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Best Erotic Massage Techniques for Your Girlfriend

Erotic massage has been considered one of the most effective ways of relaxation since ancient times. Moreover, the woman who feels erotic touching can relax not only physically but also mentally, and this is much more important. And for the man who gives a sensual erotic massage, it becomes a great opportunity to express confidence and an extraordinary tenderness to his partner, which is very important in a relationship. No wonder they say that erotic massage can both strengthen the already strong feelings between partners and return the old passion to those couples who have long lost interest in each other. In addition, Asian erotic massage will help the newlyweds understand the sexual preferences of their partners much better. There are so many words about this miraculous procedure, but what is an erotic massage? How should you give it to get the best of it?

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What Is Erotic Massage?

First, it’s necessary to mention that an erotic massage is a kind of art, a very intimate and personal one. Consequently, it does not have any clear rules and a single technique of performance. You should work out the so-called technique independently with your beloved person with whom you are in a close and trust relationship.

The main function of erotic massage for women is to help relax and “disconnect” from everyday problems. This the so-called foreplay has a relaxing effect, as we have said above, on the physical and psychological state. You might have already heard that many women suffer from disability to completely relax during sexual intercourse. It is not surprising because the rhythm of life of a modern girl makes her constantly be in good shape, think about work, solve financial problems, look for their destiny and take care of the whole family, etc. How can she relax with such a life? A sensual massage for women comes to the rescue: a gentle long-term effect on the erogenous zones allows them to gradually forget about the past day and making plans for tomorrow, so you help your woman focus on her own harmonious pleasure that both the soul and body experience.

How to Give an Erotic Massage?

If you don’t know how to make an erotic massage and where to start with, then this step-by-step guide will come you in handy.

  • Find a suitable place

A soft bed can be a great place to make love, but a firm, even and a stable surface is ideal for a massage. To ensure maximum comfort, lay your partner on a cotton mattress or several blankets and place pillows under the most strategical areas: neck, knees, and ankles.

  • Prepare the oil in advance

In addition to the fact that massage oil gives your hands softness and warmth, it also reduces friction when rubbing the tired and tense muscles of your beloved woman. Flavored oils help turn on, but refrain from using intense flavors such as patchouli, which can turn to be annoying. Instead, you should better use a subtle scent, such as jasmine and not forget to heat the oil in a bowl with hot water.

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere

Nothing should distract her attention from the deep sensations. Therefore, take care of the required warm temperature not to freeze and be able to completely relax, and tie her hair back. Light many candles or create semi-darkness in the apartment. Don’t forget about lounge music. You can prepare a sheet to create an atmosphere of real massage saloon. Just cover her completely naked body with the sheet and open only the part you will work on during the massage.

  • Choose a body part for a massageAsian erotic massage

There is no time limit, right? Start with her head and then slowly move down, paying maximum attention to one part of her wonderful body. However, remember that if you overdo it, it can be even worse than just rubbing her from head to toe. If her back is strained, concentrate on it. If she likes foot massage, and it helps her relax faster, then give her that pleasure. Or just ask her where she wants you to massage her.

Do everything right

In order to give her a really wonderful massage, you need to know a few basic techniques.

  • Squeezing. This technique is very easy to learn, and it is suitable for almost any part of the body. Put one hand down on, for example, her shoulder. With your other hand, squeeze her shoulder a little higher and slowly make rotational movements.
  • Stroking. This technique works great on a large area of the body (for example, back, hips), and on small surfaces (neck, bridge of the foot). Put your palms with your fingers clutch together on the area of the body you are working on and make long and soft stroking movements. Apply a little more effort when stroking towards the heart, and a little less in the opposite direction. However, anyway, try not to get excited too early and move to this part of the body at the end.
  • Kneading. It is an ideal technique for massaging body parts such as biceps, buttocks, and thighs. Massage, drawing back and squeezing the skin with your palms.
  • Rubbing. It should be done without oil since it relaxes deep muscles. Squeeze the area you are massaging, with one hand, and press and rub with the other hand. For smaller areas, such as the upper part of the shoulder and the palm, rub with your fingers.

You can choose several tricks or use them all together in any order, depending on what your partner wants and how she responds to your every touch. Try to start with these simple tricks: put your charming girl on her stomach. Rub her upper shoulders. Take a few drops of oil, rub in your palms and stroke her back. Then knead her buttocks and thighs and stroke her calves. Complete the massage by rubbing the soles of the feet.

  • Concentrate on sensations

An erotic massage is not about a set of standard techniques, so do not worry if you do something wrong. Try to focus on the sensations. Your touch is more important than the massage technique itself. A massage is an emotional presence, it is a touch to a partner, it is their response to your touch. What could be more sexual? Nevertheless, there are several erotic massage techniques from different parts of the world to make your evening really special.

Erotic Massage Techniques

As you can see, massage is a great way to not only please the girl but also add a little passion and diversity to your sexual experience. To bring this idea to life, you can start with these three types of massage before going dipper into the sensual massage techniques, which are easy to learn on your own. In general, it will be useful for you and pleasant for your girlfriend.

  • Relaxing massage

A relaxing massage most often involves a back massage. It is quite simple to do it: strong efforts are not needed, especially if you knead the girl’s back. You should start with a superficial back rubbing, which is done using fingertips. Do circular movements, alternating rubbing with simple strokes. Gradually change the superficial back rubbing to a deep one. Do it with the help of thumbs or edges of the hand. There is also a skin drawing back technique to get to the muscles and relax them, so if you feel that the girl suffers from tension, use it. In other cases, try to be as gentle as possible, and of course, don’t forget about an erotic oil massage.

  • Classic erotic massage

In general, there is no concept of “classic erotic massage,” but there are a number of erotic massage videos, which will tell you about techniques (we will talk about them a little bit later) that are used to excite a girl. Some of them were taken from the usual types of massage, others were derived from the ideas about the sex of various nations. For example, in Japan, it is often practiced playing with cold and warmth, so often ice pieces are used in an erotic massage, and you can also try it. However, in general, you need only oil, fingertips or palm as well as patience (do not try to seduce the girl at the first wave of excitement). You can use different movements: straight, zigzag, alternating, combined, circular. Naturally, you should stimulate the intimate zones, but do not start doing it right from the door. Massage should smoothly move to sex, but not dramatically, otherwise, what's the point in it?

  • Nuru massage

This is a special technique of erotic Japanese massage. The city of Kawasaki is the place of its origin. The essence of Nuru massage is as simple as a no-brainer, but it requires a special intimate closeness from a couple, so you should not practice it on the first date. So, you need a lot of slippery creams, which can be purchased in the sex shop. It is better to use tasteless, odorless lotion. Undress and help undress your partner, apply the gel all over your body and the body of the girl, and now just slide on her and start rubbing. Sounds weird? Just try. What is a sensual massage? It is Nuru. Other varieties of erotic massage are also quite popular nowadays. So, you can also try one of the following types of erotic massage.

  • "Sakura branch". This technique has come from Japan as well. This massage is attributed to mystery and singularity. You can use not only your hands, but you can also touch her body with your lips and tongue. In some cases, light bites are possible as well.sensual massage for women
  • Aqua massage. This is the only type of erotic massage, which is carried out in the bathroom. You should run a full bath of hot water and add toning lotions. You will massage the girl with your own body. So, it is like a Nuru massage but in the water.
  • Thai massage. It is not difficult to guess that this is an erotic Asian massage. Its highlight is that you should pay attention to every centimeter of her body, massaging and rubbing it. You can use both hands and other parts of the body.
  • Tantric massage. This erotic massage comes from India. Massaging is made according to a special ancient technique and is considered the best erotic massage.

Many people believe that erotic massage is a therapeutic procedure to some extent, aimed at improving health and well-being. In fact, it must be aimed at the relaxation of a person and letting them temporarily forget about worldly affairs.

Sex After Massage: Why and Why Not

Of course, in order to learn how to give an erotic massage, in addition to the above recommendations, you need to listen to your gut and carefully study the reaction of your partner to certain touches. Besides, try not to overdo with the procedure. Otherwise, you risk turning it into something tedious and monotonous because none of you will be able to be at the peak of arousal for too long. You should interrupt the massage at the very moment when both of you are extremely excited. Everything depends on your plans: massage should be either smoothly reduced to nothing, or you can move on to another equally pleasant experience.

However, you should remember that erotic massage is not about sex, and it does not necessarily have to be the culmination of the massage! It is up to you to decide whether you have sex with a partner or not, but most importantly, what you should achieve with such a massage is the thirst for sex, which makes the partner relax and forget about the problems.

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