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How to Get Over Someone You Still Love

Some people find it just unbearably painful to let go of the previously loved ones. That is one of the long lasting side effects of being in a romantic relationship with someone. The truth is, the more intoxicating your love is, the tougher it will be to let go of the person you had a crush on and be moving on with your life. Indeed, you are not going to let a loved person go just because you still can remember how strong your feelings once were and believe it would be that strong and bright again. You still cherish hopes that everything might change one day.

how to get over someone

Even if you have already come to accept that it is the right time to move on, it can hardly be that easy to embody. The question of “how to get over someone you love?” will keep on popping into your head. Naturally, you’re wondering why all those bad things happened to your relationship.

With that in mind, we’re glad to announce we are here to tell you it does not really matter why. Start your recovery with the realization of the fact that things ended the way they did because that was exactly the way they ended. All you need to do now is to analyze everything and try to learn from your mistakes. And with that, there isn’t much else left to do but to learn from the circumstances.

How do you get over someone you still love?

It is of vast importance to be able to understand that not everything in life happens for some reason. And while you may say this actually goes against what many of us have been once taught to live by, but in reality certain things don’t need to happen but do happen just nonetheless. So all we can possibly do is to be constantly learning from our mistakes and continue to work towards a better, even more fulfilling future for ourselves first.

All things always come to an end. With that said, relationships do as well. Although trying to find an answer to “how to get over someone you still in love with?” may seem impossible for now, don’t obsess over that: there is always light at the end of the tunnel. And having embraced some time along with the right strategies you can watch your pain finally fading away and in the end you will feel much better with yourself again.

1. Give it more time

Time can heal all your wounds. However, how much of the time you’ll need, though, may depend on the particular type of individual your lover used to be. If that person is someone you’ve never ever imagined yourself being away from, in this case you are more likely to require more time than you could imagine.

We know it can be hard. Just let the time flow past and take all of your concerns away. In the end, your mind will be cleansed from all the painful thoughts and memories. Do not rush it. Don’t be rushing into a new relationship either. Just slow down and allow the moments to pass on.

2. Resist the desire to dive into anger

Part of you can be genuinely feeling angry. And well, that is absolutely fine, but you must avoid twisting or masking your grief with anger as it may easily make you feel even more vulnerable. In fact, it also can make you end up in total control, giving you some really bad things to direct your negative energy towards. With that said, probably the best way to get over someone you can’t forget is to keep working past your pain and attempt to accept your current situation, letting yourself deal with negative emotions lurking right beneath the anger.

3. Understand why your relations will not last and get closure

Closure stands for an understanding why your relationship just isn’t going to work. Regardless of whether you were dumped or used to be the one doing the job, if you are still hung up on the person, you certainly need to perform some reasoning with your own self. That person you’re trying so hard to set loose from your life is just bad for you. What’s more, both of you are bad for each other. You are the two incompatible parts. Plus the timing never was that right. Or perhaps, you just don’t really feel like it to keep on trying.

best way to get over someoneMany say that if your love is a true one, you will never give up on it. But that isn’t absolutely true. In some cases you actually need to give it up because doing so can be the only way to save yourself.

4. Indulge yourself in some new things

Buy yourself a huge box of chocolates or stock up with a bucket of your favorite ice cream. Go and purchase that designer piece of apparel or a new gadget you have had your eye on for a long time. Sign up for a new activity or take yourself out for a nice lunch at the new café every soul in town has been raving about. When you are making your way through a hard time, you definitely need to lift your spirits in every possible way.

5. Shift your focus from that person and fully onto yourself

Minds are drifting, so we have to keep up and catch those and re-center our focus. Bear in mind that you’re the most important person for yourself. This is precisely the way it is now and the way it is going to be till the moment you pass away. This doesn’t actually mean you just can’t find a person in your life who is equally important, but it rather means you will need to get rid of those that are constantly hurting your feelings.

Feel free to get out of your thoughts for a moment. Avoid doing something really stupid, still do something. You shouldn’t let your own thoughts drown you. Instead, concentrate on the outer world and your place in it.

6. Music is a good escape

While figuring out how to get over someone you love who doesn’t love you, the need of listening to sad music might appear. Contrary to a common belief, bumping some sad songs will not make a person feel any worse. But, without a doubt, such music can actually make you believe that someone can relate and share your pain, that you are not alone with your problems. In addition, if you sing along, you can express your emotions in a much healthier way. And when you are finally done, you will find yourself feeling a lot better off.

7. Limit the time you spend wallowing in pain and grief

While you need to allow yourself to be feeling down, you may also need to realize there is always a point where it becomes your best interest to start moving on. It is not too healthy to let broken romantic relationships deter you from living on and thriving in new fresh life experiences. So, consider taking time for yourself only, yet do not hold off returning to the normal flow and living your life abundantly.

8. Understand that it is a part of the life’s learning experience

To live means to learn. Thus, as long as you keep doing that, you will be doing a great job. All you really need is to try and find the necessary comfort in that. You may say that experience won’t keep you warm at night, still it is always the dark times that make us even stronger. So, be your own story’s superhero. Become your own champion. Do those things you’d like to do and live your life the way you want it to be. All in all, it’s totally up to you to make something both of yourself and of your life.

How long does it take to get over someone?

There’s no way of getting around it: All breakups are just awful no matter which side initiates the dumping. At the same time, if you happen to be on the rejected side of a split, it will sting a bit worse than it could have if you used to pull the plug, however you get faced with a single question that circles in your mind: “How to get over someone fast?” Unfortunately, most experts tend to say it will take quite a while, but, in any case, not as long as you might think.

Breakups usually come with an intricate range of emotions, including sadness, self-doubt, and, finally, anger and those are incredibly disruptive to a person’s life, especially if two partners were in a serious relationship. That definitely takes more time to move on from.

As a rule, after six weeks most people usually start to adjust to ordinary life without their previously loved partners, but it may take up even to three months to start getting back to normal. Well, every case is unique and it can be a lot quicker, yet typically it is not much longer. That’s why many family psychologists recommend giving everything no less than six weeks before you can live your life as usual.

So, we’ve coped with giving an answer to “How do you get over someone you still love?” but how to get over a person you’ve never dated?

How to get over someone you love deeply but never dated?

Imaginary romantic relations are apparently the hardest to get over as they are…well, imaginary! Oftentimes, such relationships are built in our heads and are much better than those we might have experienced in real life. There is good news, though. Giving the fact it was not real can provide us an advantage. Among all, it can be pretty helpful to convince yourself that your “romance” wasn’t real. Instead, it was rather an idealized version of particular person, and, as you know, reality is much different. However, the loss you feel seems real and valid, so what can you do about it?

1. Tell yourself nothing but truth

Finding the way how to get over someone cheating on you and somebody you’ve never held hands with are just two different things you have to admit to. First of all, the person in the latter situation does not share your feelings. Secondly and finally, such situation is no different from the one where one partner cheats on the other.

how to get over someone you love deeply2. Realize it was not worth it

Staying head-over-heels for somebody else can appear quite a nice and amusing feeling, however, after a certain point, all those feelings bring you more pain than pleasure. In this way, letting go of such “love” will make you feel better in the long perspective.

3. Embrace some distance between your crush and yourself

As the wise saying states: “Out of sight, out of mind.” In other words, you don’t need to permanently sever the ties with that person, but as you’ve happened to be in such situation, you will need to put as much distance between your crush and yourself as possible.

4. Stop letting your universe revolve around that someone

Stop attempting to align your own self to other person’s interests and life in general. Let your life turn back to the way it once used to go before that person came along.

5. Tell yourself why a relationship could be a big mistake

That person in question could honestly be a nice man or woman, but it doesn’t mean both of you are there for each other. So, convince yourself that such a relationship could be a huge mistake.

6. Boost your self-appreciation

How do you get over someone you still love? You stick to certain rules and make certain steps. But how to end a relationship that never actually started? No doubt, it can be quite damaging to your self-esteem. And if you don’t manage to take measures in order to boost your self-esteem, you may eventually fall into the deeper trap of believing you are not worth such relationship.

7. Find somebody new

Your feelings don’t need to be as serious as they used to be for the person you are now trying to forget, but letting yourself find another attractive person can help you keep your thoughts away from that individual you had to end thinking about.

8. Ask yourself if re-establishing contact will be a good idea

If the person is a friend of yours, you don’t need to cut ties completely. And once you start thinking your feelings are finally tamed, you might consider resuming your friendship.

9. Give it some time

As in the case of an actual breakup, getting over somebody you never dated won’t happen just overnight. That’s why act patiently and trust the process.

10. Talk it over with the trusted ones

The caring shoulder of a good friend may be a pretty valuable and solid “tool” to rely on. A close friend can be helpful in making you recognize that what you may be feeling is quite a normal thing. In addition, getting all of your frustrations and worries out into the open can also help you better understand and, then, resolve those.

New relationships also could help you to get over someone you still love, so try to meet girl online on our dating site.

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