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Flirting with a Russian Girl: A Comprehensive Advice

If you want to get acquainted with a beautiful young lady, you should know the answer to the question: "How to flirt with a girl?" Men who know how to flirt with women can easily start dating a Russian woman, even on a ladies dating site, and take her phone number. Flirt is a fun thing - it gives amazing emotions that are very important to everyone. After all, if a conversation is boring and not emotional, then a girl will look for another man and this is bad. That is why we want to teach you and show the best ways of how to flirt with a girl.


A woman wants to be with a man not because of his appearance or the amount of money, but because of those feelings and sensations that she experiences. Communicating with a girl, answer yourself three important questions:

  • Is she interested in you?
  • Do you have an emotional connection?
  • How much is she excited?

You should concentrate on these questions because if a woman feels these three things, she will not be able to reject you.

The basic rules of flirting with a Russian girl

Your appearance plays a big role

Natural beauty is not so important for a man, but he must be dressed well, neat and smell good! Stylish clothes and hairstyle are very welcome. Shoes should always be clean. And there is a rule of three colors: a man should wear no more than three colors at the same time. A belt and shoes have to be of the same color. After all, if you don’t know how to dress nice – surf the Internet.

Voice is the most important part of flirting

Men who have a beautiful voice have the increased chances of success. And it is true. You can find some exercises on the Internet or attend oratory courses. It is important because every woman is programmed to react to a man with a loud voice. Don’t be shy to speak loudly and confidently, but don’t shout.

datingFlirt from the first seconds of communication

Usually, men are afraid to show their real intentions and wait for some kind of signals to start flirting with girls. For example, they may think: “At first, I will get acquainted, then I will start dating a Russian girl, and then I will start flirting because flirting is the harbinger of sex”. Such thoughts are the direct way to hear the phrase: “Let's just stay friends”. Therefore, don’t wait and flirt with a girl from the first seconds of acquaintance.

Sense of humor is the key to success

Women appreciate men who know how to make them laugh. A sense of humor plays almost the most important role in seducing. A sense of humor should be a character trait and not just the memorized jokes. Remember that a woman is more willing to accept man's caresses when he jokes and cheers her. And one more nuance: don’t laugh too often at your own jokes. Try to keep a serious facial expression during an anecdote or a joke — it will have a greater effect.

The basic techniques of flirting

Eye contact

The basic technique of any flirting is visual contact. Don’t look down catching the eye of your interlocutor - keep your look for a while. You can look at a girl from head to toe, but do it carefully and watch her reaction. A woman shouldn’t be embarrassed. Try to communicate in a playful manner and keep an unobtrusive conversation.



It is also an important part of flirting. It should be noted that flirting will lead to nothing if there are no touches. Many men are afraid to touch the girls they like, and this minimizes the likelihood of a quality flirting. But you have to do it anyway.  Take her hand crossing the road or touch her waist when you open a door for her, etc. In addition, you can hold her hand a little longer when you say hello. Don’t forget about hugs — it will show your positive intentions.


Pay compliments to a girl and hint at something in the process of dialogue. A girl would be intrigued by something that you didn’t say. But again, don’t flirt with every sentence you say, because a girl can take you for not a serious man.


The ability to communicate comes with experience. You don’t have to tell your boring stories, stupid jokes and aggressively attack her. The most common mistake is to behave as an experienced lover man. There is also a significant difference between a selfish man and a man who is looking for pleasant communication. Promising acquaintances are the result of friendliness, ease, and simplicity in communication. Find a topic that is interesting to your companion. Don’t use silly phrases of pick-up artists, improvise, and respect both her and yourself.

How to flirt with a girl over text

Do you want to know how to flirt with a girl over messages? Have there ever been situations in your life when having received a flirty message from a girl you looked at the phone silently not knowing what to say? Such flirting can cause confusion and embarrassment if you don’t know how to do it right. The most important thing here is practice! So, here some tips for you:

1) Take the initiativeflirting

You know that a man has to make the first move, be the first to kiss and other things. Therefore, you should take the initiative in SMS-communication as well. If you drop hints, you create all conditions for a girl to do it in return. For example, write her a message: “Just got out of the shower”. If a girl understands your hint, she will answer something like that. And a game starts.

2) Send an empty message

We know, it sounds strange, but try it! Send an empty text message and look at her reaction. She may answer "I received an empty message from you. What happened? ", and you should send “I didn’t know that I sent you a text message, my phone must have missed you." A romantic SMS-conversation is guaranteed!

3) Say compliments

The best SMS-flirting is a compliment to each other. Focus on her appearance and personal qualities. Women love to be admired. But don’t overdo!

4) Send short lovely messages

There is a rule in SMS-flirting: the shorter the better. Women don’t like to read compositions and don’t like to write poems in response. So, messages should be short and sweet.

5) Don’t brag

Bragging isn’t good even in everyday life, and it is just prohibited in a text conversation. For example, if a girl asks "How are you?", you don’t have to write "Cool. I bought a new BMW, did 50 push-ups, got a promotion at work, the kings envy me." Nobody likes braggarts. This will rather negatively affect your relationship. However...a new BMW may sound exciting to her.

So, don’t be afraid to flirt as successful flirting ends with a closer acquaintance, impulsive sex, or the beginning of a real relationship.

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