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Making Her Feel Special: a Comprehensive Guide for Men

Every girl wants to feel like a special and unique treasure for her man. How to show your girlfriend that you consider her special? Today, you are going to learn how to please your girlfriend and how to make her feel special.

how to make your girlfriend happy

What Does It Mean for a Woman to Be Special?

Without exaggeration, the place and role of women in life are special. Our ancestors personified the image of a woman with the most important and valuable things – a source of food and home fire, thus, with life itself. Love and family fill the life of a woman with meaning and joy. The unique role of women is to give birth and continue life and make the well-being of their loved ones pleasurable and happy.

If a man loves his condition next to a woman, then a woman, first of all, wants to feel special for him – that is, the one and only, necessary, and desired in the life of beloved man. She needs to feel his love, care, support, and understanding. A man who can give all these things to his woman will certainly make her feel special.

5 Key Thing Women Want from a Man

According to most men, the female heart is a mystery. And thus, they are often tormented by the questions, "How to understand such mysterious women?" and "How to guess what they want from men?" Let's find out how to make a girl like you.


This is the most important thing that a woman looks for in a relationship with a man. After all, to meet real women and make them happy, men should not only love them but also respect their personalities: regard their interests, desires, and hobbies. Also, such respect should involve their families and friends, their opinion, and feelings. You may not agree with everything that a woman says or does, but you should respect her opinion. It is important to demonstrate this respect in your relationship.

Display of love

Every woman wants to love and be loved. Beautiful courtship, passionate declarations of love, gifts, romantic evenings, and chivalrous behavior create in a woman a feeling of inner peace and give understanding that she is loved. A reverential attitude of a man to his beloved can make her happy because women are very emotional creatures that need not only love assurance but also affection, tenderness, and care. Therefore, most women attach great importance to various manifestations of love such as kisses, gentle touches, and hugs.

Unfortunately, many men are not used to showing emotions and, most often, they kiss their women only when they want to have sex. While a woman is ready to kiss her beloved at least a hundred times a day and for a variety of reasons, but not just at the time of foreplay. It should be taken into account if you want to know how to make your girlfriend happy.


A real man is a person a woman can trust. He can provide his family with a decent life and will never abandon his wife and children in a difficult situation. Each woman counts on the support of a loved one and expects him to give her a helping hand in the hour of need. She needs emotional support, a person who can listen to her.

how to please your girlfriendDelightful intimacy

Women are more sensitive than men. Therefore, they want tenderness and delightful intimacy with their men. To preserve the warmth and love of a relationship, a man should be gentle, attentive, and profuse in compliments. Every woman wants to get the feeling that, despite all her shortcomings and mistakes, she remains the beloved for her man.


Nothing matters to female happiness so much as the belief that she is the only for her man. Yes, all women are jealous and do not tolerate rivals! Every girl wants to find a man who is distinguished by loyalty and devotion. By nature, a woman can forgive her beloved man everything except deception and infidelity. If she once catches you in treason, then it is unlikely that she will ever trust you again.

Sweet Things to Do for Your Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

If a man truly loves a woman, he needs to make her feel special and happy. But, unfortunately, not all the representatives of the stronger sex know how to make a girl feel happy and give her joy. Therefore, check out the 11 best tips on how to make her feel special.

1. Pay her sincere compliments

A woman needs compliments to strengthen confidence in her attractiveness and to realize that she is the most beautiful and desirable for her man. If you want to give a girl pleasure, it is not enough just to mumble, "well, you're... cool." Try to explain to her that she is very important to you and that you know what makes her unique. Pay compliments to her appearance, personality traits, or any other things related to your beloved. But do not overdo it: if you flatter her, she will feel it. A sincere compliment from a loved one can make a woman happy for two reasons. Firstly, it raises her self-esteem, and secondly, speaks for his love. Besides, paying sincere compliments is a good way to win over single females online.

2. Listen and hear

It is very important to listen to a woman because it shows her that someone understands and cares for her. Moreover, a woman wants to be listened to but not just heard. Look into her eyes and listen carefully – she should feel that you get to the heart of the matter, and not just wait until she finishes speaking to express your opinion. It gives her a feeling of love and security. If a woman feels safe with you, she will be happy.

3. Add variety and arrange original dates

Do you think you managed to find a great combination of words and actions that will make your girlfriend feel your love? You're wrong. For a girl to feel special, you should constantly bring something new into the relationship. Surprises and original dates not only allow a woman to feel special but also return passion and newness to your romantic relationship. It is very important in building a strong and happy family. Original dates and surprises make your life meaningful and interesting.

4. Support her in everything

If you want your girlfriend to feel special, support her in all her endeavors – it will help her achieve goals, like herself, and live a full life. Remind her how great she is, praise her, and say that you believe in her. If something goes wrong, calm her down and say that everything will work out. You should not give her false confidence but be able to explain to her that she is special for you and you can cope with everything together.

5. Make various surprises

In this case, the high cost of the gift does not matter – you can just buy a cake, chocolate, or a bouquet. The main thing is to find out what your beloved likes. One woman may be delighted with a small bouquet of chamomiles while another will enjoy sweets or a small gift. Besides, a surprise does not have to be financial. You can bring her coffee to bed, cook dinner, or do housework for her.

6. Take care of her internal state

How can a man take care of a woman and her internal state? You should know that women, unlike men, live according to their feelings. Feminine nature is emotional. And the task of a man is to help his woman cope with her emotions. It is very important how you behave when a woman loses control over her feelings. So you need to know the weaknesses of your beloved – not to hurt her but to protect her.

As a rule, strong feelings and emotions scare you away, just like women's silence. When a woman keeps silent, it means only one thing – she tries to protect you from her inner boiling. But you should learn to recognize the emotions of your beloved, calm, and support her in difficult times. After all, a strong man is one who is not afraid of female feelings and emotions.

7. Respect her

The most important thing that you should always do in a relationship is to respect your beloved woman. Appreciate her opinion, allow her to express her thoughts, appreciate and accept her as she is, be honest with her, never humiliate and insult her, etc. If you truly love your girlfriend, then respect is one of the most important qualities you need to develop. There can be no true love without respect.

quotes to make her feel special8. Appreciate everything she does for you

Never take her love and care for granted. Appreciate everything that your woman does for you, for example, she maintains the order in the house, creates comfort, cooks. And let her know that you appreciate her efforts. Never think that because of her great love for you, you should not work on relationships and help her. Female housework is completely invisible to men's eyes, but you cannot even imagine how much time and efforts a woman can spend on cleaning. So, you should help her and thank the beloved woman for what she does as often as possible.

9. Do something together

Your woman loves spending time with you... after all, that's why she is with you! If you are busy or not able to see her very often, then it is very important to spend more time with her. Consider some interesting things to do together, something that will give you a chance to talk with each other and get closer, for example, go out on a date, arrange a romantic dinner, or a stroll in the park. Your beloved girl probably has a lot of ideas for hanging out with you, so ask her about it!

10. Tell your beloved about your feelings

Girls want to know that they are loved and desired. Many guys mistakenly think that their actions such as work, and family support clearly show their love. They believe that the more they work, the more they show their love. But this is not so. Nothing can replace a gentle hug, sincere kiss, and warm words, "I love you." Therefore, demonstrate your feelings as often as possible. After all, your woman deserves it!

11. Be there for her when she needs it

If your princess is in trouble, you should be with her in this difficult period. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a splinter in the finger, a gang of toughs, or a serious illness, you should always support your woman to show her that the most important thing for you is her well-being.

If your girlfriend is sad, ask her how you can improve the situation. You should not just sit near and say, “I'm sorry about that,” staring at the wall stupidly. Girls like guys who can cheer them up when problems arise. Whatever happens in your life, be there for your beloved in the time of need. Tell her that you will always support her and convince your lady that you will not run away at the first life difficulty.

Romantic things to say to her

In addition to eloquent acts confirming your ardent feelings, you should pamper your beloved girl with compliments and beautiful words. A common stereotype that the fair sex loves with ears has a fair amount of sense. However, you should not take it too literally and "pour" into these ears everything that comes to your mind. What things to say to a girl to make her feel special? Let's consider some beautiful quotes to make her feel special.

  • Everyone knows that there are seven wonders of the world. But I’m sure that there is one more, the most charming and beautiful – it's you!
  • You probably know some secret of beauty, otherwise, how to explain your stunning beauty?
  • I always feel like a real man next to you! I have the most gorgeous girl on Earth! I love you, dear!
  • You are mysterious and incomparable, unique and always charming. It’s a great pleasure to be with you!
  • You are an amazing and extraordinary girl. A stunning smile illuminates your face and everything around you. I was lucky to meet such a wonderful person!
  • Love for you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I enjoy every moment I spend with you. Can a man dream of greater happiness than being next to his beloved? Is there anything more important than these precious moments?
  • How helpless words are when I try to express my feelings for you. All the traditional compliments seem like unthinkable bullshit. I have realized that perfection is impossible to describe, and any words cannot express my excitement for your ideal beauty. Love is the only word that can only partially convey my great admiration for you.
  • You are better than all women in the world and more beautiful than any flower. You are perfection, and I’m head over heels in love with you.
  • The best gift in the world is you. Love itself has created you, there is no other explanation for such amazing beauty.
  • You are unique, responsive, sincere, amazing, and gentle. By your example, the universe has proved that a human being can be perfect – you are the best creation in the history of mankind.
  • You made me a real miracle, giving a chance to enjoy such a wonderful feeling as love. You are my inspiration and my joy. I like all the moments we spend together as each of them is filled with happiness. Love you!
  • My sweetie! I love and adore you. I think that even the most beautiful declarations of love still cannot describe your angelic beauty and tenderness, love and affection. You are the best! I love you!
  • I had never met such a beautiful girl like you. You are the most beloved and special for me. I am ready to kiss you endlessly if only you would smile at me.
  • You lit a fire in my heart and let me know that I’m not alone in this vast world. I do not cease to admire you. You are the best, kind, and sweet girl in the whole world!
  • You are the most charming, mysterious, and beautiful woman I know. My heart is only yours!

Bonus: Most Romantic Date Ideas for Her

A romantic date is an opportunity to cause a storm of positive feelings and plunge into the magic of your love. This is the best way to show your beloved woman how much you love her. Don't know how to arrange a romantic date? Then check out the best ideas we have prepared for you.

how to make her feel specialWatching stars

It is so romantic to take something tasty with you and go to a beautiful place to look at the stars. Such leisure activities are ideal for those who enjoy nightlife. You can meet the sunset somewhere at the bird's-eye perspective, and then cuddle, look at the stars, and talk about everything in the world. After all, night contributes to heart-to-heart talks.

Early morning picnic in a picturesque park

A picnic is a classic and trouble-free option for a date with your loved one. The point is in the inexpressible atmosphere of the early morning. What could be more romantic than meeting the dawn in each other's arms? A good way to diversify your going out into nature is to plan an all-day picnic. A picturesque park is a standard picnic place, but you can go somewhere else: at the beach or a lake. Take a blanket, delicious food and drinks, and go on a picnic with your beloved woman!

Trip to a paradise island

Traveling always causes a storm of positive emotions, brings diversity, and makes life brighter. And discovering the vast expanses of a new country with a loved one is even more pleasant. Choose a wonderful island and embark on a romantic journey! Moreover, a candlelight dinner on a paradise island will be an original surprise for your beloved girl.

Romantic homemade dinner with candles

This is the most common and effective way to please a loved one. And it is not surprising, as everyone loves to eat and relax. Plan your menu: it should consist of the favorite dishes of your woman, which she eats rarely. Pay special attention to the fact that this evening should be special and unique. Do not order food in the restaurant but cook dinner yourself. And do not forget about the wine. Believe us, your girlfriend will appreciate your efforts!

The flight on an air balloon

Flight on an air balloon is a truly magical and inspiring surprise. This is a wonderful romantic adventure for everyone who is looking for new experiences and extreme emotions. If you love your girlfriend and want to make her happy, then this small adventure is just for you.

Final Thoughts

And so, now you know that a woman’s desire to be special for her man does not conceal anything supernatural. Each representative of the fair sex wants to feel the love and care of a loved one, to be desired, needed, and happy, and to realize her worth in the eyes of a beloved man. Therefore, tell your woman how much you love her, support, respect her, and appreciate everything that she does for you. Moreover, make pleasant surprises more often and do not forget about nice things to say to make her feel special. Love each other and be happy!

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