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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Russian Girls

Russian women showed up on the international dating arena about 20 years ago. Everyone knows about their beauty but other facts remain unrevealed. Here are the top ten things to learn about Russian brides before you start looking for them!

Interesting Facts about Russian Girls

1. Russian girls prefer getting married earlier than ladies in the West

Yes, Russian society is traditionalistic and it supports patriarchic values. Although men and women here have equal rights today, men still play leadership roles in social and personal life. Women are more focused on kid upbringing and family maintaining. They tend to become wives and mothers in their 20s rather than in their 30s.

2. Dating a Russian girl enriches your worldview

Russian culture might be perplexing in a foreigners view but it is also rich in curious details and customs. You will get acquainted with a new kind of perception of the world and people. At the same time, Russian mentality isn’t as different from Western European or American as, say, Japanese.

3. Russian girls feel free to communicate online

There is a growing number of Russian brides online due to the unstable economy of the Russian Federation. However, it is wrong to take them all for gold diggers. Most ladies look for lovers abroad because there are fewer men living in their mother country than women.

4. It is not so easy to find a Russian woman for unserious relationships

Since a family is so important to a regular Russian girl, you won’t have too many options for one-night stands in Russia. Local women are interested in long-term healthy relationships that may potentially grow into happy marriage.

5. Girls from Russia are noticeable everywhere

Because they aren’t just beautiful from nature but do everything to look fancy. You will recognize Russian ladies by their stylish outfits and makeup, which is uncommon among western ladies. By wearing flashy clothes, a Russian woman keeps her man interested in her.

6. Russian ladies can turn your bachelor lair into a cozy hub

Apart from being good stylists, Russian girls are also great at decorating and cooking. They possess many household skills they learn from their older female relatives. Yet it doesn’t mean ladies from Russia will agree to become your obedient housekeepers – they desire self-realization too.

7. Dating a Russian woman takes time

For an average lady from Russia, dating isn’t something she can take irresponsibly. She looks for a decent man to build a serious connection with so don’t expect your match to get intimate within a short period of time. Wait until you get to know each other well!

8. When you find a Russian girl right for you, her parents will treat you as their own child

In Russian families, all members are usually close with one another. Historically, local people had to support their dearest ones in diverse situations and this tradition is preserved nowadays. Don’t get astonished if her parents will treat you as their son!

9. Your family will probably be strong if you find a Russian wife

Divorce is rather a tragedy for a Russian woman so she does her best to keep her family happy. In Russia, they believe true love happens only once in a lifetime. Of course, she will need your help to succeed.

10. Russian women can be loyal lifetime partners

And this is one of the greatest things about them. You will never get tired of a Russian wife since her circle of interests is impressively wide. She will gladly support you in all your initiatives and take up what you love doing. Likewise, she will teach you a lot of new things.

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