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Online Communication with a Russian Girl: General Guidelines

As the Soviet Union dissolved, men in the western part of the world got obsessed with idea of marrying or at least dating Russian girls.

At first, Russian women seemed just exotic, but with years the truth about their personalities had surfaced. Russian girls differ drastically from their western 'sisters'. Feminism impacted Russia far less than the western world. Dissatisfied with the highly-emancipated and career-oriented western women, men started targeting Russian women who believe in family values and accept traditional gender roles. Because of those values, Russian girls are mainly targeted by men who want them for marriage.

With the arrival of the internet it became easier to get acquainted with those gorgeous women from the state of failed communism. With thousands of online services offering to date Russian women online, men from all over the world started creating accounts, each with the desire to find a perfect Russian girl for him.

Online dating sites proved to be the best way to find a Russian woman. Whether you want Russian women for marriage or just for dating, there are certain rules of talking to a Russian girl online. So, without further ado, we advise you to check out our list of online dating tips.


Making first step

The risk of getting spoiled comes right after you create an account. Thousands of Russian girls are waiting for you online. At least you get this feeling. While it is flattering, you shouldn't pay much attention to the number of girls because you came here for just one special girl. If you start chatting with thirty or fifty girls simultaneously it will hamper your decision making process. Besides, you may start confusing names, and Russian girls are not good at handling that well.

Although some Russian girls will start chatting with you first dropping catch-phrases, it would be better if you'll be the one to make the first step. So, check the list of girls and start chatting with the one who caught your eye with her picture and profile info.

Be assertiveOnline meeting

Russian women value assertiveness in men. They like men who lead and make decisions – a far cry from western women who are ultra-independent and self-sufficient. Because of the patriarchal upbringing, man is the central figure in Russian woman's life. So, you must be ready to demonstrate how masculine you are already in the chat-room. Still, you shouldn't push it too far. A lot of men confuse being assertive with treating woman like she's some of their possessions.

So, what you need is a mix of assertiveness and gallantry. If she treats you with respect, show her that you are ready to treat her with respect too. Ask her, but don't make commands. Show her that you control the conversation, but if she refuses to answer certain questions, don't demand anything from her.

Topics to avoid

You'll have the best online dating experience if you avoid certain topics while chatting.

Avoid talking about money. Don't ask her if she's rich or poor, and don't brag or complain about your financial state. If you complain, she'll think that you are too poor, and Russia is full of poor guys, so who needs a poor foreigner? If you brag about how rich you are, she might think that you want to buy her, and that's something that Russian women don't accept.

Also, even if she asks about your exes, don't go into complaining too much. For a Russian girl, it signals that you have problems with understanding a woman, and understanding has a key role in relationships with a girl.

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