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A Guide to Dating Someone Who Is Bisexual

Recently, non-traditional sexual relationships have been perceived as a variant of the norm, and the modern society is called upon not to condemn such connections because everyone has the right to self-determination. Besides, a bisexual relationship has become some kind of a trend.

Many Hollywood celebrities have stated even with some pride that bisexuality is a part of their true nature. Nonetheless, female bisexuality stands somehow apart. Most scientists and researchers believe that the nature of women is initially bisexual, so such a relationship is the norm for them. On the one hand, most of the world's older generation considers this a deviation from the norm, but on the other hand, some people seek to look more modest than they really are, being in a constant pursuit of compliance to the established social standards.


What is bisexuality?

Bisexuality is a desire and an opportunity to have sexual and romantic relationships both with men and women. Female bisexuality can be found not only among people. However, usually, such relationships occur in the world of nature only as a last resort, for example, if there is the absence of males. When a male appears, the females cut these ties. Despite the latest research that all women are bisexual, their behavior changes under the influence of external factors, and not every woman is ready to go against the norms of morality and traditional concepts existing in her family. The negative attitude of others is a deterrent.

Nevertheless, if a woman is bisexual, this is a part of her nature. Even if she decides to get married and gives up having sex with girls, she will hardly be able to do that. It’s very difficult for bisexual girls to give up diversity. Man dating a bisexual woman: what's it like?

Women's friendship means joint shopping, sharing secrets, walks and periodic spending the night with each other. The beauty of women's bodies attracts not only men but also many women. Often, women want more than just a friendship. They want warmth, affection, and sex. Only another girl can know everything about all the subtleties of the female body and orgasm. It is considered normal for girls to kiss each other not only on the cheek but also on the lips. Sometimes, they do it in public to keep prodding men, but more often, they do it in privacy. Many girls learn how to kiss with their best woman friend. Pampering in one bed and alcohol can lead to the fact that the girls are trying to have sex. It is not about a vibrator, strap-on or a banana.

Girls are engaged in caresses, gentle strokes and cunnilingus. In the morning, they will joke and make it their little secret. However, after the first sex, the girls may start a long-term sexual relationship. They can meet with their boyfriends, periodically changing them, they will get married, but they will remain bisexual. Bisexual girls change not only the guys in bed but also try to have sex with different girls. Sometimes, some bisexual girls choose lesbianism, but more often, they remain universal in bed. A man who is dating a bisexual woman has three ways out.

1. Ignore her sexual preferences. Bisexual girls are considered more "faithful" wives, but the fact is that they lack another woman “for the adventure.” 70% of men believe that sex with another woman cannot be called cheating. Some men condescendingly treat such tricks of a girl and try not to pay attention. Would you date a bisexual woman?

2. Break up with a bisexual girl and leave. Some men think that sex with another girl is cheating. Usually, this is about men who are old school. They try to make a woman take the road of established social rules and stop being bisexual. As a result, such relationships end in a breakup or female dissatisfaction.

bisexual dating3. Allow and have a threesome. One of the main sexual fantasies of men is to be involved in bisexual woman dating. The most popular advice from men in this situation sounds like that, "Invite a girlfriend's friend, drink wine together and have a wonderful threesome with two hot girls." In life, there are situations where a man finds his girlfriend in bed with another woman, but he does not have time to get angry. His girlfriend, trying to save the relationship, immediately involves him in a threesome. A man becomes a "partner in crime," and it seems foolish to blame the girl. A threesome will be the norm for such a couple. Most men, after some confusion, believe that a chance to be engaged in bisexual women dating is a real gift. A man becomes a sex partner of two bisexual girls who are much gentler in bed with men than heterosexual women. If a man is dating a bisexual girl, he can observe or take an active part in a threesome. Often, a man can have sex with another woman. So, if you ask yourself, “Should I date a bisexual woman?” tell yourself whether you are ready to accept the fact that you will have to share your girlfriend with someone else in bed?

Bisexual dating tips

Before you read the following tips and find out how to date a bisexual woman, the main thing you should understand from the very beginning is that her bisexuality is real, and there is no cure.

1. Some girls have soul wound due to their identity. Many bisexual girls have gone through awful relationships and have both physical and psychological scars. 63% of bisexual girls have been stalked, sexually and physically assaulted by their partners during their relationships. Most abusers are heterosexual men who use stereotypes about bisexual women as excuses for abusive behavior. So, if you want to be involved in bisexual women dating, you should try to be more patient, tender, and understanding.

2. Don’t make her choose one. If you are afraid that your girlfriend will start cheating on you with a mere stranger regardless of their gender, you shouldn’t even think about dating someone who is bisexual. If a girl is bisexual, it doesn’t mean that she is going to break up with you or cheat on you because of her insatiable drive for sex. Your insecurities are only your issues. It's hard to wear two hats.

3. Don't make judgments about her sexual experience. This is one of the moments which are taboo when you are going to date a bisexual girl. Slut-shaming is one of the worst things you can do, especially in the context of dating a woman with non-standard sexual preference. Often, bisexual women are blamed for being promiscuous, but it’s not the absolute truth for everyone. Some women have a long list of sexual partners of both genders while others have been in a sexual relationship only with several representatives of one gender.

4. Don’t be afraid to screw up. So many men who want to register on bisexual women dating site restrain their desire because of the fear of failure when it comes to sex. They are afraid that their experience will not comply with a woman’s expectations when they are engaged in non-penetrative activities. Often, the girls’ past puts pressure on men, and they feel like competing with all the ex-partners they have never met. They believe that all bisexual women are the queens of cunnilingus, and ordinary men cannot compete with them. However, such fears are groundless, and the more you worry, the less pleasure you will bring to your partner.

5. Don’t expect too much. How to date a bisexual girl? When you are going to date a bisexual girl, you should set some ground rules and discuss expectations in advance. For some women, a relationship with a man as well as their feelings to him may be new, and they might not have explored them yet. If you are also bisexual then you will have a greater understanding of her state but if you are on the other side of the fence, but you still want to attract a bisexual girl and make her like you, then be ready that she might not want to start a committed relationship.

6. Don’t do the questioning. If you are a heterosexual man, then you are likely to be curious about her sexual orientation as well as about her previous experience with both genders. You might want to ask about some details of her sexual life or even enthusiastically encourage her to flaunt her attraction to other girls. However, you should remember that such pleas are very tiresome. You should try to hold back and not overact with your questioning. Allow her to enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

bisexual dating7. Assure her that you feel comfortable with her bisexuality. One of the best ways to cope with any issue about her sexual orientation before you can face it is to calm her concern about it. Assure her that you understand and accept the other side of her sexuality and that you feel comfortable with it. Tell her that she can always share her worries and fears with you and that you are ready to chat about it if she wants that. Such behavior is one of the keys to success in any relationship.

Bisexual dating sites

The Internet has simplified the way of looking for someone special, and if you want to find a girl with non-standard sexual orientation, the best bisexual dating sites will help you meet this challenge. It’s necessary to add that there are sites for singles of all orientations. Usually, they have a huge audience, and the only thing you need to do is to choose who you are looking for. For example, well-known Tinder,, Zoosk, OkCupid provide their users with an opportunity to find a match according to almost all the possible parameters, so if you have already registered on some of them, you can just change the search options. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a more focused bisexual dating app or site, then you can choose something from the below-given options.

BiCupid. This app allows bisexual and bisexual-curious singles of both genders as well as couples to look for a bisexual partner and take part in forums and online chatting. Besides, it provides you with useful tips on successful dating. Nowadays, there are more than a million people who use this dating app and who is open to date someone with the same desires.

Bisexual Fish. The developers of this dating site claim that they have created one of the safest platforms for finding a bisexual person with whom you can make friends and become companions or committed partners. Here are both singles and couples who are bi or bi-curious. Users who have created a bisexual-friendly dating society come from all over the world. In order to be able to look at the users’ profiles, you have to register first.

Bipeople Meet. It is recognized as one of the world’s largest social networking sites for people with non-standard sexual orientation. is created for bisexual and bi-curious singles and couples who seek a male or female bisexual partner or friend. This site provides a free membership as well as many different ways to search and find people who meet your initial requirements. So, here, you will surely be able to meet like-minded people with a special view on a sexual relationship.

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