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7 Essential Rules of Dating Russian Girls

It all started with the fall of the Iron Curtain. As soon as the doors to Russia were open, western men got obsessed with a possibility to meet a Russian woman. The reasons for dating Russian women were different. Most men found them exotic, others wanted Russian women for marriage as a charity act, because the economics of the post-Soviet state was in the lamentable state. But as the Russian girls dating phenomena grew in popularity, another reason came out – cultural differences.

Russian women differ greatly from their western counterparts. It is no secret that feminism rules the western world. Women are career-oriented thinking more about successful job rather than about building a family. Because feminism and emancipation had a lesser impact in Eastern Europe, Russian women are family oriented and more up to accepting traditional female roles. This fact made them even more attractive for western men who are complaining about their non-domestic women more and more with each year.

The popularity of Russian women has seen no decrease. As soon as the Internet has appeared, a lot of sites offering Russian women dating started to pop up here and there. Online dating grew in popularity because it soon has proved to be the cheapest and the safest way to find a Russian girl.

Although dating Russian girls online has been generally successful from the very start, certain men are unable to woo a Russian woman. To find a Russian woman doesn't always mean to win her. And if you want Russian girls for marriage, you need to learn certain dating rules. So, without further ado we offer you to delve into seven essential rules of dating Russian girls.


1. Make the first move

As it’s been stated above, the cheapest and the safest, and thus the best way to meet a sexy single girl is to create an account on one of the services that offer dating those gorgeous women. Although you're overwhelmed with the number of girls on the site, you should remember what brought you to it. You need to find a girl of your dreams, and your life is not long enough to chat with all the girls on one site, and there are thousands of those. So, don't wait till all of those girls start to pour their suggestive messages down on you. Choose the one you like the best, and write her first. We strongly advise to make your decision based not only on her picture but also on her profile info. You're looking for the potential wife and life-long partner, otherwise it's useless.

2. Gallantry matterskissing hands

Western women spoiled men with their independence and self-sufficiency. Whether you have something against mixing gender roles or not, you need to make the first step when it comes to Russian woman. Russian girls are still part of the femininity cult, and they prefer traditional gender roles. So, get ready to be a gentleman if you want to conquer her. You need to demonstrate your attention and readiness to be a man by her side. And, actually, it's not that difficult as it may seem at first glance. Especially, if the results of being a gentleman are taken into consideration. Gallantry remains the best way to lure a Russian woman. And if you are ready to demonstrate it, the girl is yours.

3. Approach her carefully

Russian women enjoy temperate approaching. So, even if she likes you, it doesn't mean that you'll have sex on the first date. Months may pass before your relationships will enter the next stage. If you're looking just for a girlfriend, then it's okay, move as fast as you want. But if you want a wife, than you have to wait. The vast majority of Russian girls see themselves as future wives of their boyfriends, thus they take dating seriously. Typically, dating Russian girls has the next pattern:

You're chatting for a month, then if both of you are ready, you start dating in real life. The first step is always yours, so approach her carefully but don't let it take too long as she may think that you're not that interested in her.

4. Gifts

No one likes being presented with a gift more than a Russian girl. Although Russian women are altruistic, often in an exaggerated form, and ready to give anything in order to please their men, such devotion must be mutual. You can't go on a date without a gift as Russian girls think that men express their feelings through gifts. So, if you want to show that you feel something for her, you need to bring a gift. It is great when you know what she likes, so pay attention to your chatting, she may drop certain hints. You will only benefit from your imagination as it gives you the possibility to please her with surprise.

5. Arranging a date is man's business


Once again, pay close attention to your correspondence before planning to visit your girl to have the first date. It will give may give you certain ideas for arranging the date, because waiting for your Russian girlfriend to arrange it is useless and even dangerous. She will be disappointed in you if you let her handle the first date. Every Russian girl thinks that man must prepare everything for the date and ask her out. So, if you want a Russian hottie, be ready to take care of everything.

6. Consider what to wear on the first date

Russian women make a lot of efforts to look attractive that's why they are known as one of the most beautiful ladies around the globe. Although it seems that they are obsessed with their own attractiveness, they want their men to be attractive too. As making the first impression is very important, be sure that you are dressed sharp and shaved clean. Otherwise, you'll have fewer chances to impress her with your other merits.

7. Leaving the comfort zone

Probably after reading everything mentioned about, you wonder why on Earth you need to do all that? Well, you can always return to the emancipated women of the western world and raise a family with one of them. Soon, you'll find yourself babysitting your kids, while she's working on something big in her career. Your ego's hurt? Then, step out of your comfort zone and go get your Russian woman according to the rules above.  

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