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Sexually Frustrated Signs

Often you desire one thing and your body gives you something completely different. From one point of view, you love and want your date, but from the other – your body seems to have already decided everything for you. Sometimes it is even not the body to decide, but your mental, religious or emotional barriers. Nowadays the term sexual frustration afflicts more and more people, both male and female. What is more, it strikes them every day, affects the thoughts, spoils personal life and makes a person feel inferior and depressed. In most cases, we tend to blame our partners even more than ourselves trying to get rid of them as soon as possible and be back in a game. What the majority forgets is that this complicated problem needs several special solutions and that this problem in general must be tackled at once. So stop living with this! Let’s discover more about the problem and find ways to tackle it. Keep reading.

sexually frustrated

The insight to sexual frustration: anamnesis and symptoms

So what is sexually frustrated? First of all, it is a state of human being when there is a discrepancy between what you want your sexual life to be and what it really is. Of course, there is a whole bunch of reasons why such a phenomenon occurs in our life. However, what we truly need to know is the typical symptoms of sexual frustration. Simply, it is impossible to understand and define that you suffer from such a bad condition and what does sexually frustrated mean, if you don’t know the signs of sexual frustration.

Sexual frustration symptoms

1. You do not sleep well

This is one of the most common signs sexually frustrated men and women always do not pay attention to. Even if it is a problem, indeed they think it’s never related to sexual frustration. If you do not receive a sexual satisfaction and your intimate life is far from the perfect one, you’d rather count sheep at night. A normal sleep is out of question. Still you may hope that having no intimate life, you will have less distractions and it will only help you see your dreams better. However, it is likely not to happen.

2. You feel nothing when it comes to physical activity

Of course, such an indifference may seem strange from the first sight. There must have been a volcano inside of you any time your hot secretary touches the shoulder. Nevertheless, there is nothing. All of that happens because such a state became a mental problem. You’re saying it is not OK, your partner reacts the same way. Yesterday you had sex; today all you have is pressure that does its work.

3. You are on the fringe

You are so moody. Even the slightest ringing or drops falling from the tan drive you crazy. To say nothing about any work issues. A single phrase can literally blow your cork and make anyone near you cry. The final stage of this madness is deciding to leave your partner because he/she makes you insane. The reasons are evident. He or she does not satisfy you either mentally nor physically. But still you forget about the biggest point against leaving partner. Your sexual frustration.

4. You imagine somebody else while having sex with your partner

It may be Angelina Jolie or Orlando Bloom, or the same hot secretary with a nastily deep law neck. Of course, it is a sign that you are simply bored with your date and not satisfied with your reaction on your partner. Deceiving yourself is a kind of a protective reaction, which means “I am afraid to tell my partner he/she doesn’t turn me on” You go on and notice that non-deceiving sexually frustrates and transform from the physical into mental.

sexually frustrated5. You begin to think about your exes

Such a condition makes you wonder would you have such a problem with others. Thinking about “other” people your exes (the sexual life with whom you have already experienced) pop up in your mind at once. When you realize that it happens itself, not on purpose and there is no way to get rid of such thoughts, congrats! And if you’re not very good at black humor, welcome to the sexually frustrated club.

6. You forgot when you were truly happy

For example, a sexually frustrated woman would be indifferent to a great bouquet of roses, a compliment or even her own hobby. Life gets darker and greyish. What can cheer her up is trying to go back to the normal sexual state. Leave all the hearts and flowers and get down to the very deep point of the problem. If you know what we mean.

How to deal with sexual frustration

1. Realize the problem

The best way to realize and then cope with any problem is discussing it. Do not consider professional help as a shameful and hopeless act. You are just a human, not a Heracles or Cleopatra. Every human has a right to make mistakes and be weak. Admit you are weak, sexually frustrated and you need help. Confine that you do not understand completely what it means to be sexually frustrated. Consequently, you cannot easily solve the problem on your own.

Take a private session with a family therapist and talk over everything. You may also take your partner as a little support team. In addition, who knows, maybe you both did something to provoke the problem. The worst is living with sexual frustration, doing nothing and hoping it will pass on its own. Either you are 5 years old and believe in magic or you’re simply doing a foolish thing.

If you have already visited a psychologist and there is nothing left he can do, give a try for a sex therapist. Sometimes the machine gets broken, but still can be easily fixed. All you need is a good mechanic. Therefore, don’t you search for more articles on how to get rid of sexual frustration and, finally, take some action.

2. Let your hands do the job

Sometimes this is the tension that must be released somehow. This is a perfect idea for you to relax a bit from your partner and enjoy yourself in a bit different conditions than always. You may have amazing sex with your partner, but still there is nothing shameful about a hand business.

3. Release the pressure

This paragraph is for too right men or women who are not likely to apply hands to let go off the steam in a dirty way. Sex is often one of the ways to shift off the pressure of depression, stress. When you fail to do that in bed, you must search for other activities to let you live a normal life and not be peeved all the time. It can be boxing, jogging, breaking plates (extremely effective for women), playing paintball every week with friends, workout in a gym. Do not neglect this thing. In every case, the pressure tends to find a way out on its own. Be careful for it not to be your boss or the closest person on Earth.

what does it mean to be sexually frustrated4. Try some sexual hobby

Spice up somewhere except your apartment. This is another recommendation on how to get over sexual frustration. Make sex surround you everywhere (except for work if you don’t want to be fired). Instill even more lust by taking pole dancing classes or Kama Sutra courses. If you’re not as brave, you can buy specific types of literature like erotic novels or short stories. You will think about sex more often, therefore, your body will train and get prepared as well. Consider it a good training and tuning your body on and such additional activities will definitely contribute to other actions in your bed.

5. Pay even more attention to yourself

Very often we fall in love so much and dedicate yourself completely to our partners that forget about ourselves. This is the self-confidence that suffers much. When your date neglects or underestimates you, the machine gets broken. You seem to lose the aim of life. Especially after a difficult break-up.

How to relieve sexual frustration if the reason is your inner state? Chillax more often. Turn on TV and enjoy a football game or favorite series. Forget about money question, go and buy a new dress you’ve been dying to buy for months or have dinner in a fashionable restaurant. Enjoy every day; smile and things may go back as they used to be themselves.

Let’s sum up

Having sex is one of the human body functions, which has to be fulfilled on the first place. Failing easily affects your mental and physical health and ruins all the spheres of your life. Depriving the satisfaction is the worst you can do to yourself. In other words, doing nothing. Do you want to simply exist or live your life to its full extent?

If you want to change the way you live and stop devastating your relationship and life as well, implement the previous points. We are sure you can fight anything in this life and hope this article is useful and will help you forget what the most awful term “sexual frustration” means.
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