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Are You Going to Divorce? Here Are 10 Signs You Are

What is a relationship? Is it an adventure, a volcano of emotions or a lifetime journey? Each person answers this question in their own way. But nobody will deny the importance of happiness in relationships. It is the biggest luck to meet an interesting person and to fall in love. But to build a relationship, to keep warmth, love, and understanding is not an easy task. But wise people will surely cope with it.

signs you need a divorce

Happy marriage: a myth or reality?

Perfect marriages are very rare in our society. Also, happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. But every person, entering into a marriage union, hopes that it will bring happiness. Are there any perfect relations between a man and a woman and how does this work for those who call their marriage happy?

Every person has different ideas about what makes a happy marriage. As for the criteria by which you can determine how happy your relationship is, you can use the following ones:

  • Emotional comfort: positive emotions prevail in a couple, negative emotions towards each other are rare and quickly pass;
  • Sexual comfort: there are no prohibitions or restrictions, partners openly talk about their needs, feelings;
  • Intellectual comfort: none of the partners is uncomfortable with the difference in education and intellect;
  • Material comfort: none of the partners feel more financially superior.

Secrets to a happy marriage


The first recipe for a happy marriage is respect. It is impossible to imagine a happy family without mutual respect. All people are different and, of course, they were brought up in different families, had different interests, relied on different life ideas, got a different level of education and had different financial status before getting married. We need to learn something from each other. Each of us can bring something new into the life of another. We need to use this. Respect is the basis of harmonious relationships. It is impossible to be happy together without respect.

not happy in marriageFidelity

None of us likes it when our second halves cheat. Expecting loyalty from your partner, you need to be loyal as well. You don’t have to look for someone third. You need to build a harmonious relationship with one single person. There are problems and adversities in any family. The right way is to make efforts for their prompt salvation but not to search for happiness somewhere else!


It often happens that we say very nasty things to each other in anger. Sometimes it is possible to completely destroy relationships with one sharp phrase uttered in anger. After all, not all are able to forgive resentment and those, who are able, still can remember it at the right time. It's much easier to keep yourself from unwary replicas than to beg for forgiveness. You need to know the line that you just can’t cross because this is one of the most important rules for a happy marriage.


You need to talk a lot, you need to talk more often, and you need to talk about everything. Don’t be silent or bear a problem in yourself. Discuss work, discuss friends or relatives, talk about the movie you watched yesterday, immerse yourself in nostalgia and confess your love to each other. The wonderful property of conversations is that they are able to bring people together, and they make a relationship more intimate.


Just don’t be a dissembler. Loving people shouldn’t have barriers and restrictions in the bedroom. Don’t be shy about your desires, share them with each other, talk about fantasies, encourage the partner’s initiative, and give pleasure to each other. Sex is an obligatory part of a happy relationship. Experiment, relax and go to the new heights of pleasure together.


One of the keys to a happy marriage is that you shouldn’t become an open book. Then it becomes uninteresting to read. You can always discover something new in your loved one even after living together for many years. Excellent practical advice for maintaining a happy relationship is to occasionally spend weekends together, abstracting from all the problems and hassles of our world. It is necessary at least several times a year to go out on weekends from home and spend time alone. Such days off are necessary for all married couples, and especially for those who have children. A romantic weekend out of town or at a resort will favorably affect your relationship.

Positive Mood

It is necessary to be able to remain in a positive mood in any life situation. And especially it concerns relations. Smile, see only good things and give your companion positive emotions. You don’t have to worry about trifles – it's a matter of everyday life. Take it with humor. Relationships will become stronger and life will be more fun!


Love each other. Thank fate for what it gave you. Say compliments to your loved one, praise each other and encourage your love. Quarrels, quick temper and fading of passion – all this can be overcome when you love each other. And even if you already have a long experience of family life, you still should declare your love to each other. Small signs of attention are relevant even to spouses who have lived until the golden wedding. Thus, it will be impossible to say “I’m not happy in marriage.”

signs you're headed for divorce​​How to have a happy marriage? What if everything is not so good in a relationship? Talk and discuss everything. Learn to speak, let it be difficult at first, tension will increase and scandals will be involved, but then you can rebuild relations based on real facts and not on speculation. And remember that a relationship is a hard, daily, and every-minute work which is very well-paid by a mass of positive emotions.

10 signs of an inevitable divorce

If you ask any married couple, they will tell you that marriage is not an easy thing. It is wonderful to love someone but regular quarrels are exhausting. Sometimes a person we love most in the world turns into a person whom we want to kill. Of course, there are good moments when we can’t live without each other and just die from adoration. But how often our habits are stronger than us? And one of the most difficult habits is the habit of being with a person. When you two are together for a long time, you become so fused with each other that you stop understanding whether you are moving forward.

There 10 signs of whether you need a divorce or not. Perhaps they will help understand whether you should make efforts to save your relationships.

1. There is no more emotional connection between you two

Couples, whose marriage has died or almost died, usually don’t feel the connection between each other. If you no longer spend time together, if one of you spends all the time at work, with friends or on the Internet and doesn’t feel the need to be next to a spouse, then this is a clear sign that emotionally you are already “outside” marriage and one of the obvious signs you should divorce.

2. You no longer communicate with each other

None of the problems in marriage can be solved without open and honest communication. For example, if you make the conclusion that all your conversations are something like “where to buy milk”, then your marriage is in trouble and one of the signs you need a divorce. Lack of personal and intimate communication in marriage is an extremely negative sign, especially if you have someone else to talk to on such topics.

3. There is no respect in the relationship

Mutual respect is one of the most important elements of a healthy marriage. When one of the spouses goes somewhere and another one doesn’t care and doesn’t want to discuss anything, then the situation is deplorable. Such marriages become toxic to a person. One of you either constantly attacks or is constantly defending.

4. There is no sex in a relationship

Intimate life defines 50% of the success of a relationship. Theoretically, people can do without sex but, in this way, these relationships will be empty and not pleasing for partners. If there is almost no place for sex in your life and you don’t even worry about it, then these are signs you should get a divorce.

5. You feel indifference

Your marriage comes to an end at the moment when you stop worrying about your own spouse. You don’t care where she or he is, how your spouse is doing and what she or he eats for dinner. If a spouse has ceased to exist for you, then this marriage can be no longer restored. And these are signs you’re headed for divorce.

6. A spouse is friends with an ex-lover

Infidelity is the hardest test for marriage, so it is not enough just to stop that connection on the side. It is extremely stupid, trying to save the family, to maintain even a friendly relationship with a former lover. If you are in such situation, then this is one of the obvious signs you need a divorce. Regardless of what he or she says about the innocence of such communication, nothing good will come of it.

7 signs you need a divorce​​ 7. There is no compromise in desires and needs

In most marriages, a person tries to satisfy the needs of a partner. This game “to give – to take” is endless and requires constant communication. But if your partner constantly refuses to listen to your needs (in time, in sex, in help, etc.) or doesn’t talk about own needs, then you are not good together and these are clear signs you should divorce.

8. You don’t quarrel any more

Everyone thinks that quarrels are a sign of a terrible marriage. This is not true. In fact, when a couple stops quarreling, this is a much more dangerous sign.

9. One of you doesn’t want to fight for a relationship

One of the signs you should get divorced is probably that one of the partners no longer wants to participate in solving problems. The lack of desire to be a part of a team is equivalent to the fact that a spouse simply exhausted all internal resources and gave up.

10. You feel coldness

Coldness and indifference is another important sign that your relationship made a crack. This is primarily manifested in communication, when one spouse is interested in something and gets in response just “Yes” or “No”.

If you find at least one of the above signs in your relationship, urgently engage in the normalization of relations. A marriage can always be saved by applying the desire and patience to it. And also you have to add a lot of love, care, and warmth.

Sum up

There are so many negative things in the surrounding world. So, it is better to solve all the troubles as soon as possible. And therefore it is important not to lose head but bring optimism and joy, humor and positive. Thus, it is much easier to develop a happy relationship between a man and a woman. Feel free to manifest your feelings. Even if a partner knows about them, it is not superfluous to remind how much you love each other. Show your affection, smile, touch gently and kiss passionately. Often, the main secret of a happy relationship lies in three simple, sincere and eternal words: “I love you!”

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