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Outdated Myths about Modern Dating

What is a date? It’s basically a meeting of two people who barely know each other. However, the development of their future relations largely depends on this meeting. In order to turn the sympathy, which sparked between the two partners, into love, a date should go perfectly. But the problem is that the male and female concepts of what a successful dating is, are fundamentally different. Besides, the rules that existed 10 years ago no longer work. What has changed since then? Let's look at a few myths about dating that have become outdated.

dating traditions

Who’s paying?

It was always thought that a man should pay for a girl at the end of the evening. And despite that a lot of women also still hold this opinion, some ladies now prefer an independent approach. This means that a woman insists on splitting the check or on paying the whole check next time. This way a woman feels that she no longer depends on a man.

Who picks up whom?

Back in the old days, it was a man who stopped by his companion’s house and took her on a date. In modern dating, this rule also doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s because the way how people date has changed. Now it’s considered quite normal to find a partner on the Internet and meet in real life after chatting online for a bit. Therefore, the best way to go on a date, in this case, is to get to the meeting place separately. It’s quite a wise decision. Besides, according to various girls’ magazines, the easiest way to avoid an unsuccessful date is to meet a companion already on the spot, so it’s easier to escape it quickly if the date goes not as good as expected.

A man should be the one who asks a partner out

girl picks up manMany ladies still believe that if they ask a guy out themselves, he might think that they are desperately looking for relationships. At the same time, men often think that this is true. But there are different situations, and there’s nothing reprehensible in women's initiative. That’s why some guys would gladly go on a date with a pretty girl if she asks first.

Fortunately for girls, according to modern dating etiquette, asking a man out on a date doesn’t mean something indecent. But in any case, no one is immune to the refusal. Of course, a girl shouldn’t call a guy 25 times a day, inviting him to go somewhere if he already said that he doesn’t want to. It’s perfect if the decision about a date is mutual and made without pressure on one of the partners.

The girl must look irresistible on a date

Often, women want to conquer their new partner on the spot and show that there are no such beauties as them around. Therefore, they try to emphasize all their strong sides: a deep neckline on a transparent blouse, a mini skirt, high heels, sexy stockings or tights, and bright makeup. Men often react negatively to such attire.

Once it was thought that both companions should look great on a date. Fortunately, everything has become much easier. The modern dating rules have changed; people don’t bother with things like appearance anymore. Instead of choosing provocative outfits, women prefer more practical and sometimes even casual clothing. Of course, it all depends on the place and circumstances. But mostly partners choose clothes that are easy to take off in case if both decide that they would like to change their initial plans.

Sex on a first date is a taboo

Nowadays, resisting one’s desires and wishes only because of what others might think is rather silly. A man’s opinion about a woman is formed not from her pliability on the first date, but from her behavior and actions in general. If after a moment of intimacy, she starts to apologize for her behavior, she risks creating a much worse image of herself than if she just honestly said that she couldn’t resist the temptation and thanked a man for a good time. In other words, modern rules of dating say nothing against having sex on a first date.

One should pick a traditional place for a first date

Back in the old days, people only choose between movie theaters, bars, or restaurants, but modern day dating rules offer much more opportunities. Both men and women constantly want new impressions, so why not give them to each other?

As you can see, over the past few years, a lot of things have changed. Now that a lot of myths about relationships and dating disappeared, everything has become much easier. Take this into account when asking someone out on a date next time.

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