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Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

The drop in testosterone levels is inevitable. Good news is that it’s a gradual and slow process. Men will not even feel any changes in them. However, if testosterone decreases in young men, and the drop is quite serious, then there will a number of symptoms that need to be detected. The tricky part is that those symptoms are mixed and not always specific. When a man finds out that his low libido, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat are caused by low testosterone, he wants to increase it immediately and get rid of those symptoms. Magical pills advertised on TV and on the Internet are first to come to mind. However, before taking any measures, men should consult a doctor and take blood tests. In some cases, it’s possible to get your testosterone levels back to normal without resorting to medicine.

how to increase testosterone

Everything You Need to Know about Testosterone

What is testosterone? Testosterone is the main male hormone which is responsible for masculinity both in men’s appearance and behavior. Developed physique, confidence, wittiness and quickness of mind in any situation – this is all thanks to testosterone flowing in a man’s blood. That is why men are so concerned about the level of testosterone in their bodies.

The peak levels can be observed throughout adolescence up to mid-20s. When a man turns 30, his testosterone level begins to decrease gradually. It’s a natural process and, unfortunately, irreversible. Since the level of testosterone drops very slowly, men don’t normally notice this. While a woman loses up to 40% of her female hormones after the menopause, and it happens quite abruptly, a man loses 1-5% of his testosterone levels per year (since he turns 30-35). However, the level of testosterone can decrease even if a man is younger than 30. The causes can be different, mainly low physical activity, bad habits, poor diet that lacks necessary vitamins and minerals. Normal testosterone levels ensure men’s overall health.

What does testosterone do? Does it influence men’s performance in sex? Roughly speaking, it doesn’t have a direct impact on sexual potency – it controls sexual arousal and stimulates some brain receptors making them produce nitric oxide which triggers erection. However, testosterone has a direct influence on sexual desire or libido.

If the level of this hormone is chronically low, it decreases sexual drive and interest in sex. As a result, it becomes difficult for a man to reach and keep the erection, ejaculation becomes problematic too, and sensations during an orgasm become less vivid. Symptoms of low testosterone in men

In the majority of cases, low testosterone in men doesn’t have overt symptoms. For instance, insomnia can be one of the signs of the decreased testosterone level. Only a therapist can diagnose low testosterone on the basis of blood tests. Any combination of the following symptoms serves as a warning sign.

Low libido. As a rule, this is the first indicator of a hormonal imbalance in your body. It reveals itself by low sexual desire or the absence of one, fewer erotic fantasies, etc. Erectile dysfunction can be the effect of hormonal imbalance. However, it can be the symptom of some other pathology. But usually, low libido and weak potency are indicative of hormonal issues.

Depression. Testosterone regulates the behavior of a man, controls the tolerance of his nervous system to stressful situations, makes him vivacious and ambitious. Prolonged depression, mood swings can be the sign of the decreased testosterone level. These symptoms are typical of the so-called midlife crisis.

what is testosteroneThe loss of muscle mass and stamina. Testosterone has an anabolic effect on male bodies. It means it facilitates muscle growth and builds stamina. Many sports are totally dependent on high testosterone levels (bodybuilding, power lifting). Androgenic hormones prevent the destructive processes in muscles (catabolism). That is why the loss of muscle mass is the direct symptom of low testosterone.

Increased body fat. Men are less prone to obesity than women due to the faster metabolism. It is ensured by testosterone. If the level of this hormone is sufficient, a man will not have problems with fatty tissue. When testosterone drops, its anti-fat properties weaken. While low testosterone can cause mode body fat, obesity causes the drop of androgenic hormones. This is a vicious circle that only exacerbates the problem. Here is why doctors prescribe treatment aimed at normalizing the hormonal balance when they treat male obesity.

Fatigue. One of the functions of testosterone is to maintain vital energy. The feeling of constant fatigue, apathy towards favorite things, long periods of recovery after physical activities – these are the signs of low vital energy. Rapid hair loss. Bristle grows more slowly? You noticed that the body hair is getting sparse? Muscle mass is gone (if you had it, of course)? This is what men can notice when their testosterone level decreases. Remember that it is testosterone that made you hairy in all possible parts of your body. If hormonal disruption happens to a man before and during puberty, then the secondary sexual character may not develop at all.

Enlarged breasts (gynecomastia). This condition is caused by the hormonal disruption. When testosterone levels decrease, the other androgenic hormone – estrogen – increases. Since it’s a female dominant hormone, it changes man’s appearance and makes it more woman-like. A man’s breasts will enlarge, he will gain weight in those parts typical of women, he may get female pubic hair distribution. Decreased bone density. Testosterone helps build bone tissue, digest calcium received from food, and distribute it among those body parts that require it. With the age, bones become less strong because testosterone levels decrease. But if you’re younger than 30 and you have problems with bones, then low testosterone may be the cause.

Changes in cognitive abilities. According to the recent data, cognitive abilities correlate with the hormonal background. When testosterone decreases in man’s body, his mental capacity deteriorates, he begins to suffer from sleep disorders, mood swings, poorer creative performance, quick fatigue.

Reduced ejaculate volume. Low testosterone reduces the production of semen fluid. A man can suspect that his testosterone level has dropped if the volume of ejaculate significantly reduced.

The most frequent causes of low testosterone:

  • age;
  • diet lacking basic vitamins and minerals for men’s health;
  • excess weight;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • sedentary way of life.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

If testosterone level is not critically low, it’s possible to increase it without resorting to hormonal therapy. Read the following tips on how to increase testosterone.

Sleep enough

Most androgenic hormones are produced in the night in the state of deep sleep, so if you don’t get enough sleep, all your attempts to increase it will be in vain. Sound sleep should last for 7-8 hours, but the main criterion is to feel rested and full of energy when you wake up, preferably without the alarm clock. You should sleep in total darkness and silence. Good sleep is your natural testosterone booster.

Eat healthily

The production of hormones is a very complicated process that comprises all organs and systems and requires their harmonious functioning. In order to facilitate this harmony, you need to provide your organism with necessary nutrients. It’s like adding woods to the campfire to make sure it’s burning. What you should include in your diet is zinc (contained in seafood, fish, nuts, seeds); vitamins (C, E, D, group B, omega-3, omega-6); proteins, fats and carbohydrates (fats are the sources of cholesterol, which is the basis for the testosterone molecule); water. Foods that increase testosterone: seafood, fish, fruits, vegetables, berries, greenery, nuts.

Lose weight and workout

There is a direct link between excess weight or obesity and low testosterone. In order to increase testosterone, lose some weight. It’s that simple. How to boost testosterone naturally? Go to the gym or create your own workout strategy. The overall duration of one workout session should be no longer than one hour. You should workout no more than 3 times a week. Make sure there is a one-day break between the workouts. It is necessary for your organism to be restored. Include some basic power exercises, such as squatting, bench press, deadlift. Combine your physical activity with intermittent fasting. It improves the hormones, reduces fat, and works as a testosterone booster.

best natural testosterone boosterDo not overeat

There are two negative effects of overeating. The first one is that your body needs more energy to digest food, while the production of hormones slows down. The second one is that regular overeating results in fat deposits, and you already know the impact of obesity on testosterone levels. So, eat moderately and add more foods that boost testosterone to your diet.

Be sexually active

Moderate sexual contacts are the best natural testosterone booster. But don’t overdo it, because too active sexual life may have the opposite effect. Even simple communication with the opposite sex increases your male hormone.

Avoid stress

It’s easier said than done, but try to minimize stressful situations in your life. Stress causes the production of cortisol, a hormone that suppresses testosterone. Good mood and positive disposition, on the contrary, facilitate the production of androgenic hormones.

Keep track of the antagonist hormones

Cortisol and estrogen are the hormones that “kill” testosterone. To avoid the increase of estrogen levels, eat different sorts of cabbage that help your liver excrete estrogen. Grapes and red wine are also beneficial.

Win more

Men are conquerors and leaders by nature. And testosterone defines their nature. That’s why it’s often called the hormone of winners. So, one of the ways how to increase testosterone naturally is to win more frequently. Accomplishments and personal victories, even small ones, temporarily increase testosterone levels.

Be in the sun

Vitamin D, produced when you stay in the sun, also increases testosterone levels, so make sure you get enough sun rays. Men should watch their hormonal health. Male hormone – testosterone – plays a very important role in many processes, both physiological and psychological. While testosterone tends to decrease with age, its low levels at a young age must be treated. Before rushing to buy pills and supplements, try to do elementary things to boost your testosterone. A blood test is a must to know whether natural measures will be enough to correct the levels of testosterone.

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