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Sex Tourism in the Modern World: What to Do and Where to Go

The kind of tourism people are not supposed to talk and write about much is gaining momentum. Annually, hundreds of thousands of travelers rush to foreign countries in search of exotics and adventure.

what is sex tourism

What You Need To Know About Modern Sex Tourism

So, what is sex tourism? Sex tourism is travel to other countries to engage in sexual intercourse with prostitutes. The World Tourism Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, defines sex tourism as “trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination”.

Sex tourists are being lured with the low costs for such services, legal prostitution or indifference of law enforcement it, and the access to child prostitution. While legal prostitution guarantees safe sex tourism, the inaction of law enforcement makes it a dangerous adventure.

General information

As a rule, an adult can travel and have sexual intercourse with an adult prostitute, unless it is forbidden by law, whereas child prostitution, forced prostitution or human trafficking is illegal in most countries. Sex tourism can be local – when traveling within your own country, and international – when traveling abroad. The industry revolves billions of dollars and involves millions of people around the world. In addition to the sex industry, sex tourism provides benefits to airlines, taxis, restaurants, and hotels.

Of course, sex tourism has drawbacks, as well. For instance, human rights organizations warn that sex tourism promotes human trafficking and child prostitution.


Here is the list of the best places for sex tourism: Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Colombia, and Thailand. Therefore if you are one those couples open to sex tourism, pick the country and get your exotic experience.

sex tourism websitesFemale sex tourism

Applying the criteria of male sex tourism, it appeared that there also existed female sex tourism. In general, female sex tourists are usually classified as women from a developed country, who travel to less developed countries in search of romance or sexual outlets. The main areas are Brazil, southern Europe (mainly Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro and Spain), the Caribbean (Jamaica, Barbados, Dominican Republic), some countries in Africa (Tunisia, Gambia, Kenya) and some countries of Asia (Indonesia, Thailand). You can also find female sex tourism in Morocco, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Fiji.

Child sex tourism

Child sex tourism is the tourism aimed at having sex with children. Child sex tourism is considered to be a multi-billion dollar industry, involving about 2 million children around the world. Many states adopted laws to prosecute their citizens if they engage in violence against children, even if it happens in the country where it is not prohibited by law (for example, the Protect Act in the United States). This way states want to end up with child sex tourism practice.

Many believe that child sex tourism is closely related to poverty. Sexual exploitation of children is common in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. In Thailand, for example, children comprise about 40% of all prostitutes in the country. One-third of all prostitutes in Cambodia are under the age of 18. The Federal Police of India claims that about 1.2 million of Indian children are involved in prostitution.

UNICEF notes that sex is a private life, so the public is reluctant to intervene in cases of sexual exploitation, which makes children vulnerable to it. Basically, the exploitation of children occurs as a result of their absorption into the adult sex trade, where they are used by local residents and sex tourists. The Internet is an effective tool in these matters. It allows you to post information about destinations and deliveries.

Documentaries about sex tourism

If you want to learn more about sex tourism, you may go to one of the sex tourism websites or watch a documentary on the matter of sex tourism.

  • “Falang: Behind Bangkok” by Jordan Clark (2005), shot in Thailand.
  • “Selling Sex in Heaven” – an episode of the Lens series, filmed by CBC (2005), shot in the Philippines.
  • “The Child Sex Trade” – an episode of the Cutting Edge series, filmed by Channel 4 (2003), shot in Romania and Italy.
  • “My Boyfriend, the Sex Tourist” (2007), made by Channel 4 (explores the sex tourism around the world).

Sex Tourism Destinations

If you are interested in sex tourism, but have not yet decided on the destination yet, we have prepared a short guide to the eight most popular countries among sex tourists.


Thailand, or rather, Bangkok and Pattaya, has been considered to be the most popular destination for about a decade. The cities offer sex tourists hundreds of bars, clubs, massage parlors, and various specialized shows where you can find a partner for the night or for the whole vacation. If you are in Pattaya, go to Beachroad, Walkingstreet, and Secondstreet for entertainment, and if you are in Bangkok, try Sukhumvit and SoiStreet.

Thailand sex tourism The “relaxation” will cost you from $ 7 (in a massage parlor or on the street) to $ 60 (in a bar). The prices for Thailand sex tourism are very low compared to other countries. In addition, customers can get a discount for “long-term relationships”, and the girl will be not only a prostitute for you, but also your personal guide, and interpreter.

The main disadvantage of sex tourism in Thailand is that it is easy to meet a lady-boy and bring a feminine man to your room instead of a charming priestess of love. You can also meet minors, frauds, and contagious girls, who can give you not only pleasant memories but also a bunch of diseases.


In contrast to Thailand, which is a perfect place for fans of exotic sexual experience, Cuba is an ideal place for admirers of tradition and passion. Cuban girls lure men from all over the world not only with their beauty and temperament but with low prices, as well. The difficult financial situation makes sex tourism in Cuba rather inexpensive. Girls are ready to spend time with foreigners for gifts, for example for clothes or even dishes. If the payment is in cash, the cost of the night will be from $ 10 to 20.

The easiest way to find a partner is to go on Varadero or Malecon Embankment, where local women willing to earn some money come at night.

By the way, respectable Europeans also go to Cuba, because local men do not shun such earnings and for a couple of hundred dollars are ready to make a company on the beach and in the room even to ladies of very respectable age.


Most tourists come here for a bright carnival but are not averse to continue the evening with local prostitutes. However, Brazilians do not mind the income. Besides, in Brazil, sex tourism is inexpensive. You may meet sexual services in local “baths”, along with bathing and massage. Sex service on the streets, in bars and numerous brothels costs from $ 5 to 15 per hour. By the way, the services of Caucasian girls are highly valued in Brazil, even more than those of Hispanics.

The main problems of Brazil are numerous thieves and transsexuals who stick to tourists on the streets and behave much more intrusively than ordinary girls.


Unlike Dominican Republic sex tourism, this one engages male prostitutes mostly. Jamaica is the real Mecca for American and European women. The admirers of tanned and athletic men come here from all over the world, in order to spend a vacation in the arms of a local macho and spend all the savings on their expensive services. The prices for the services are higher than for Costa Rica sex tourism or the Philippines sex tourism, for example.

By the way, the world famous hotels “Hedonism II” and “Hedonism III” are in Jamaica and have become real legends by now. According to tourists, nudism, public sex, and one-night stands are considered to be the most natural thing here. However, no one forces anyone, and the most modest travelers can walk dressed or enjoy a solitary rest under palm trees. By the way, when choosing one of these hotels, mind that the first is designed for older people, and the second one for young people.


Men who have seen “Memoirs of a Geisha” movie must have wondered whether they were as charming as described. Alas, no European will answer it. One thing I know for sure is that Japan is one of the most popular countries for sex tourism. In addition to geishas, who, by the way, serve Japanese exclusively, Japan has a lot of other things to surprise tourists. For example, an extensive chain of “love hotels” where you can stay for a night, not longer.

By the way, here you can order a girl (not Japanese but Asian) who will copy the behavior and appearance of a geisha. It will cost you about $ 20 for 2 hours or $ 60 per night.

countries for sex tourismGermany

Germany gets the sixth line in our sex tourism destinations guide. Even sex tourism brings its benefits to the national economy in this too square country. German brothels are not only legalized but are also widely advertised. The most famous one was built for the World Cup and is located in Berlin. The huge building with a signboard Artemis on it offers its visitors not only traditional services but also massage, spa, sauna, a restaurant and much more. The brothel has a football-themed interior, so it is a must for a football fan to visit it.

Czech Republic

Prague is another “paradise” for admirers of legal sex services. The simplest way to feel the atmosphere is to visit a couple of famous Czech brothels. The most popular are Atlas Cabaret Night Club, Extasy, Captain Nemo Cabaret Club, Venus and Lotos. The “relaxation” will cost you about $ 30 for a couple of hours.

Those who want to save can wait until dark, go to the streets and get a prostitute there. The cost of the adventure starts from $ 10, but no one can guarantee your safety there.


Amsterdam is considered to be one of the best sex tourism cities. The most expensive and yet incredibly attractive Amsterdam attracts tourists with its famous Red Light District, located near the Central Station. Legalized brothels, legalized light drugs, and worldwide fame have their pros and cons. The best thing here is that all the girls work officially, which means they are unionized and take care of their health. Well, the unpleasant aspect is the prices: from $ 120 per hour. However, there is positive side here. The high salary means that the employees do not have any reasons to cheat or rob customers. By the way, the prices are that high only in the Red Light District. Therefore, go to suburbs and you will find twice cheaper.

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