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Dating When Overweight: Tips and Strategies for Guys

It is not a secret that dating when overweight may be harder than dating when you have standard physical conditions. Today we are not going to overwhelm you with facts explaining why girls prefer slim guys but will give you a hand in dating when you are overweight. Often overweight guys decide to search women online and only online. Yes, online dating while overweight is easier, but you should never forget about getting acquainted offline too. Even though at the beginning of the article we have said that girls prefer slim boys, there are still many girls who like overweight guys.

Another interesting aspect of dating when overweight is that overweight people attract other overweight people. Generally, this is a rule. Let me explain why this happens. This fact has a lot to do with compatibility in relationships. You see, slim and fat people most often have different hobbies and interests. Of course, sometimes, people gain weight due to some diseases, but in most cases, we get fat because of our daily habits. This is why it may be very hard to find common interests and hobbies with slim people if you are overweight. Yes, you still can be friends, but relationships require way deeper involvement, and this is where the problems begin to show up. So, can fat people find love? Of course! They only need to know where to search.

dating while fat tips

Do Girls Pay Attention to Weight?

Surely, they do. Even you pay attention to weight, and this is why you are here. But can your excessive weight be the reason for your loneliness? Nope, never. Personally I know many people who are overweight but have many friends and romantic partners. So, being fat and dating is possible, right? No doubts, the only one who can forbid you to have dates while overweight is you. Later in this article, we will give you several tips on how to date if you are a little fatter than you would like to be.

Some overweight people tend to believe that online dating is key to their success in life. Yes, online dating when you are overweight may be a good thing because online you have way more potential partners than offline, even if you live in some major big city in America. Even though some tend to avoid overweight people, there are those who may even pursue you because of your weight. You must understand that everyone is different, and we all have our interests and preferences, especially in our physical attraction. So, you will be able to find someone who will be attracted to you, not only because of your great personality traits but also because of your excessive weight. The only problem that you have is to understand this fact.

Here, you may ask, "If everything is so cool, why so many people (maybe even including you) with excessive weight have problems with finding partners?" Another great problem that makes people think, "I feel too fat to date," is that they fall in love with the wrong people. Let me explain, for example, you like a girl who lives in your neighborhood, but she is all into sports or some active dances. No doubts that she will be glad to have an online or offline chat with you, but she will definitely refuse if you ask her to have a date with you, and here is why. We have already mentioned that often slim and overweight people have different interests, and this is the case here. She just likes different things and just can't imagine dating someone who doesn't share her hobbies and interests. So, to avoid refusals, you need to search for people who share the same lifestyle, habits, and interests as you do.

What Qualities Can Help You Succeed in Dating When Overweight?

Before we begin, you must realize that plus size and dating are not two opposite things. There are several specific qualities of overweight men, because of which they seem more attractive to women than other guys. This is primarily due to public opinion. Many believe that if a man pays attention to his body, then his girlfriend must necessarily match him. This task may seem difficult to many. Not every woman is ready to change her usual way of life for sports. In addition, any girl will feel uncomfortable if she looks somehow bad on the background of her partner. As a rule, people are usually afraid of being rejected, and therefore, they prefer to follow the path of least resistance. This is why we want our partners to be the second versions of ourselves. Furthermore, overweight men have several positive qualities that make girls prefer them more.

male tips for dating when overweight1. You are a pleasant person

It is far from the news that the more ideal a person looks, the higher his self-esteem is. High self-esteem often makes people have an arrogant character. Athletic guys are often arrogant and unpleasant in communication. They also set a certain bar in front of their partner. And achieving this level is becoming a difficult task for many.

2. You are reliable

Obviously, if a man is overweight, then to be popular among women, he needs to have other positive qualities. One of these qualities in many overweight men is their reliability in relationships. Partners are always more comfortable with such lovers. They don't worry that you will be cheating on them. Because, as a rule, overweight men, after finding suitable partners for long-term relationships, never look for new ones.

3. It’s comfortable with you

As a rule, overweight men are very calm due to their lifestyle. They prefer to stay at home instead of going to the gym. They don't worry about various diets and allow themselves to eat at any time of the day. A woman is more comfortable with you because you are a homesick person. She can stay at home and allow herself to relax without worrying about how such a lifestyle will affect her figure.

4. You don’t push her to what she doesn’t want to

It’s easier for the girl with you because she doesn't need to take care of herself constantly. This doesn't mean that she will avoid showers and laundered clothes. This only means that she doesn't need to continually work on improving something in her. She knows that you will be happy with her as she is, without making her change something in her lifestyle.

5. She feels safe with you

Girls, when dating someone overweight, often feel more feminine with those people. You can carry her in your arms without much effort. This not only allows her to feel small and loved but also will raise her self-esteem. Also, the area of contact during a hug with you is larger, and this allows her to feel safe.

Plus Size Dating Advice for Men

It is not a secret that every human being wants to love and to be loved. It doesn't matter what your nationality, religion, or way of life is. Overweight men are certainly no exception. Usually, on the contrary, their desire to be with someone is much stronger. Often this is spurred by a certain uncertainty that haunts overweight men throughout their lives. They may doubt themselves, questioning whether someone will like them or not. And therefore, their desire to become loved is much stronger and more selfless. But one must understand that desire alone has never been enough. First and foremost, you need to learn to attract women's attention to yourself. Here are some dating while fat tips.

1. Forget about your complexes

Essentially, this advice is suitable for every person. Complexes can always greatly affect romantic relationships. And of course, often this influence is negative. Therefore, it is very important for overweight guys to get rid of complexes from the very beginning of the relationship. If a woman paid attention to you, then you are interesting to her. So, stop worrying and showing your insecurity.

2. Be yourself

Don't constantly try to please your soulmate. Of course, any person enjoys care, but even it can be superfluous. If you always try to do everything to poke her, she will notice your efforts. You can believe me, in this case, you won't like her reaction. Thus, don't be afraid to express your opinion regarding any situations, she will appreciate your sincerity much more.

3. Be a leader

Even strong women in relationships with their men want to be weak. No matter how strange it sounds. But it’s pretty obvious that a woman will like you much more if you show her your leadership qualities in a relationship. Being a leader doesn't mean being tough and rude. Leadership must reflect your responsibility. Each woman will appreciate if a man takes responsibility for her feelings, safety, and reputation.

4. Be attentive

Being attentive doesn't only mean paying attention to her emotions, feelings, and actions. It also means the ability to make nice compliments. Everyone likes to hear praise words addressed to him or her. Make sure that you never use the same compliments for too long, also avoid using banal compliments. It is better to note her exceptional shoulders, hands, or manners. It is very pleasant to hear something non-standard and pleasant in your address. Every woman will appreciate your attention to such trifles.

dating when you are overweight5. Show your intellectual abilities

Not without a good reason, this is one of the most popular plus size dating advice for men. We all know that women like smart men. Don't worry, as you won't have to study some rocket science to make her like you. It is enough to show her your ability to have a conversation almost about everything. But, don't hesitate to admit that you cannot support some topics, this is a sign of strength, not weakness.

6. Be creative

Creativity can be manifested not only in the ability to give her some unusual compliments. To surprise your woman and delight her, you can take many creative actions. For example, find some way to creatively congratulate her with something, or somehow creatively invite her to have a date with you. And actually, the date itself can be held not in a cafe or cinema, but together at home, where you can come up with an unusual dish and drinks.

7. Be patient

Women like gentlemen, even if some of them hate to admit this. Long lovemaking is what any woman will appreciate. Even if she, after a couple of weeks after meeting, is no longer against moving on to sex. Anyway, she will appreciate it more if you show yourself from the romantic side. Also, one should not worry if, on the contrary, the woman doesn't immediately show mutual sympathy. There can be many reasons for this, but usually, the main one is the desire to extend the lovemaking stage for as long as possible.

Main Mistakes Guys Make in Dating When Overweight

So, we hope that after reading our male tips for dating when overweight, you understand what you should do to attract women. Remember, every human being deserves the happiness of being with someone. But you can't only rely on this, apart from knowing how to behave and what to do, you also need to know what to avoid when it comes to dating. Often, one mistake can ruin weeks of your hard work. For example, it is not a secret that people with low self-esteem often choose the first available partners just because they don't believe in themselves and believe that this is the best they can have. Even worse, sometimes, they confess this to their partners.

Thus, the first terrible mistake that you can make when trying to find a partner is to let your low self-esteem make you believe that you don't deserve better. Remember, you should never choose to be with someone only because he or she is available for you. Healthy romantic relationships require many different factors and lots of work. By choosing the first available partner, you will never be happy but will drop not only your but also your partner's self-esteem even lower. Don't be afraid to refuse if you feel that you don't love this person. A romantic relationship without love sooner or later will turn into a nightmare for both partners.

Another huge mistake is lying. Even though it is understandable that people with low self-esteem may want to hide some facts about them to look better in the eyes of their potential lovers, you still should never do this. Instead of spending time on creating a false image of yourself, you should spend this time working on raising your self-esteem. In any case, your lies create a false image about you, and your online dating partner may fall in love with this image, and not with you. Also, lying casts a shadow on your personality. Remember, there is no shame in being an overweight person. We are who we are, and we can be happy with others only if we learn to be happy with ourselves.

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