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How to Sexually Arouse a Woman in Bed

For many centuries, men have been trying to answer the question: "How to satisfy a woman?". They need a responsible and generous husband, a sincere and cheerful friend, and a passionate and sensitive lover. Sex is an integral part of healthy relationships, so physical intimacy is as important as having common interests in a couple. And this is not just what the guys want. Girls like sex no less than men.

Men sometimes mistakenly believe that just having sex with a girl, they can easily satisfy her. But women are much more complicated than men, and besides the physical act, the psychological aspect is important to them. We understand how to satisfy a girl in bed and how to prove yourself an ideal lover.


How to sexually arouse a woman quickly

So, how to sexually arouse a woman quickly? There are no easy ways, just as in any success in life, it takes time. However, there are some things you have to think about before sex. Here are the two most important of them.

Do not underestimate foreplay

Sex is not a marathon. It does not matter when you will come to the finish line. The main thing is to enjoy the process. If orgasm was the sole purpose of intimate relationships, then girls could do without men. Take time to foreplay. Kiss, cuddle, caress each other, study erogenous zones, in general, do everything to excite the girl and reach the peak of desire. So, the prelude is very important for women who do not get excited as quickly as men. And you remember that being an egoist and an ideal lover are incompatible concepts.

Forget everything that was taught in porn

Well, almost everything. Porn films are not exactly the right guide to action, it's rather a mapping of what human bodies are capable of in sex. But believe me, this is not what a woman wants in bed. On some scenes, women are ready to put the mark "Do not repeat in real life."

how to arouse women Not everyone agrees to rough sex and not every girl wants to hear "dirty little words" in her address. Such experiments are best discussed before you find yourself in bed. Otherwise, you risk leaving the bedroom ahead of time. These don’t quite answer the question “how to arouse a woman fast”, but there is no such way, if we are talking about worthy women and normal men that don’t stun every girl they see with their charm. You wouldn’t be here reading this in such case.

How to sexually arouse a woman with words

Words are a big part of women arousing. But what are the words that arouse a woman? I mean… you’ve already got yourself in the hardest science of all, so don’t be surprised to find out that it’s complicated.

Do not hide your sexual fantasies

If you are looking for ways how to satisfy your wife in bed, then tell her about your sexual fantasies. Let her know that she is loved and desired. Show that despite a long relationship, you still fantasize and want her. How to please a wife? Try to tell the story about what you want to try, in detail. This will set her emotionally before physical intimacy. And then make your fantasies come true. But do not forget about your wife's secret preferences. Talk to her, maybe she came up with an equally poignant plot.

Do not be silent - the easy way how to satisfy a woman in bed

Yes, women like to talk, and during sex, as well. Of course, at times there is passionate sex, when both are not up to talking, but you still have time to exchange at least a couple of phrases. Ask the woman if she is ok in this or that position, whether she likes what you are doing, ask what she wants herself. Most women appreciate those men who are worried if their partner is satisfied. Comments on the process itself - this is what the man wants in bed.

And one more secret move how to satisfy the girl is compliments. During sex, especially when you are not really familiar with each other, a girl can be timid and shy about her body. Prove to her that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember that in bed it's important to know the balance of talking. In the end, it’s conversation during sex, and not sex during a conversation.

Prepare for sex

If you do not know how to sexually arouse a woman in bed, make her a pleasant surprise before making love. For girls, sex is not just physical intimacy. First of all, they want to feel welcome and loved. Therefore, you definitely will not do worse if you arrange a romantic date or just bring a bouquet of flowers. Of course, your good manners will not make a girl undress faster, but she will note your efforts. For their part, the girls know that perverted underwear is one of those things that men want in bed. On your part, consider hygiene, your overall look and your smell, there are certain scents that arouse a woman, it depends on a woman, trial and error, but nothing too strong for the start.

Each woman is unique in her sexual desires. Some prefer passionate sex, others prefer more sensual and gentler. But there are several universal formulas how to please a woman that can drive every girl crazy. Here are some secrets on how to satisfy a girl in sex, that you need to know before sex.

Oral sex. Yes, not only men love oral caresses. In addition, some women make this a prerequisite, if a man wants the same. And this sexual act is an incredible pathogen. If you think how to satisfy a woman, oral sex is an excellent choice. Ladies First. Women do not like it when a man stops having sex before reaching orgasm. Therefore, the girls want to enjoy it first, and only then must the partner reach it.

Long foreplay. In order to get excited, women need more time than men. Therefore, foreplay should become an integral part of sex. If you give preliminaries, then not only your partner will be satisfied, but you will also be satisfied.

Eye contact. For women, it is very important to catch eye contact during sex. It is important for her to notice that the partner looks at her with desire. Then all the shines and bad thoughts go away.

how-to-sexually-arouse-a-woman Bold experiments. Women are very unpredictable in their sexual desires. One day they are ready for role-playing games, on the other day they want to experiment with sex toys, and on the third, they agree to traditional gentle sex with a long prelude.

More romance. It is a pleasure for a woman to receive a romance in any manifestation - sensual music, rose petals or a fresh bouquet in the bedroom. You do not even suspect, but the most banal things can cause a sexual attraction of a girl to a man. Read the body language. This will help to understand how best to win and satisfy a woman. She wants a man to recognize her signals without words. Study her body, look attentively at the reaction and try to recognize where and what works, and where and what doesn’t.

Memorize the signals. If you decide to experiment with a new pose, and noticed that she really liked it, memorize. And then repeat it the next time you do it.

Quality is important, not quantity. During the night, you can have sex at least ten times and then change twenty poses. But will this make sense if none of the poses gives the girl pleasure? Take into account each other's desires, focus on quality, not quantity. In bed, couples should enjoy each other, rather than set records.

How to sexually arouse a woman through text

First off, what does it mean exactly how to arouse a woman over text?

Texting is a big part of arousing a woman as well. Sex is a more complex thing for women than it is for men. They seek emotional connection with their partner, the more she wants him, the more she likes it. That’s why the aspect of communication, mainly texting, is important. Properly teasing your partner with what is to happen later that day, is a decent part of it. Keep her excited, tell her about your secrets and sexual desires. Nothing weird or anything, but keep some cards in your sleeves. There are words that turn women on, but it’s all about trial and error.

Some women like straightforward men. The kind of men, who speak loud and clear, which represents your unquenchable desire for her. You are a confident man, who knows what he wants. Maybe be perverted about it, after all, some lovers enjoy doing it in public toilets or changing rooms, she’s into it?!

How to turn a girl on over text? Be more emotional with your texting. Quite often, as it seems, men’s texting looks cold and bored. And punctuations, capitalization, even emojis.

How to arouse a woman by touch

So, now for the fun part, we will now answer the most asked question about the topic: where to touch a woman to arouse her, ways to arouse a woman, pressure points to arouse a woman. We hope that the following will help you on your sexual journey.

Do not give room to routine

If at each physical intimacy you try to persistently satisfy the wife in bed in the same ways (for example, look for the treasured G spot), then you risk turning sex into a routine activity. sexually-arouse-a-woman-in-bedGive the woman a variety. Find out things about her body and look for options how to satisfy it. Perhaps you do not even know it, but for her there is nothing better than a missionary position, and only in it she achieves orgasm. In fact, until you try, you cannot know.

Equal conditions for everyone

Sex should not be limited only to male orgasm. It is good if you know it already, but why not deliver the same pleasure to the girl? In addition, nothing proves better that you are an ideal lover than a female orgasm.

Down with selfishness

Women are very sensitive in nature. They immediately notice when a man is set up to satisfy his personal sexual needs, and when he really worries about women's desires. In bed, there is no place for selfishness! Who will remain satisfied after intercourse if his desires are ignored?

As soon as you come into the bedroom, forget about unhealthy selfishness and learn the desire of the wife. A woman is not an assistant to a man in sex, but an equal participant. With a man who experiences an orgasm, and then turns on his side, forgetting about the partner, she certainly will not remain satisfied. How to properly meet woman’s expectations and always be an ideal lover? Take care not only about your desires but also about the preferences of your beloved.

Attention after sex

Women do not like it when a man achieves orgasm and does not pay attention to her anymore. He wants to either sleep or eat, and she wants hugs, kisses and tenderness.

Paying attention after the physical act is as important as sex itself and foreplay. So, do not leave a woman alone, because even the best sex can be spoiled by bad thoughts at this moment. Lie beside her so that she feels important and desired.

Time for experiments

In order to truly answer the question “how to arouse a woman by touching her”, you have to experiment. In order not to turn into a boring lover, you need to experiment. Not so, of course, as in porn, but to include imagination is worth it. Do not limit yourself to three standard positions, change them, and you will see that the sensations will be completely different. You can even surf the Internet together for suitable positions and immediately start experimenting.

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