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Dating Mature Women: All the Truth

In the modern world, when everyone notes the progress of the sexual revolution, you can meet not quite standard couples more and more often. No, we are not talking about open relationships or something considered unacceptable by the traditionalists but about couples with a noticeable difference in age, especially when a man is much younger than his wife. Dating an intelligent mature woman is what many men aspire to do, so, let’s find out what lies behind this phenomenon and how you should act in order to win a heart of an older woman.

mature singles woman dating

Why do men like mature women?

It is widely believed that over the years, female beauty fades and a woman becomes not that attractive to the opposite sex. Put down by these thoughts, a woman begins to feel old and try to correct the situation in every way, resorting to various, often unhealthy methods. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve the desired result. However, there is an interesting observation, most men would only be glad to find a woman online who is older and more experienced. You can often notice couples in the street and on TV where a man is much younger than his companion. What is the reason?

Experience is everything

Such women can be called "professional players." They know all their disadvantages, as well as their advantages. Not only that, they know how and when to use them. Women of age are able to independently solve the problems that arise and they are not inclined to throw tantrums due to any trifle. Independence attracts men. Moreover, men choose mature singles women dating because they are more willing to listen to their advice.

Such women are balanced, do not play on the nerves of men over nothing, do not call every hour with incomprehensible conversations, are less jealous. If a man is busy, they do not start another argument but find something useful to get busy with. What to know about dating a mature woman? If such women have children, then most likely they are already adults, which means that the man will receive enough attention. It is no secret that the young mother devotes all her time to the child, many men do not stand the competition and leave.

Men are interested in spending time and communicating with older companions and that is why they choose to date mature women. These ladies are able to maintain a conversation on any topic or cleverly shift the topic into something more suitable for themselves. And most importantly, they know what to talk about and when, and what should remain unsaid.

What is more, adult women are financially self-sufficient. This allows a man to give gifts to his beloved woman, without thinking that he can be used for money or even receive financial support from his beloved himself.

dating an intelligent mature womanThey are not subject to outer influences. Women in the age of an already formed personality are primarily oriented towards their interests. They pay little attention to what friends, relatives, and mothers say. In turn, young girls are extremely subject to the opinion of society.

Is it worth it?

Of course, yes. Let’s think about sex. Women in age are much better in the intimate sphere. They do not lack the experience, thanks to which a woman can easily give pleasure to a man and feel it herself. Another plus - they are open to experiments and new sensations. Young girls are more constrained in this regard.

Another big advantage is patience. They have experience in life and a sense of patience. Therefore, in a serious relationship, they value the time they spend with their men. Rarely allow a quarrel to grow into a scandal. More prone to compromise.

The relationship between a man and a woman at the initial stage is reminiscent of a poker game. Both sides do not know what “cards” are in the hands of a partner. Are they bluffing or not? A lot depends on the ability to control oneself. And while an older woman has the necessary experience and knowledge to present herself in the most favorable light, knows how to get away from a quarrel, and waits for the right moment, a young girl does not own many of those qualities due to her age, but exactly these attributes allow a woman to make a better impression on men.

What are the best dating sites with a mature woman? Girls looking for dates with younger men can be found on various platforms on the Web.

How to attract mature women

These tips on how to date a mature woman do not differ much from the tips you would receive if you ask «how to win the heart of a girl» in general. After all, mature women for dating are the same ladies but with more experience, which means they have more knowledge of how to catch you lying when you do not act sincerely. Their life experience allows them to foresee your steps in advance and feel what you would like to hide. But the next attributes and ways to act will help you in approaching these ladies.

1. BE SINCERE. You should not count on mad pressure, you cannot earn points on this. Constantly repeating how beautiful she is, or breaking off her phone around the clock, you will not attract her attention. Slow down. If, on the contrary, you yourself portray inaccessibility and pretend that you do not notice her, then again you are unlikely to succeed. Both are just a manifestation of immaturity.

No need to behave as if she is a certain object that you are trying to conquer. Instead, be sincere. Be yourself. Treat her like a woman whose respect you are trying to gain. Renounce your superficial gaze, try to understand your beloved better. Just like you, she works, thinks, plans something, somehow builds her life. Show interest in all aspects of her daily life. Answer her texts, pick up the phone when she calls. If you do something for her, do it from a pure heart. If she interests you, you can learn to appreciate all aspects of her life. And she, in turn, will learn to appreciate and respect you and trust you.

2. BE CONFIDENT. Confidence is manifested in your words, and even more in actions. She hears it in your voice, sees it in your eyes, feels in your movements. In a sense, your behavior tells her: “I am the man you need. I intend to make you mine. ” She will immediately feel it, even without words.

Although there are always obstacles in life, do not allow yourself to concentrate on the thought that you can lose her. Instead, take pride in how you feel about her. Let her have no reason to look for someone else. If you are tormented by uncertainty and jealousy, you will only achieve her drafting apart from you. You ruin every chance of building a healthy relationship. So stop worrying about other men.

There will always be someone more beautiful, smarter, more successful than you. If you think about it all the time, you will never be satisfied with yourself. You yourself will not be happy, and you will not have the resources to make her happy either. Even if she gives you very little time, it’s still a kind of manifestation of interest. Be confident in yourself and use what is given to you.

3. BE SPONTANEOUS. The older we are, the more structured our lives become. Every day we have planned out, and in most cases, we don’t have enough time to do everything. Take a break from this crazy schedule, allow yourself a little spontaneity. No need to plan a meeting - just call her and offer to go, for example, to meet the dawn, or walk around the city all night, organize a picnic in the park, take her to your favorite performance or to a jazz concert. Around us, there is a whole world that you can discover for yourself outside of any schedule. The best moments in life often happen by themselves, and we cannot predict them. Standard dates are a little boring, come up with something more original.

how to date a mature woman4. BE RESPECTFUL. Men often forget that women should not be treated as "their girlfriends". Hold the door in front of her, help to sit at the table, sliding the chair. Do not build all relationships around sex - show that she is important to you, that she is not a sex object for you. Opening to each other at an intimate level is one of the most exciting components of the relationship as a whole. You are creating a bond that will nourish your passion. And then sex is no longer just sex, but something bigger. She is encouraged by the fact that she is shown such respect, and her desire will only be stronger.

5. BE INTERESTING. Let women correct us if we make a mistake by saying that they are attracted to educated and interesting men. Intelligence is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Try to learn something new every day, deepen your knowledge in the area that interests her. When she becomes a part of your life, you can dream together, make plans, come up with your future life and turn your ideas into reality. Fill your conversation with meaning. Talk about what motivates and inspires you. Of course, you can attract someone with an appearance or a solid bank account, but you can conquer the soul only with your personality, this is especially true for mature woman dating.

Dating mature women: key tips

If girls are creatures from another planet, then girls who are older than you are creatures from another galaxy. How to date a mature older woman and build a relationship without noticing any age difference?

1. Do not overdo it with sex

This text is for the youngest and most hyperactive part of the audience, young men 18-25 years old. Most likely, a woman who is older than you will not be ready to meet your needs eight times a day as she may have a lower libido. Well, you should understand: high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and indeed - trouble at work and getting up early tomorrow. For a week or two, of course, she will tolerate your sprinting attacks - maybe painkillers will come in handy but then it’s better to switch from quantity to quality.

2. Speak less and listen more

You should never ask how many times she oegazms with you if you are not ready to hear the truth (although adults do not ask about such things at all). Your classmates can or younger colleagues at work can, not without going red though, but sixteen orgasms in half an hour are a myth.

And outside the bed, the rules are the same. Let her tell you something interesting and try to absorb as much information as possible. Especially when she talks about a subject she is good at, never pretend to be more proficient in it or add facts you are not sure about. She will beat you, always.

3. Do not pretend to be older and more experienced

A tie instead of a hoodie and New Balance sneakers. Putting out the earing from the ear. Think this adds points to your solidity? A briefcase, not a backpack. Boy, who are you trying to fool? You fell in love with the mature woman without all these attributes of solidity. And since some divorced manager with an emerging bald head did not appear in your place, then glasses, ties, and briefcases are not what attracts her at the moment. How to get a mature woman to go on a date? You are beautiful to her just the way you are, so leave everything as it is.

The same goes for trying to look more experienced than you really are. Fictional stories about crowds of conquered women and concluded multimillion-dollar contracts, supposedly read books and seen films - all this can be easily detected. You don’t want your older companion to consider you even funnier than you really are?

4. Postpone meeting friends

The issue of friends and meeting them is one of the most delicate. It is enough for your mature partner to appear at least once in your company arm in arm with such an outrageously young you - and she will forever be called a “child molester” and “pedophile” behind her back (as a joke, of course, but who cares - definitely not your friends). Practice shows that at first, it’s wiser not to draw too much attention to your untrivial alliance. She knows this. It would be nice that you learn it for yourself, and do not ask her to join you at corporate parties and dinners with friends. And having received a refusal, do not terrorize her with reproaches, saying, "you are ashamed of me."

how to get a mature woman to go on a date5. Do not plan leisure time alone

In your opinion, it’s good to have a day off as you can sleep until three in the afternoon, order pizza for breakfast, then ride a bike, play Munchkin with your friends in the evening or watch Futurama, and after midnight go to the club. At first, you will be sure that your mature partner thinks the same. Ha and a hundred times more ha! After a 12-hour sleep, her back hurts, she no longer likes to drink so much and doesn’t feel that great after pizza.

She would prefer a good book to Munchkin and Futurama. After riding a bicycle, she will recover for another week, and from a rumbling clubhouse, cigarette smoke and cheap whiskey, she will suffer from migraines. This is all considering the fact that your beloved will surely agree to any adventure proposed by you. But don’t be a beast — measure your ideas with her interests and ask more often what she herself would like to do.

The main problems in relationships with mature women. And, despite her experience, a mature woman can often be jealous of a man for every oncoming skirt. Of course, she feels insecure, because she understands that he is much younger. But such women should understand, if a man is still beside her then he is happy and likes her with all her pros and cons. So, they shouldn’t pay attention to the opinions of others and date whoever they want. No matter if he is 5 or 15 years younger, age is just a number that should not interfere with the happiness of a couple truly in love.

Another reason why adult ladies quickly lose balance in relationships with young men is that women, even mature, do not have the ability to build relationships from a leadership role. Even on equal terms, it turns to be a great difficulty. Most women are used to building relationships in a protected position.

Every woman would like to feel safe and protected by her man. Even if this is her husband, he should be her advisor, defender, and friend. And if a man is older than a woman, this role for him is quite organic. This does not mean that he completely subordinates the woman, he delegates a lot to her, but the main role is his, the leadership is in his hands, he carries out the main decisions, both financial and social. It's not that a woman completely loses her status, she just sees someone stronger and smarter than herself in a man. So, here is the main tip for people who plan to build a relationship with an age difference: keep the balance and do not let the opinion of others around influence your happiness.

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