Mongolia. The historical segment of the Chuya Highway is 630 km, starting from the gates of the Altai Republic - Biysk. A photogenic auto trip can be combined with trekking to the foot of Belukha, rafting along the Katun River, relaxation at Lake Teletskoye and a visit to Altai Stonehenge.

12. Italy

If you need yet another example of the beauty of Italy, then it will be a journey by car to the picturesque northern lakes - Garda, Como, and Maggiore. It’s good to start from Venice to drop into Padua and Verona on the way. Relax in the paradise towns of Sirmione and Gardone Riviera on the coast of Garda. Then go to Lake Como with a mandatory check-in to the “two-story” Bergamo: a picturesque place where even the fortress wall of the Upper City was turned into a canvas for floral patterns.

Among the magnificent mountain scenery, fishing villages, and luxurious villas of Como, you get a sense that you are dreaming. The pearl of this lake is the old Bellagio, where the composer and great connoisseur of harmony Ferenc Liszt liked to spend his free time.

The next points on the dream route will be Stresa with an alpine park on Mount Mottarone and the garden city of Verbania on the shores of Lago Maggiore. It is no coincidence that the local houses resemble Swiss ones: part of the lake is indeed located in the canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland. Before you go to Turin, be sure to try the local delicacies of fresh lake fish. And in the capital of Piedmont, rent a car and immerse yourself in leisurely sightseeing. Tips: the Shroud of Turin is kept in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, and a beautiful view of the city opens from the tower of Mole Antonelliana, where there is now the museum of Italian cinema.

These were the best couple road trip ideas and destinations we’ve got for you. As you can see, there are quite a lot of beautiful places all around the world you can visit and do so on quite a tight budget, traveling by car, and create the most memorable moments of your life by just going on a road trip date with your partner. Save up some money and arrange yourself a life-changing experience.

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