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How Important Is Sex in a Long-Term Relationship?

Is sex important in a marriage? This is a question that bothers most of the married couples. Why? Because if you know each other for ages, sex is often not that exciting. Most women are concerned that if they are not sexy enough, their chances of being cheated by their men will increase. And most of the married men are disappointed by how their girls have gone from sex machine to a yelling Fuhrer. They are either always tired or they try to “blackmail” them with their vaginas. Today we will talk about why is sex so important to men, how important is sex in a long-term relationship, and discuss the importance of sex to the health.

sex is important in life

Sex Is Important in Life. But Why?

Sex is a peak of intersexual bonding, where your integrity and interest in another person reaches its heights. It is a basic instinct, such as hunger, thirst and Black Friday urge to buy useless crap. Besides that, sex shouldn’t happen with a stranger, which means if you choose to give it to each other, you are sort of chosen people, in a theoretical way of thinking.

Sex is not only a way to establish your dos and don’ts at the early stage of relationships, but it also helps you understand the traits of the character of your partner. Yes, the way people make love is always different, but it is a simple way to spot both melancholia and open psychotic and sadistic traits. But we won’t concentrate on sad topics.

How Important Is Sex in a Marriage?

Importance of sex in a marriage is kind of self-explanatory. Imagine you are married and, maybe, have already had a child together. Sex after 5-year marriage shows that you still perceive your partner as a sexual object (which is a good thing here), you want to see someone’s flabby arms or beer belly naked, even though you’ve witnessed thousands of not pleasant things. This is really romantic and shows that despite all the seemingly unattractive moment of life, you still find your partner hot. You know that no one is going to cheat or look for someone better because the level of mental and spiritual bonding reached its peak.

Why Is It Bad Not to Have Sex?

Some couples on dating forums and sex threads describe a sexless marriage as a marriage where couples haven’t had sex for three months, a year, or even never. Should you blame your partner for wanting it? Is he or she perverted or using you for sex? The answers are no and no! Wanting sex is not a bad thing, and none of you should be ashamed of it. Moreover, if you want your partner every day, it’s a good sign of healthy relationships. Usually, sex life gets worse when the couple lives together for a long time. Researches show that starting from a point where couples have sex three to five times a day (at a stage of chemical attraction), sex life usually slows down to a couple of times in a week. Why? Because, well…why is sex so important to men You’ve seen it all. Unless you are not into kinky sex and cross-dressing and all the fun finishes with several positions, then you’ve really reached the point of your sexuality for each other. But is it all? Of course, not! A relationship is an up-down situation which means that even in marriage, there will be stages of life when your partner turns you on even more. These are the factors that can lead to an increase in sexual desire:

  • Pregnancy
  • Promotion
  • Romantic vacation
  • Jealousy
  • Roleplay
  • Finding new hobbies
  • Breaking up for a while

Why a Woman Doesn’t Want Sex

Now we totally understand how important is sex in a marriage to a man. But why even in an equal society when women can crave sex as much as men do, they choose not to?

Well, women are whole other creatures, and sex is not a primary function. While most of the men need to ejaculate just not to think about sex and get this question out of the way, they may ask for a hand job if they are hard. Sex can be a mechanical way to free yourself from stress.

As Louise C.K. said, "Women are incredible creatures, they can decide not to have sex…while having sex. Women are so easily distracted from pleasure. Since female vaginas are not taught to get pleasure from friction alone, and sex drive can go away from the thought of a broken dishwasher, it is extremely hard “to get in the mood.”

Random thoughts that might be ridiculous to men can prevent women from sex, for example, it can be about the following things.

  • Suddenly thinking about your ex. As messed up as it sounds, even during sex women catch random unpleasant thoughts that prevent them from getting pleasure. While men have a boner, and it’s hard to distract them at this point until they get off, women live through an unbearable tank of emotions, weird and unexplainable. She might think how good you nailed your ex and how you possibly loved her, and her mood suddenly drops, so she feels nothing in that area.
  • Unpleasant day events. Sick grandma, expensive taxes, and dead children of Afghanistan are the topics some women can randomly think of. Sometimes they get emotional. Sometimes they cry, and not from pleasure but from hormonal increase which happens to be ten times more obvious during sex.
  • PMS period. Women don’t want sex when they have a bloated tummy, a terrible headache, and an emotional rollercoaster while you jump around like a horny gorilla, trying to grind your body parts against her, and then calling her hysterical. Hey, man, it is not cool.
  • Stress. Women tend to deal with a lot of crap, such as maintaining good relationships with your family, working a full day, chores, listening to all of her female friends’ rants. Especially if you have kids and they are small, most of the care is on her shoulders. Even lovers to talk about equality would agree that men just can’t do basic tasks when the child is a newborn, like breastfeeding or singing to sleep. Some babies will need only their mother’s attention 24/7 because it’s the basic instinct. So, no wonder your wife doesn’t want to have sex after a sleepless night and sore body parts. You need to appreciate her.
  • She doesn’t feel loved or sexy. Women don’t want sex when you treat them wrong, and it is a serious problem. If you have never made compliments or you joke badly while taking off her panties, she might feel like a tool, and for a legit reason. When you don’t help her with her chores, skip her calls, go out with friends instead of spending some time together, she has every right to get angry and distance from you. Not that you don’t deserve her magical pussy, it’s just you treat her like crap most of the time, taking zero time and effort to arouse or please her. A woman shouldn’t want you by default, and that’s completely normal.

How Important Is Sex to a Man in a Relationship?

Importance of sex in a relationship is a no-brainer. But why we tend to separate men and women in their attitudes to sex? As we’ve learned before, sex in women depends on thousands of factors. Men are somewhat less picky when it comes to sexual desire. It is proven that if a man is cheating, he may still love his wife or girlfriend, he just has sex with other women. If women are cheating, they do that emotionally. It means that their partners don’t have the same value anymore. They are ready to leave anytime, except for the moment when they have kids. A cheating woman doesn’t love you anymore. That is why women need constant emotional care, and men need good sex in order not to cheat.

If their partner satisfies them sexually, they have no urge to get drunk and sleep with their best woman friend, taking away all responsibility. If a woman is not able to provide her man with sex – she is strict, grossed out, insecure or lazy – her man will stick with her until every other aspect satisfies him enough (she is always good-looking, funny, smart and constantly evolving). But if she misses out on other points AND is a prude who needs to DESCENT FROM HEAVEN, he will find an easier person for life. And there is nothing to blame him for, calling a basic-instinct monster. A man just needs to have sex to be healthy. A man with regular sex life has lower chances to suffer from impotence, cancer or cardiovascular diseases.

While women need sex to sustain good hormonal level and give birth to a healthy child, men need sex for various reasons – from feeling well to sleeping well. That is why females can go without masturbating for months, and some of them have never even tried it, but men need to ejaculate regularly because abstention hurts them physically. Women after climax don't need sex because of their reproductive system wilts, but men stay active till they die. So, a question, “Why is sex important in a relationship?” is not relatable anymore.

If a woman constantly tries to be sexy for her man, providing that he implies the same amount of efforts, their relationship will turn into passionate romance. Her man will always appreciate her efforts to be sexy for him even on a bad day and will never think of cheating (or getting read of devilish thoughts pretty quick). Just a sudden surprise like lingerie or unexpected oral sex will show him that she is hot stuff even past 10 years of marriage.

Today we have answered two main questions, “Why sex is important in a marriage?” and “Why sex is important in a relationship?” and sorted out that sexual desire is normal and healthy in married or dating couples, and despite the fact that life can get tough from time to time, delivering pleasure to your better half is always selfless, hot and gives hope for a better ever after. Sex is an inevitably essential thing because it influences your mental, physical and emotional health, lets you come through some relationship crises, helps you overcome a fight and just bonds you together. When you want sex from each other, it’s normal. Not wanting sex is also normal, but the most important thing is to talk things out with your partner to maximize integrity and sincerity.

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