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What Affects Your Sex Drive

Your sex drive can be affected by numerous different factors. Anything like your diet, lifestyle habits, and emotional condition can either improve your sexual performance or worsen it. Reading the following info can help you understand better what affects your sex drive. You should know that masturbation, marijuana, alcohol, smoking, and stress all have a negative influence on your sex drive. Healthy diet, working out, vasectomy, and active lifestyle, on the contrary, can improve your sex drive and make your performance in bed much better. Sex is an important if not integral part of our lives. Therefore, to ignore the nature of your sex drive would be reckless. Visit our website to meet girls who may help you keep a healthy lifestyle.

what affects your sex drive​

Does Masturbation Affect Sex?

Yes, masturbation affects sex. That is a scientific fact. But how does masturbation affect sex? Well, first of all, it makes you want sex less. A person who masturbates less often will most likely have a stronger desire. On the contrary, a person who masturbates more often is going to have a weaker desire. And the intensity of sexual drive depends directly on the strength of your desire. Therefore, it is better to masturbate less if you want to have a better sexual intercourse. According to the recent researches it was concluded that masturbation decreases sexual desire but does not benefit an actual sexual intercourse.

Does Smoking Affect Sex?

Smoking tobacco definitely affects sexual performance. Though there’s a question, how does smoking affect sex drive? According to some data, tobacco decreases your reproductive functions and that can be known even from the ads placed on cigarette packs. But what happens during actual sexual intercourse? Smoking affects your lungs and lowers the levels of your physical endurance. Your sexual performance will be less active because smokers are typically in a worse physical shape than non-smokers.

Does Marijuana Affect Sex?

The effects of marijuana on sexual drive are numerous and different. First of all, marijuana increases your desire and makes you more attracted to your partner. But there are also important disadvantages. People who smoke marijuana before sex are less focused and tend to last less. Smoking marijuana can make you feel dizzy and even incapable of sex if you’re not a regular smoker. But those who smoke marijuana on a regular basis say that weed helps them relax. However, most sexologists argue that it is better to avoid smoking marijuana before sex.

Does Alcohol Affect Sex?

Alcohol definitely affects your sexual performance. The question “does alcohol affect your sex drive?” has been answered long ago. Even in the ancient times people knew that alcohol makes it less possible for partners to reach orgasm. Moreover, consumed in huge quantities, it can make a male partner simply incapable of getting excited. Small amounts of alcohol can build up attraction and help you socialize, but when it comes to actual sexual performance, it is better to avoid alcohol completely. It’s the same as with physical exercise because sexual performance is a physical activity. And it is definitely unadvised to drink before physical activities.

how does sex affect the brainDoes Stress Affect Sex?

How can stress affect your sex drive? In numerous ways. For example, stress can simply make you uninterested in having sex. People who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression tend to lose interest in sex because stress affects your libido. Stress makes you emotionally and physically unbalanced because there are things on your mind that distract you. However, sex can help you battle stress because it helps your brain produce dopamine and endorphins.

How Does Sex Affect the Brain?

Sex has a great influence on your brain. Sexual intercourse is a source of eternal sensual pleasure. Reaching orgasm and being physically active during a sexual intercourse make your brain release dopamine and endorphins. And these two are directly responsible for the feeling of happiness. You feel pleasure because the feeling of happiness is inseparable from sexual activity. Our brains instantly reward our sensual perceptions with the feeling of intense and powerful pleasure. Human brains feel content and satisfied after a sexual intercourse because it is a natural mechanism of reward for a reproductive activity.

But pleasure is not the only thing your brain makes you feel. It is typical that after having orgasm your brain quickly starts to function normally. Therefore, this abrupt switch from extreme sensual pleasure to casual brain activity can make one feel devastated. Due to that many people often find themselves feeling awkward in the next 5 minutes after orgasm. That is because in comparison with the enormous release of dopamine during orgasm casual levels of dopamine first make you feel discouraged. But this feeling goes away 5-10 minutes afterwards. It is normal brain chemistry, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

How Does Sex Affect Your Body?

Sex greatly affects your body. And only in positive ways. That is because sexual intercourse is much like the best work-out session you can get. Most of your muscles work during the sexual intercourse. It is like having a lesion with a personal trainer in a gym. Diverse positions and sexual attraction make your body experience real physical activity much like running or swimming. Your lungs consume more air and you improve all areas of your body the same as if you were working out. Sexual intercourse is good for all body parts and specifically for the levels of your physical endurance.

Scientific data allows comparing an average sexual intercourse with a 30-60 minutes in a gym. Sex is beneficial to your body because it keeps it extremely active during a certain amount of time. The amount of moves you make and the number of muscle involved in the process benefit your body making it more flexible. And sexual intercourse even affects your muscle growth.

Does Sex Affect Muscle Growth?

Yes, it does and to a great extend. As it was said earlier, a sexual intercourse is much like a physical training for your body. Therefore, logically, you can grow your muscles. Though, it doesn’t mean having sex is like working with weight but some muscle growth actually happens during a sexual act. Depending on the positions you use, your legs and hands can become more muscular. It is so because of the moves you make when you have sex.

How Does Exercise Affect Sex?

People that work out regularly get more from a sexual intercourse than those who don’t. Working out and doing any kind of sport activity are by themselves great things. Sport makes you healthier and happier. But when it comes to sex, people who are in a better shape can actually perform better, last longer, and get more pleasure from sex. Being in a good physical shape provides your body with energy. And being more active it is easier for you to perform better in bed. Therefore, such things as jogging or swimming and, perhaps, yoga can make you a better lover.

Does a Vasectomy Affect Sex Drive?

There is only one way in which a vasectomy can affect your sexual intercourse. And, although it affects what you get from sex, vasectomy does not directly affect your sex drive. In other words, it does not make you want sex more or less and it doesn’t influence the level of your excitement. Vasectomy deprives you of the subconscious fear of having children. It is obviously so that it’s not always that people have sex in order to have children. In most cases partners have sex, well, to have sex. A vasectomy allows you to have sex without a condom. And, of course, sex without a condom, providing you trust your partner 100% and know him/her well, is the best sex you can have. However, there’s always a subconscious fear of making the wrong move which can result in pregnancy. And a couple might just not be ready for that. A vasectomy, therefore, deprives you of that fear and allows you to have sex without a condom with no possibility of a force majeure.

can stress affect your sex drive Does Adderall Affect Sex Drive?

Yes, the drug known as Adderall affects your drive. It can cause erectile dysfunction in men or the increased desire in women. Whatever it does, most sexologists advise you to avoid using Adderall. Like many other methamphetamine-based drugs it messes with your brain chemistry on many different levels. It changes dopamine release processes and artificially builds up excitement creating unnatural attraction. Adderall is popular only because it is relatively safer and more legal than other drugs like MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine or meth. Yet, still, it is a drug and it messes with your mind. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it unless your doctor advises you to do so. In rare cases, Adderall can help people with cases of severe depression to refuel their sex drive. But it should only be done in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

Does Diet Affect Sex Drive?

A healthy diet has a positive effect on your sex drive. On the contrary, bad diet habits negatively affect your sex drive. Eating a lot of junk food and having unhealthy nutrition make you less physically capable of getting more from a sexual intercourse. What you eat directly affects how you feel. And it is critical for you to feel good if you want to have a great sexual experience. Bad diet can cause stress and stress can decrease the levels of pleasure you receive from sexual performance.

Does Time Affect Your Sex Drive?

Depending on the time of a day you can either be more or less sexually aroused. Sex in the morning is good for both partners. However, men are more likely to give a better performance in the morning or during day than in the evening or at night. Women, on the contrary, become easier to excite in the evening. Therefore, you should compromise and try having sex in the middle of a day. However, these patterns are not constant and may vary depending on the individuals and other factors mentioned above.

Does Place Affect Your Sex Drive?

Finally, the environment also affects your sex drive. It is not always that you have sex in your bedroom. If you do, then you should try spicing up your sex life a little bit. Depending on a situation, you might get more encouraged in unusual places such as shower, kitchen, living room, hotel room, beach, etc. Different places help you break your routine, make your sexual intercourse feel like it happens for the first time because the place is unusual. All in all, now you know what affects your sex drive. There are definitely many things to consider because sexual intercourse is a delicate thing. It can be affected by various factors. You need to be attentive to what you consume and how you live in order to get more from your sexual intercourse. Whatever you do, always keep these things in mind to get the best experience possible because you deserve it.

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