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Taking a Break from a Relationship: Pros, Cons, and Tips

How often have you heard from your friends that they need a break from the relationship? We all have faced this phenomenon and, probably, more than once. So, what does taking a break from a relationship mean? Generally, this means that two partners still feel love for each other, but for some reason, they can't see each other eye-to-eye anymore. Some may ask why they don't end an unpleasant relationship? Sometimes it is way better to pause everything and analyze your relationship with a cool head. Thus, people avoid potentially harmful mistakes.

So, taking a break from a relationship is the best way to resolve your problems? Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will someday decide to continue your relationships. In fact, taking a break from your relationship creates more questions than it gives answers. For example, you decided to take a break from your relationship with a girlfriend, does it mean that now you can browse various women seeking women websites? Or it means that you are still in the relationship, and searching for someone else is cheating? To answer the question, "Does taking a break from a relationship work?" it is important to explore what this actually means.

how to take a break from a relationship

What Is a Relationship Break?

Why take a break from a relationship? People decide to take a break from their relationship because they have faced big problems. For example, they feel tired of each other and want to try how it feels to live alone for some time. Also, they may want to look at their relationship from a different angle to analyze potential problems and perspectives. Usually, couples believe that taking a break from a relationship is only temporary, and sooner or later, they will reunite again. Sadly, but frequently people completely break up after a break if their problems turn to be greater than their love.

Another reason why a couple may decide to take a break from their romantic relationship is that they try to hide from reality. You see, taking a break from the relationship may help when it comes to dealing with a break from a long-term relationship. Consequently, both partners win some time for themselves to get used to the fact they are no longer together. In the worst-case scenario, one of the partners still believes that this break is only a temporary measure, while the other partner is happy that they've finally decided to end their relationship. Needless to say that this is way more painful than a normal breakup.

Is It Good to Take a Break From a Relationship?

In some cases, it is, and in some cases, you will only suffer way more. There is no strict rule that can regulate this aspect of human lives. By and large, there is no similar romantic relationship, and each case requires a different approach. We can't tell you that taking a break from a relationship will help you resolve all your problems, and after this break, you will be happy again because even you and your partner may never know how everything will end for you. What if you find someone else while you will be searching for single women pictures enjoying your freedom? What would you do in this case?

If you and your partner decide to take a break from your relationship, you both must understand that, to be happy in romantic relationships, people need to work on them. What if, by doing this, you both are just running from your problems? Maybe it is better to try to resolve them just right now instead of running away? Or, maybe, you need this break to win time to deal with the depression that was caused by signs of an inevitable breakup? After all, human society is built on communication, and we should be completely honest with our loved ones.

Signs That It's Time to Take a Break

The second hardest thing after realizing that taking a break may not help you at all is to understand when to take a break from a relationship. Even the happiest couples sometimes have big quarrels and hard conversations. We all are different, and without those, we just can't find a proper way to live together. Arguments and quarrels serve as an adjustment mechanism that helps us adapt to our partners. But when it is too much, and there is no other way than to take a break or break up at all? We are going to share sever great examples when you definitely should try to take a pause in your relationship if you want to save it.taking a break from your relationship

There are more contradictions in the relationship

Sometimes, couples, instead of dealing with contradictions, tend to accumulate them. Consequently, sooner or later, they come to the point of no return when working on those contradictions requires too much time and moral effort. In this case, by taking a break from your relationship, you buy yourself some time to calm down and come back to your contradictions with cool heads.

You stopped talking

As we have already said, humans are very social creatures, and we need to maintain social connections with other people, especially with our loved ones. If for whatever reason, you don't talk anymore, it means that you definitely should do something about your relationship. Taking a break is definitely not the worst idea in this context.

You no longer have an intimate relationship

Physical intimacy is very important for healthy relationships. In simple words, two people cannot be in a healthy relationship if they don't have a desire and passion for each other. Maybe boredom has killed it, or it died for some other reason, then taking a break may help reawaken your passion again.

You do not spend time together

I can't even imagine how can two people be in love without having a desire to see each other as often as possible and spend time together. What is the point to nominally be in a relationship with someone whom you don't want to see? It is crucial to spend time with your partner to be happy in a relationship.

You devote yourself only to your partner

On the one hand, romantic partners must be devoted to each other. In healthy relationships, people want to spend time together, share things, and support each other. But it is not okay if they don't have private spaces and friends outside their relationships.

How to Persuade a Partner to Take a Break?

Right after learning the answer to the question, "Should I take a break from my relationship," often people want to know how to persuade their partners to do this. I am sure that you want to know this too. But I am so sorry to disappoint you, but scientists are still working on the strict algorithms on how to do it. So, here we are going to share our main recommendations. We expect that you want to take a break from your relationship because you still have some feelings for your partner, and don't want to lose him or her.

You need to talk. Yes, this is very simple! Unfortunately, too often, people forget that no one can read their minds and that they must clearly explain their true intentions. Tell your partner that even though you both have faced force majeure circumstances in your relationship and odds are not in your favor, you still love him or her and want to do everything to save your relationship. Thus, you will let your partner know that you are doing this only to save your relationship. Plus, don't forget to listen attentively to what your partner has to say to you.

Taking a break from a relationship doesn't mean that you should burn bridges and completely forget about each other. Yes, technically and temporarily, you are not in a relationship, but if you want to reawaken your feelings and reunite again, you need to work on your feelings. So, don't neglect to text or call your partner during your break. Surely, you should never text him or her concerning problems in your relationship, or all your efforts will be in vain.

So, when talking to your partner about taking a break in your relationship, it is very important to understand that your partner also knows about problems in your relationship. Thus, your task is very simple, because you only need to explain to your partner that taking a break is just a way to solve those problems and save your relationship. Plus, you must discuss the terms and conditions of your break. Otherwise, you may only add new problems. For example, you need to discuss whether it is okay to flirt with other people during the break.

Taking a Break From a Relationship: The Pros and Cons

It is very easy to make mistakes when you are on a break, and it is important to analyze all possible pros and cons of taking a break in a romantic relationship. Like everything else in this world, taking a break in a romantic relationship has its pros and cons. Those pros and cons highly depend on the main reason why you've decided to do this. However, there are obvious ones that you must understand before making a final decision concerning this matter. We will start with the pros.

1. You will have more time for yourself

You may be thinking about taking a break from a relationship to find yourself, and this is actually a very good idea. After all, when we are in romantic relationships, we sacrifice part of our freedom and interests for the sake of our partners and relationships. Therefore, taking a break may help you get a better understanding of yourself.need a break from relationship

2. This is not a breakup

Earlier, we've said that sometimes people decide to take a break in relationships because they want to buy some time to get ready for a breakup. In your case, you may never know how this all will ends. So, instead of crying about your past relationships, you can enjoy your temporary freedom.

3. You have time to calm down

The worst possible thing that people can do is to make rash decisions. By doing so, they make mistakes and only make matters worse. Surely, this is not a problem for you anymore, because now you have plenty of time to think about your relationship and general plans for the future.

The main cons

1. This may be the end

Yes, you both agreed that this is a break, but no one can guarantee that this break won't last forever. No doubt, taking a break gives you a feeling that you have under control, but quite often, this is only an illusion of it.

2. Your partner may cheat on you

For that very reason, we said that before deciding to take a break in your relationship, you must discuss your borders and lines that you both can't cross. However, this may not help at all, and your partner may cheat on you. In this case, your problems will be even bigger than before.

3. This is not a solution

What do you do when you feel sick? You go to a doctor to cure your sickness. Then why on Earth you want to waste time on taking a break in the relationship instead of dealing with your problems once and for all? If you can't predict the possible outcome of your actions, then they can't be called a solution.

Tips on How to Take a Break From Relationships

Right If you already have an answer to the question, "Do I need a break from my relationship?" and this answer is positive, then you should at least do it in the right way. You see, you can't predict the possible outcome of this venture, this is why it is better to take every possible step to raise your chances of having positive results.

1. Don’t take a long break

You should never take a very long break in the relationship. The longer the break is, the higher the risk is that your partner will leave you when it ends. How long is too long? We don't recommend making it longer than two weeks.

2. Agree that you won’t cheat

This is a very important aspect, and you both must be on the same page here. Cheating can easily destroy your relationship and kill love. Hence, if you want to save your relationship, you both must promise that you won't cheat during a break.

3. Keep calm

When persuading your partner that you both need to take a short break in the relationship, you must be as calm as it is only possible. This is because you must be able to explain to your partner your real intentions and avoid misunderstandings. Remember, being calm doesn't equal being cold.

Apart from the fact that no one can guaranty the possible outcome of this venture, taking a break is a pretty interesting method of saving your romantic relationship. We can even say that this is the last line of your relationship's defense. If you have tried everything, but still have problems in the relationship, you definitely should try taking a break. After all, if you both truly love each other, your love will overcome everything, and by taking a break, you can buy it a time to gather its forces. However, we don't recommend you place your hopes on this method. We believe that an honest and calm conversation is the best way to deal with everything.

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