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Dating Rules After 50

Dating after 50: What You Should Know About It

Over 50 dating is not a topic that you can come across quite often. Sometimes it feels like everyone after 50 should have a family, and if he or she got separated he/she ought to become either a monk/nun or a hermit for the remaining time of the life. But no, dating after 50 exists. If you are fifty and happened to be alone, you still have a lot of chances to be successful in romantic relationships. In order to succeed in it, there are few things that you should know about dating over 50.

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1. Getting past your age

While dating is considered to be mainly for young people it doesn’t mean that you should avoid it if you are considered to be old. Dating doesn’t care how old are you. It makes no difference if you are twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty, regardless of your age dating remains the same. It makes no surprise, as basically dating is finding a person you like and figuring out whether you will work out together or not. The main thing is not to forget the importance of sexual aspect when you try to woo your love-interest. The importance of sex pretty much remains the same regardless of age.

2. Getting back to dating scene

Dating after 50 is great, but returning to the dating scene can be quite a painful process. Dating after 50 years old almost always means that you are returning to dating after few decades of being in relationship. It is no surprise that a lot of men feel a little bit insecure about themselves. Of course you are unsure of yourself, but your lack of confidence is what really stands between you and relationships. Moreover, it hampers you at any age. You were unsure about yourself when you were a teenager, but you’d managed to overcome it. It means that you can overcome it once again.

3. Learn how to attract

Well, you may no longer have youthful looks and you may not be as fit as you used to be, but let’s be honest, attractiveness in not only about the appearance. Of course you would do yourself a favour if you take care of yourself to look good, but at the age of fifty, you are more likely to draw attention thanks to your experience, character and attitude to life. One more thing about appearance, don’t try to dress like you are twenty, as, no matter how young you may look, it will look kinda odd.

4. Be confident

In order to achieve success in dating after fifty, you need to be confident about yourself. Moreover, confidence it is something that is expected from a person of your age. You lived quite a long life and saw enough things to be able to tell what matters and what doesn’t. A person with experience is highly unlikely to be unconfident. Moreover, both young girls and women of your age would rather prefer you in bed to your younger counterpart. You wonder why? Because you have something that young guys mainly lack - life experience.

dating after 50 5. Use your baggage

A lot of people over fifty disallow themselves to date because they think that their baggage would scare prospective partners off. There is nothing wrong with having baggage after fifty years. The biggest mistake that you can make is to not benefit from your baggage. You have been in several relationships by this time, which means that you understand people way better than your younger counterparts. Why not to use it?

Online Dating Rules for Over 50

Life becomes way easier with age. Dating, as we’ve mentioned above, unfortunately, remains complicated for ages. Over 50 dating uses the same tools as dating in the twenties, which means that you should opt for online dating. Strange enough, online dating becomes more popular among older people, while younger people slowly start neglecting dating apps. But, let’s not dwell into the internet age demographics and go straight to the online dating rules for over 50.

1. Don’t trust profile pictures

Funny enough, but it is your rule number one. Forget about making your decisions based solely on profile pictures when dating online. A lot of people tend to use photos of their younger selves, so, beware. On the other hand, online dating never was about appearance. Actually, the best thing that online dating gave us is the possibility to get to know each other without being distracted by the physical attraction. So, opt for offline dates with those with whom you have an actual mental connection.

2. Choose the sites

There are a lot of dating services for those who are over fifty, but it doesn’t mean that you should be limited to over 50 dating sites. There are dating sites for people of all ages, so you can try them. But beware of online dating scams, which can be present on every site regardless of the age group of their users. So, stick with reputable dating services. It isn’t ultimate protection, though you can report and block all the suspicious profiles.

3. Try the apps

Online dating over 50 shouldn’t limit you to sites, you can use mobile dating apps. Those apps have perfect matching algorithms, which will easily find you a match of your age and in your location based on mutual interests and preferences. You can find both apps and site by simply Googling “best dating sites for over 50” or “best dating apps for over 50”.

In Bed After 50: Rules and Advice

Sex is an important aspect of dating in all ages, and as we have mentioned above, you shouldn’t forget about it. Sex after fifty is not something to be ashamed of. Sex after 50 can be actually great, besides older people claim that they have more success in sex with age rather than when they were young. How they manage to do it? To find the answer to this question, we offer you to check out our tips for successful sex after 50.

1. Regular exercises

Sex is not just a leisurely, it requires certain work. And sex after fifty can only benefit if you get regular exercises. Exercises strengthen your muscles and improve your mood, because, let’s be honest, nothing kills the mood as fast as pain in your body. Exercises keep you fit and you handle sex way easier. Moreover, it helps you look better, and when you’re looking good you’re feeling sexy.

2. Try something new

If you failed to experiment in your young years why not trying it now? You should not limit yourself to anything. We are not forcing you to try threesome or going to some leather bar, though you can if you want to. You can start from simple things. Try having sex in different time of day. You used to have sex only at night or in the evening? Try sex in the morning, maybe it will work just fine. You may as well try different sexual positions or take sex out of the bedroom. You may try role playing, as well or indulge into massage in order to create the right atmosphere.

success in sex3. Beyond the intercourse

Sex is not only about intercourse. You may start from such simple things as intimate acts of kissing. You may as well try tantric sex. There are a lot of video guides on tantric sex on the internet. You can try sex toys, it will be a lot of fun, especially if such an experience is new to you. We remind you that messages work just fine, especially if you know how to do it in an intimate way.

4. Get comfortable

Thinking about your age is definitely not sexy at all, but forgetting about problems with health is not the best way to treat yourself when you are over fifty. You may have arthritis or other pains that can make sex less enjoyable or, even worse, absolutely unenjoyable. Neglecting sex is not the option. You should find ways to feel better while having sex. You may try new positions which will make sex more comfortable for you. You can change missionary position for sex side-by-side if you’re having back pain. Also, you should determine which time of day you feel the best and make sex in that time frame. Using medicine is also an option, as it may make you more relaxed.

5. Talk things over

When your health is at stake or you are simply uncomfortable with having sex at the particular time, you should talk it over with your partner. When you are over fifty there is nothing to be ashamed of, and discussing your problems has nothing to do with egoism. Besides, sex should bring pleasure, not pain. So, whenever you are having problems with sex don’t hide it from your partner. Talk it over for you to find the way out together.

If you remain silent, it can lead to having a depression, which can spoil your over 50 sexual life altogether. Keep it healthy on both physical and mental level, and your sex life will be enjoyable.


After reading the article you can see that neither dating nor sex has age limitations, so you can engage in both whenever you like it. We gave you certain tips on dating after fifty and certain tips on how to be successful in bed when you are half-a-century-old. But all the paragraphs in the article can be reduced to one. Yep, it is better to look after yourself and keep healthy, but it is almost impossible until you are confident. To be confident is the most valuable advice that we can give, as with confidence you can achieve success in dating and sex regardless of whether you are twenty, fifty or eighty years old.

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