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How Can I Be a Better Husband to My Woman

In the life of every guy, there comes a time when he wants to leave the ranks of bachelors to become a family man. Such transformations occur when the man meets a woman for whom he is ready to perform all sorts of exploits and mighty enterprises. The guy wants to start a family, raise children, and live with the woman to a very old age. But what to do for the happiness of a soul mate? How to be a better husband and father? How to build a relationship to make a woman consider you the best spouse? Today we are going to consider these and other important questions about marriage and romantic relationships. So, let's roll!

how to be a better husband

How marriage changes your relationships with women

In most cases, the development of romantic relationships leads to their logical continuation – marriage and family building. But, while a loving couple only observes married life from the side, everything seems to be rosy and ideal. Men present cute gifts for a woman and strive to make her happy, and ladies, in turn, shower beloved men with love and care. In the most magical, courting period of relationships, partners cannot even imagine (or do not want) that family life can be fraught with some difficulties and changes in relations – both for better and for worse. For example, some surprises in the character and habits of a partner may turn out to be not so pleasant.

Psychologists state that a relationship between a man and a woman in married life is influenced by the conscious and unconscious expectations about the partners. And this is when the spouses do not discuss each of them with each other while they are just dating. As a result, the relationship changes after the wedding, because people do not correspond to the far-fetched images of each other.

The idea of a good wife or husband may be influenced by many factors:

  • movies watched;
  • behavior models of parents;
  • the relationships of friends you have been observing;
  • the books you read;
  • plots of numerous reality shows;
  • articles from glossy magazines and the Internet.

What do women expect from their husbands?

An ideal husband… What is he like? This question has been bothering a great number of representatives of the stronger sex over the years. Doubtlessly, men always experience perplexity when it comes to women’s feelings and desires. To simplify things, let's consider what women expect from their men.

1. Reliability

Reliability is one of the most distinguished qualities of a good husband. After all, reliability provides a sense of security, confidence in the future, and tranquility in a family, which are essential for the healthy development of a romantic relationship and, moreover, for raising children. It is impossible to create a full-fledged family without this quality. Lack of reliability becomes a factor that allows a man to do only what he likes without taking into account the interests of the family. In this case, the man cannot become real support and protector for beloved people.

2. Good sense of humor

Vulgarity, cruelty, and gender-based discrimination often become the main objects of male jokes. Although, such statements can violate the emotional comfort of a woman. Therefore, a husband should understand what topics it is better not to joke about while he is with a beloved woman. To say more, a good sense of humor and unconventional thinking are a sign of psychological health. Instead of exacerbating a conflict situation in the family, the husband can use a good sense of humor to relieve the tension that has arisen. This will show him in a good light in the eyes of his lady. Also, a good sense of humor helps guys to date women online.

3. Help with housekeeping

Domestic life often becomes a stumbling block in a romantic relationship, as comfort in the house is not only an indispensable attribute of a healthy married life but also a troublesome daily work. Making a home feel cozy is traditionally attributed to women. Although nowadays, when the employment of both spouses at work is about the same, a wife is forced to bear the heavy burden of work and domestic life alone, shouldering far cry from the "female" part of family problems. Thus, a woman gets tired and cannot take time for herself, her interests, appearance, and relaxation. The pathological drab existence leaves a negative imprint on the woman’s personality. Wanting to protect themselves from unnecessary worries, husbands try “not to notice” how hard it is for their wives to cope with everything by themselves, instead of taking away from their fragile shoulders a part of the everyday worries. So, in order not to destroy the marriage, men should undertake a part of the household a better husband

4. Support through thick and thin

As a result of sociological research, Shelley Gable (a Ph.D. and professor of psychology at the University of California) found that a partner’s support after success is more important for a loved one than support after a failure. That is why a husband, who knows how to genuinely be glad for his wife’s sake even in situations where her success is not great, will be more satisfied with their marriage than a man who skillfully supports a beloved wife only in difficult situations.

5. Fidelity

Fidelity is a mandatory quality of a good husband. There is a wide-spread myth that all men are polygamous. However, both sexes are polygamous in equal measure, and both women and men are interested in different personal images – in such a way, people enrich emotionally and subconsciously look for their ideal.

If people decide to tie the knot, they actually stop their search – the ideal is found, and a partner satisfies completely. Entering into a marriage, a man should be fully aware of this, because continuing the search (cheating on a wife), the man as if recognizes the absence of the marriage itself. Most women will agree that in such a case, it is better to get a divorce than to maintain an imaginary marriage.

6. Ability to be the head of the family

Despite the growing independence of women in more recent times, this is a man who should take an active position and set the tone in romantic relationships. Therefore, an important quality of a good husband is his ability to lead a family. This does not mean that a woman should immediately become passive, it just signifies that a man should take part in discussing joint plans, goals, and desires, and at the same time, be interested in the feelings and everyday problems of a loved one. With such a man, a lady knows that she always can count on the help of her beloved man no matter what happens.

Warning signs you need to become a better husband

In reality, women are very emotional and sensual creations who are used to demonstrating their feelings. Therefore, it is not so difficult to notice that a lady is dissatisfied with something in a relationship. There are 3 sure warning signs that you need to become a better husband; otherwise, your romantic relationship will end with a break-up.

1. You have little contact with each other

No problem in marriage can be solved without an open and frank conversation with a partner. Moreover, women are very fond of talking. If all you usually speak only about everyday things, like who will buy milk today, then you need to work on your relationships. Lack of personal and intimate communication in married life is a clear sign that you should think about becoming a better husband.

2. Serious financial problems

Money is one of the most famous relationship killers. 70% of couples said they would consider the question of divorce if it turns out that one of the spouses loses a job and is unable to find a new one. A marriage suffers greatly when there are some money troubles. So, if you have such problems, it means you should try being a better husband, take the family budget into your own hands, and provide for the dearest people as a true man.

3. She kisses you less often

Contrary to popular belief, the bed is not a relationship barometer. However, if a wife withholds from sex, it means things go south in your relations. But the first signs that your lady is unhappy with something are her unwillingness to kiss and hug you. This is because kisses and hugs are extremely important for women – sometimes even more important than intimate touch-ups and sexual relations. Therefore, if you notice your wife kisses you less often, this is a sure sign it is time to read some books on being a better husband!

How to be a better husband to your wife

The desirable qualities that really can help a man to become a good husband may vary from woman to woman. But it should be noted that there are some qualities and preferences that all ladies want to see in their beloved men. Therefore, check out the 6 best ways on how to become a better husband for your wife!

1. Give gifts

Surprises and presents are things that always make women happy. At the same time, gifts do not have to be expensive. Teach yourself to make small gifts to your wife for no reason in particular – you do not even imagine what great happiness it will be for her! Just give your lady some nice little thing out of thin air and watch her eyes sparkling with joy. To say more, making an unexpected gift is a way of declaring love to a beloved. This is the attention that every person needs.

2. Preserve romance and tenderness

Women love romance, each of them always expects at least some romantic feelings from their spouses. Wives do not like it when their husbands change to cold fish and always treat everything only from a practical side. It is not enough just to do something romantic for your wife once in a while, trying to become the perfect husband and lover in her eyes. The point is to always keep the romance alive in a marital relationship. After all, after several years of marriage, love loses its spark. But husbands can revive it again and rekindle the interest of a beloved to be a better husband and father

3. Help your wife with household chores without even sharing responsibilities

To become a good husband, avoid sharing household chores. If you really want to make your beloved wife happy, you should refrain from being principled in the distribution of housework. Do not make excuses, believing that you should not help your wife since washing, cleaning, ironing, etc. are purely female responsibilities. To make your marriage happy, you just need to learn how to lend your strong male shoulder to the beloved woman, helping the wife in household chores.

4. Try to create an atmosphere of complete understanding

Of course, you can say that everything is fine in your relationship, and you understand each other ideally. But you should realize that even having lived with a person 20, 30, or 50 years, it is not always possible to say with confidence that you know and understand your partner perfectly well. This remains especially pertinent for the first years of coupledom. If you have lived together before the wedding, that’s good. After all, this means that you already have at least some basis for reaching a complete understanding in your romantic relationship. If not, then you need to learn how to understand each other in completely new circumstances. And there is one more thing. You should be the initiator in creating a favorable family environment. After all, you are a man, a representative of the stronger sex!

5. Stay calm

If it is easy to drive you nuts, you should think over who of the two of you is a man in your relationship. Of course, all people experience some emotions - both negative and positive - but when it comes to real men, their emotions always follow their thoughts but not the other way around. The female psyche is very complex, and all this is because of the constant hormonal changes in the body of a lady. Just accept this fact. The next time you will see your wife being torqued up, you should stay calm and try to create a counterbalance. Thus, one quarrel less will be in your relationship!

6. Be sincerely interested in the lady of your heart

Women love it when their husbands are genuinely interested in their plans, goals, hobbies, and interests. Moreover, ladies like it a lot when men get interested in their life wanting to understand their inner world, to support and help in something. When a husband tries to be involved in the wife’s interests even just for the mere reason that his loved one likes it, then the woman feels needed by the man not only for one purpose but in the capacity of a life partner.

7. Grow up

They say that men are everlasting children. No, this is only about bad men. A real man should take responsibility, give priority to the desires of family members, and work on their well-being rather than whining that he wants to go to a pub with friends to drink some beer, while a wife has a fever and the man needs to do homework with children. Of course, it is permissible to go to the pub; no one forbids doing this. Everyone should be able to fool around, laugh, have fun, and enjoy life. However, it is important to find time to enjoy yourself when it does not harm family members. It does not mean that a man should completely abandon his desires and needs. No! The fact of the matter is that if he is a really good husband, his wife will never be opposed to his meetings with friends.

8. Learn to be attentive

A man should be attentive to the feelings, mood, and appearance of his wife, trying to cheer her up when the woman encounters difficulties. If a lady feels that a beloved man does not admire her, she becomes less passionate and sexual. Guys, do you want to know the secret of how to become an ideal husband in the eyes of your wife? Admire your sweetheart in public! This will emphasize your love and attention to your spouse. Also, do not forget about the special days of your couplehood such as the wedding day or dating anniversary. In addition, try to notice such small but important details for women as a new hairstyle or a new dress. Moreover, you should always pay attention to what your beloved does for you and never take it for granted.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is worth saying that if you try to change your usual pattern of behavior, you will immediately notice how a beloved woman transforms next to you. You will see the gratitude of your beloved in practice and feel her unconditional love, which will give you the strength to enjoy life. We sincerely hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you to make your family life long, happy, and full of love and tenderness!

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