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What to Text a Girl After First Date and Other Tips

A first date is always an exciting moment. Men, as well as women, devote all their attention, energy and thoughts to this event, thinking only that everything goes according to a plan and does not end in failure. However, in the early stages of a nascent relationship, it is necessary to see the “game” a few steps ahead - so you can consolidate success or correct mistakes made on the date if you really liked this person but not sure that you could make a good impression on him or her.

Most people do not think at all about what will happen next after the first date. But this is no less important point. If you could interest a person when you first met, this does not mean your complete victory. This interest must be maintained and developed. But how to do that? How to behave after the first date? What SMS to write and whether to write them at all? You’ll find answers to all these questions in our new article.

when to text a girl after first date

What to do After First Date

And now let’s talk about some after first date rules. The first date, which both sides so eagerly awaited, took place. There are emotions, impressions, memories that now need to be rethought, analyzed and solved: what’s next? Regardless of whether the farewell was stormy, tremulous and ended with kisses or passed with restraint, without any special tenderness, the girl still expects attention from the man later on. And she begins to wait already from the moment she has crossed the threshold of her apartment, returning from a date: a call, SMS, messages on the social network, poems, compliments and, of course, an invitation to a new date.

We have one very important after first date advice for you. A man in this situation must show patience. The main mistake is to pay too much attention after the date. It destroys the mysterious fleur that still surrounds you. It spoils the whole game of guessing puzzles about your personalities. In addition, undue attention kills excitement. You may know what you want, but without excitement, it is difficult to build a good relationship. Excitement is necessary, so do not send a girl tons of sms or messages through a messenger. Also, do not call her.

We'll talk more about how to behave if you like a date a little later. In the meantime, let's consider a situation that happens to many men, but about which so little is said in the dating blogs. Suppose you did not like the girl and you would like to immediately stop all communication. You have several tactics of behavior in this case.


Some men prefer not to call, write or meet a girl who was not interesting or pushed away by her behavior on the first date. Such a strategy can be used in cases when a lady behaved inappropriately (went over with alcohol, etc.), or some kind of deception was revealed (for example, if the acquaintance happened on the Internet, there might be someone else’s photos in her profile or she hid that in real life she is 30 kilograms bigger than in the photo).

If the girl simply did not live up to your expectations (she became not such an interesting interlocutor as when communicating on the Internet, or she had curves / too straight / full legs, or was a bad kisser), then you should not punish her with uncertainty and just disappear but talk and tactfully define the boundaries of further communication.

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Silence, ignoring

Sometimes girls, without waiting for the first step from a man, decide to call or write themselves, and the man, not knowing how to say that he does not want to continue acquaintance, ignores and avoids her: reads the messages and is silent, or leaves them unread, doesn’t pick up the phone.

Such behavior hurts a girl, and if she does not show obtrusiveness but simply does not meet some criteria of an ideal better half, it is better to tactfully explain everything to her and offer to remain friends than to torment her with silence. No contact after first date is not the best option for you.

calling after first dateFor a rainy day

It also happens that a man, not finding in himself sufficient determination to set boundaries in a relationship, postpones the solution of the issue, hoping that either the girl understands everything herself, or he gets used to her, and somehow manages to build a relationship (for reasons that at least he has some girl rather than is alone). From the point of view of common human values, such an approach is unfair toward a girl who hopes for something, becomes stronger in her feelings, but one day she risks becoming alone again.


This is the most productive variant of behavior. But what to say after first date? Politely, tactfully, frankly talk to the girl about her experiences, focusing on the positive qualities she has, what is valuable as a person (responsiveness, beauty, cheerful, light character, sociability, friendliness, openness, activity ...), and thanks to which she takes a place in the boy's heart as a friend, a congenial person, and one day she will be rewarded for her virtues with great and mutual love. You should not refuse to hang out with her - the relationship can really go to a new level and become friendly, or it goes away itself.

When to Text After First Date

So when to text a girl after first date? With a sinking heart, over and over again, she looks at the phone, waiting for the cherished call.

Girls tend to “wind up” themselves, making far-reaching conclusions from trifles: “If he doesn't call me, he doesn't like me at all, I'm not beautiful. And fat.

Therefore, you should not torment the lady for too long with waiting, but you still need to wait for some time. The best time for texting after first date is one day after it.

After seeing the girl and getting home, you should call her or send a message, and once again thank her for your evening. You shouldn’t set the next date right away - the girl also needs time to analyze her impressions, to understand feelings and emotions. The next day, when you relive all the emotions received on a date, analyze her character, understand how comfortable you were to communicate with her, take the phone and write to her. The content of your message can be anything. This could be a good-natured joke, a welcome message, or an analog of Dear John letter if you definitely decided that you would not succeed with it. But the very fact of attention from your side is very important. It will be polite and tactful, the girl will cease to be engaged in inventing the possible reasons for your silence, and you will not be tormented by conscience and doubt.

If you don't know what to text a girl after first date, we have a couple of ideas:

  • “The first thing I remembered when I woke up was your yesterday's kiss. I definitely have a good day today!”
  • “I remembered how you blushed yesterday at the meeting. You're so beautiful when you're embarrassed.”
  • “And yesterday, by the way, everyone was jealous of me – I was with the most beautiful girl in this city;”
  • “When I close my eyes, I remember you yesterday - how beautiful you were! Maybe we will meet so that I do not have to sit with my eyes closed all the time?”

It’s a normal communication after first date, so don’t be afraid to type such things.

Follow up After First Date

Your courtship for the girl after the first date should be careful. Do not show excessive perseverance and be patient. During this period, your main task is to be in her sight, so that she remembers you, but her thoughts about you are not too intrusive. Perhaps, both she and you will need more than one or two days to draw conclusions from your date. Respect it. If you feel that now, at this moment, is not the right time to call her or write, listen to your intuition. In these cases, intuition almost never fails a person.

after first date adviceWrite to the girl when you have something to say to her. For example, when you finally formulate conclusions for yourself about your date and they are positive. Then you yourself will find the right words for the girl and you will not have to worry long about what to write or say. There is another advantage in this - the girl will immediately feel your confidence and feel confident herself as if she was infected with it. You both will know what you want.

Do you know what the main rule of online dating etiquette after first date is? Do not besiege the potential partner with meaningless messages and unfunny jokes. Yes, you are driven by a desire to quickly get in touch with someone you like. But think about how the other person will regard your behavior? After all, it is akin to obsessive mania, it is strange and completely unattractive. Be good-natured, open, but restrained. Write only when it is really worth doing. Most likely, in 2-3 days after the meeting, everything will be clear to you and you yourself will understand that the very moment for an SMS has come.

Ghosted After First Date: What to do

Why the girl does not pick up the phone and does not respond to SMS? The reasons can be very diverse. To understand why she does not want to talk, first of all, you should eliminate the lack of interest and liking. If during the date the girl showed affection, answered the goodbye kiss - most likely, the reason is something else but not the lack of interest. For example, she can wait for more decisive actions, provoke a “feat”: perhaps she really wants to see you, and in this way, she tries to organize a meeting. Or, on the eve, she collected her friends for a consultation, and so peculiarly took their advice to be “inaccessible”. If there are other means of communication with the girl besides the phone (social networks, for example), then it is worth trying to write to her after a while or to meet her after school/work in order to understand the reason for her behavior. Perhaps she is waiting for just such a “feat”.

Perhaps the girl changed her mind to start a relationship and does not know how to say this. In such a situation, you can try to help her by translating your question into a joke: “If you don’t want to communicate with me, say so. I am an intelligent guy: I will cry a day or two, I will suffer (but I promise to cry in moderation so as not to flood my neighbors below), and I will survive. I just want to know that you are fine." If a girl doesn’t pick up the phone, doesn’t respond to SMS after all the attempts made to sort out the situation - most likely, she really decided not to keep in touch, and you shouldn’t be intrusive and annoy her.

How Long to Wait After First Date for a Second Date

Before you invite a girl on a second date, you must wait a couple of days. This will help you better understand your feelings and come up with a plan of action. During this period, keep in touch with the girl. There will no longer be such a tangible barrier between you as before the first date so that you can get to know each other better and think up a second date.

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