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How to Date an Extrovert: Tips and Advice

Extroverts and introverts are among the most popular and commonly referred to concepts in psychology. All people divide into extroverts and introverts depending on their emotional and psychic qualities. It is very important in regard to dating because in close personal relationships all our emotional and psychological qualities reveal themselves. Some say that dating an extrovert requires being an extrovert. Others claim that an extrovert dating an introvert makes up for a good balance. Do opposites attract or is it more possible that one should stick with his/her own kind? Let’s find out.

How to Date an Extrovert: Tips and Advice

Introvert vs Extrovert Dating: Who Are They in Relationships?

The way we behave in relationships tells more about us than everything else combined together. In many ways, we constantly change and always continue to shape our identities through interaction with other people, especially romantic partners. Therefore, talking about dating an introvert when you are an extrovert is completely justified. Read on to understand more clearly who is who and what it means for a relationship.


Who is introvert? It is a person that is focused more on the inner world and often seeks solitude. Introverts like being alone because they enjoy their own company. Why, then, cases involving an introvert dating extrovert exist? How can it be that a person that likes being alone not only develops a relationship but does that with somebody who doesn’t like being alone and feels comfortable only among other people? That is quite paradoxical. Some studies show that either unconsciously or subconsciously every introvert desires to be an extrovert while every extrovert would like to be an introvert. Thus, perhaps, we seek people that are not like us in order to change and feel the difference or in order to enjoy the diversity of life.

Introverts in relationships often might seem alienated and cold. Introverts dating extroverts usually need to work on the balance between time spent together and time spent separately. Introverts need a certain amount of time to be alone and do something without a company. Introverts need somebody to love them but it is crucial for introverts to have time that they can have for themselves. On the contrary, extroverts might consider it offensive because they want to be together and stay in company all the time.

How to Date an Extrovert: Tips and Advice


Who is an extrovert? Dating an extrovert means almost always being around people. Extroverts do not like being alone and they constantly look for a company. Extroverts find being alone confusing and uncomfortable. They do not consider themselves a good company because they require others to feel joy and positivity. Being alone is tough, harsh, and difficult for extroverts. Some say that they are superficial but that is not so. True extroverts play a central role in any friendly gathering uniting people and making sure that everybody’s in a good mood.

Extroverts were made for relationships. They feel most comfortable when they interact with other people. Being alone makes extroverts anxious and confused. They express themselves better and communicate more effectively largely contributing to socialization between people. Two extroverts dating each other might feel like a great idea. But, such partners often find each other known well enough and prefer company of other people. In other words, two extroverts dating each other might eventually get used to each other. An introvert dating an extrovert woman can find it difficult to always be around people alongside with an extrovert partner. Nevertheless, it doesn’t happen like that all the time. Chances are, individual deviances will never allow to make a certain prognosis.

Important Note

An extrovert-introvert system does not always include subjective individual features and the fact that all introverts are different just as well as are all extroverts really matters. Moreover, an introvert may act like an extrovert sometimes. At the same time, an extrovert might act like an introvert in certain circumstances. It all depends on time, place, and a person.

People can have introvert stages in life and they can also have extrovert stages in life. Sometimes an individual can change in amazing ways completely substituting his or her former behavioral patterns with new attitudes. A conscious choice can define a person’s behavior. Sometimes we are predisposed to act in ways that are predetermined. But we also have a choice whether to seek company and explore the outside world or delve into the world within to reach the depth of our souls.

In psychology, specialists attempt to define whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert in order to research and analyze his or her social behavior and interaction with others. It is also done to explore better a person’s relationship with himself/herself and the world. The focus of an individual in life often falls for either one or another polar. Some people are more oriented at the outside world while others live mainly in their own thoughts. Both of these perspectives interact, intermix, and co-exist in society of people who are always free to decide how to act.

Tips for Dating an Extrovert

You can find an introvert's guide to dating an extrovert. Extroverts require company. When extroverts do not get company from their partners, they look for it in other places. An introvert’s main objective is to make an effort in order to spend as much time possible with an extrovert partner and other people. Though, it doesn’t mean that an introvert should sacrifice the right to be alone owned formerly. Continue reading to know how to date an extrovert when you are an introvert.


How to Date an Extrovert: Tips and Advice

Extroverts depend on communication. Introverts might fail to communicate effectively because connecting to others is more difficult for them. Extroverts, on the contrary, establish communication channels and encourage introverts to share and express emotions. In order to know how to date an extrovert, an introvert should try hard to communicate feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Without communication, the introvert-extrovert relationship won’t work properly.

Going Out

Spending time out, especially with mutual friends, is one of the most important tips for dating an extrovert. Extroverts like being around people, talk to friends, meet acquaintances, and spend time together doing something. It is a crucial part of an extrovert’s lifestyle. Otherwise, extroverts become bored and restless. They receive important stimulation from seeing other people and exchanging information through communication and participation in collective events. A friendly gathering or a party is a natural habitat of many extroverts. They need this in order to be stimulated.

Doing Something Together

Keep in mind that introverts dating extroverts should pay explicit attention to things they do together. Organize a traditional Friday movie night or a Sunday park visit. Do something together regularly. For example, a dinner organized every Thursday on a constant basis can be a great idea that will serve you both. Your extrovert partner will get your company and you will get only a company of your partner, not more, and not less.

Can an Introvert-Extrovert Relationship Work?

Can an introvert date an extrovert? Yes. Should an introvert date an extrovert? Why not? A relationship rarely refuses to work only because one partner is an introvert while another one is an extrovert. However, fundamental psychical and socio-emotional differences can lead to difficulties in communication. Therefore, you need to know more about introvert vs extrovert dating if you want to succeed. Read further to avoid some of the usual mistakes and make sure your relationship is a happy one disregarding who is who.

How to Date an Extrovert: Tips and Advice

Ignore It

Thinking too much that you’re an introvert and focusing on the fact that your partner is not can harm. Don’t pay too much attention to it because instead of dealing with your differences and compromising, you will justify them and consider them irrevocable. Sometimes, it is more useful to ignore your differences and continue to act disregarding their existence. Pretend they don’t exist and better look for something you have in common. Because there’s a lot you have in common. And you probably refuse to see a lion share of it.


Relationships that work do so because partners are capable of compromise. Close personal relationships work in accordance with give-and-take system. Partners give each other something and partners take from each other. To compromise means to keep balance in order to restrict one side from giving or taking more or less than is right. When that happens a relationship starts to dissolve with one partner being sucked dry and another one feeling guilty in taking more than a fair share. Thus, extroverts and introverts should balance between their social life and personal time they spent just one on one. Moreover, extroverts should be informed that it is healthy for an introvert to sometimes be alone and not take it personally.

Try it Different

A good exercise for introvert-extrovert couples is for both partners to try and act as the opposites of their psychic types. Changing the behavior consciously can make partners understand each other a little bit better. For example, an introvert partner might try to organize a party or propose to go to a restaurant for a dinner with friends. An extrovert, on the contrary, can offer staying at home or suggest the introverted partner spend some time alone. Even better, an extrovert can benefit a lot from spending some time alone to feel different emotions and have a different experience. Introverts can try partying with friends for a change.

Talk About It

Talking always helps. Talk about your feelings and try to resolve everything that doesn’t satisfy you in a relationship. Come to terms with time and circumstances of your visits to friends. Schedule things you do together and leave time for being separate to think quietly and calmly. Talk about your approach to relationship, what you want from life, and why you two are together. Work out your problems in order to reach constructive and well-argued conclusions. Try to see how being an extrovert or an introvert benefits and hurts your relationship. Define problems and look for effective solutions.

We’re all introverts or extroverts. Sometimes, we’re both. We can change and relationships are especially effective in changing our attitudes and life principles. Dating an extrovert might be complicated if you’re an introvert. But it is far from being impossible. Moreover, both partners can use it for their benefit. Don’t focus too much on the fact that you’re different and, instead, look for things you have in common. Good luck!

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