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Top 10 Trendy Eco-friendly Gifts for Girls

More and more people think about how to save the Earth. After all, in preparation for any celebration, we are ready for hyper-consumption: we spend a lot of money and give our girls gifts, most of which will soon be in the rubbish heap, along with their packaging. To reduce this ecological disaster, experts recommend approaching the issue of giving gifts thoughtfully. Choosing gifts for loved ones, we strive to put a piece of soul in them and show how dear they are to us. Presentations can be different: some emphasize the status, others help express attraction. If you want to show your concern to a girl (even though you are at the stage of online dating), then pay attention to eco-friendly gifts.

eco friendly gifts for her

What Are Environmentally Friendly Gifts?

Such a tendency for green gifts and an attempt to exert as little influence on nature as possible began to be traced 10 years ago, from the beginning of the 21st millennium. This is the time when people begin to understand that nature gives them everything that is needed for a happy life.

The ecological problems that threaten the environment make us think about how important it is now to turn to conscious and reasonable consumption. Many experts advise to abandon those things, which the market imposes on us and try to buy more environmentally friendly gifts. Eco-friendly gifts for women are made without synthetic and chemical substances or with the use of chemicals but completely safe for the environment. This is all that a person uses in everyday life, a kind of return to the past, to the origins. Moreover, eco-friendly goods possess such quality as biodegradability (the ability to decompose after use into components that are safe for the environment) and don’t harm the environment.

Key Features of Green Gifts

Festive parties and family evenings are not a reason to postpone caring for nature, but, on the contrary, the opportunity to talk to your girlfriend about it. Why choose eco-friendly gifts? What is their advantage?

No wrapping

Don’t forget that wrapping of gifts for an eco-friendly woman also matters. For example, it’s definitely worth thinking about packaging, and if you don’t refuse it completely (remember that it increases the amount of garbage after the holidays), then at least try to make it more environmentally friendly. But of course, it is better to hand it without wrapping at all.

It was produced with a little harm for the environment

The trend of environmental friendliness in the world is growing every year, and it is not surprising. In addition to prolonged decomposition, many things that we use every day are created from toxic substances that harm the environment, which affect not only the Earth but also people themselves, causing various diseases. But eco-friendly goods are made of things, which don’t affect nature and people badly.

Its exploitation term is long

To extend the exploitation term, natural preservatives are used, as well as high doses of natural oils and extracts. In addition to preservatives, the modern vacuum packaging extends its term, which protects a gift from spoilage until the first opening of the package (it is about cosmetics). And some things can be recycled.

eco friendly valentine's day giftsIt helps save the environment

The use of eco-friendly things helps reduce their production as people buy less, and goods are produced for a long time. Recycling doesn’t allow waste to be sent to landfills and incinerators but provides recycled materials for the production of new things.

It is available for recycling

Most eco-friendly things can be recycled. Such materials are indicated by a special sign. According to this concept, sorting is one of the important components. Sorted paper, plastic and glass can be recycled. In the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, up to 90% of packaging is processed into high-quality new products.

Eco-Friendly Gifts Ideas for Women

In the era of new technologies, when one trendy discovery is replacing another, people gradually begin to miss healthy products, natural materials, and accessories. The theme of ecology is becoming increasingly relevant, and the value of eco-friendly gifts for her is currently growing. Indeed, is it not better to give a loved one a thing made of natural materials that are useful and pleasant to hold in hands? Let’s look at the eco-friendly gifts ideas.

1. Natural cosmetics

Soap and cosmetics are the most useful gifts that can be presented for girls. If you want your present to be environmentally friendly, choose handmade soap and cosmetics, which were created using only natural materials. In this case, pay attention to the packaging: it is better to give preference to solid soap, rather than liquid. Buy cosmetics in bottles made from recyclable materials.

2. Eco-candles

It can also be environmentally friendly if you give your woman not paraffin and gel but soy candles. They are made of natural materials and don’t contain refined products. In addition, unlike ordinary candles, there are essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. And when burning, such candles don’t increase the level of CO2 in the air.

3. Aromatherapy products

All kinds of natural aromatic candles, clay aroma lamps with a set of essential oils will create an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, and tranquility in the house, relieve fatigue, headache, and help cope with insomnia. A girl can add a few drops of aromatic oil to the bath, this will help relax and have a pleasant mood after a long hard day.

4. Clothes made from organic material

Such clothes will be very nice to receive as a gift since it is very difficult to find a good one in many stores. There are a lot of synthetic materials, but girls want to feel comfortable. Such fabrics as eco linen, hemp, cotton, etc. are famous for their durability and hypoallergenic features. In addition, they keep natural thermoregulation.

5. Solar-powered lamp

The popularity of alternative energy sources is gaining momentum. A solar-powered lamp is one of the best eco-friendly gifts. There are models for lighting garden paths and balconies, as well as compact table lamps. They are safe for nature and economical. The luminaire batteries recharge during the day and release energy at dusk.

6. Eco bottles

There are many options for reusable bottles on sale: compact options that can be folded empty, pocket bottles with built-in filters for water purification, stainless steel options that are suitable for women who have small children. With this gift, it will be easier for your woman to fulfill the main requirement of a healthy lifestyle – to drink at least two liters of water per day.

7. Flowers

In the middle of a snowy winter, flowers will be one of the excellent environmentally friendly gifts. So, feel free to give indoor plants to your woman. This gift also has practical applications – flowers will replace an air humidifier in an apartment. To make the gift environmentally friendly, make sure that the pot in which the plant is placed is not made of plastic.

8. Eco accessories and jewelry

At the moment, you can find a huge number of original jewelry and accessories made from natural materials. Jewelry made of stones, wood, and real plants looks unusual. Such a gift will be favorably different from the rest. And as you know, women adore jewelry. So, such a nice gift will please your girlfriend.

9. Natural foods, teas

A set of herbal teas, medicinal herbs, dried fruits, nuts, and other organic foods will be appreciated by people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Herbal teas, masala, and rooibos – you have a huge scope for imagination, which is limited only by the preferences of your woman. Organic teas in very beautiful packaging will give comfort and a festive mood, which is sometimes not enough for a modern person.

10. Shopper

Along with reusable bottles, women have started using shoppers instead of plastic bags. This is not surprising: many of them are compact enough for shopping, and some are even able to replace the usual bag for every day. For the reason that the shopper has become a tool for rejecting synthetic materials, you can choose such a gift from biodegradable components: kraft material, cotton, tight jeans, linen or canvas.

Bonus: Romantic Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas

So, the modern world is increasingly starting to think about its own future. The way in which we leave the planet to our children depends on each of us. And if you are worried about the environment, then take a look at these 4 functional eco-friendly Valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend:

1. Gift Card or Certificate

Reasonable consumption is an equally important factor in preserving the environment. Such eco gifts as a card or a certificate to your woman’s favorite store will be pleasantly useful because she will be able to choose what she likes and needs most. And most importantly, it is eco-friendly!

2. Crystals and minerals

Since ancient times, they have decorated almost every home, bringing protective properties, and filling the space with the bright energy of peace and love. Lazurite, citrine, amethyst – each stone carries its own energy. You can choose a stone, read about its characteristics and look at photos, and buy the one on the Internet.

3. Cooking gift

If you are looking for ideas of gifts for eco-friendly women, then bake a cupcake or gingerbread cookies, and present them to a loved one. And so that the cookies don’t wait long for their time, present them along with herbal tea. During conversations, share your emotions about how great it is to enjoy the taste and aromas of herbs.

4. Blanket made of natural materials

A soft and warm blanket is considered the personification of home coziness and comfort, so such a gift will leave only a positive impression on the recipient. In order for the blanket to become a pleasant gift that doesn’t harm the environment, you can choose that one of the natural materials: fur, wool, cotton, silk, and bamboo.

The trend of environmental friendliness in the world is growing every year, and it is not surprising: the more the world is overgrown with gadgets and technology, the more we strive to be closer to nature and take care of its resources. So, why not contribute to the development of the eco-direction and give your woman an environmentally friendly gift?

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