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Effective and Pleasant Ways to Compliment a Girl

Some of you might think, “There is nothing hard about complimenting women, it is natural and works out by itself,” others will be quite worried about saying something nice to a woman. But why are some men worried about such good natural action? Well, they are worried that they are going to say something wrong, strike the wrong chord and end up pushing a woman away. No one likes to get a rejection from a woman, and this can be caused by words that weren’t properly thought of. But what should you do?

compliments for a girl

Not Only Her Looks: Things to Compliment in a Girl

What should you know about compliments if you want to date women online? Determine what a girl appreciates in herself. The first thing you need to do is to think about this girl and what she loves about herself the most. Girls are usually embarrassed when they receive compliments, and more welcome those compliments with which they can agree with themselves. Pay attention to what she is proud of based on general events and praise her for one of these things. For example, if she is eager to talk about what she did with others, this is something you can compliment her for. And here are some ways to compliment a girl on the things that matter.

Achievements in career and studies

How to compliment a girl? Concentrate not on the physical characteristics, but on the achievements of the person. It’s always nice to hear a compliment like, “You're so cute” or “I like your shoes,” but the best compliments are those that show someone’s amazing achievements or personal qualities. Compliments told to a person about the work done by them mean more than compliments to a person or something that does not depend on them, for example, the color of their eyes. If you think what a nice compliment a girl you like can give, she will most likely be more pleased with the words, “I think your English essay was wonderful,” and not “You have such sexy lips” or “You have a very cute chin.”

Determine what a woman appreciates in herself

Think about something that she likes about her own image, about her own identity, character. Sure, compliments about her beauty, clothes, makeup, are all great, but beauty can get you only so far. Women love it when men appreciate their traits of character, the things they've worked on, the things they value in life. If she works hard on becoming a great musician – compliment her hard work, she will surely appreciate your words, and it will only motivate her even further.

Look for things that she values in others

Watch the way she interacts with other people, try to identify the things she values, respects, and admires in others, and thus, you will be able to come up with your own compliments on those given qualities or aspects of one’s image. While this is not always the case, but usually, when people value something in others, they try to develop those qualities in themselves as well.

Think about what she wants to fix in herself

Look for flaws in her character and bad habits, the correction of which, as you know, she works hard on, and then make her a compliment as soon as she achieves at least some success. You may not want to tell her directly that she really needs to work on something, but if you compliment her when she really succeeds, this can cheer her up and make her more confident. You know very well how difficult it is to try to make yourself better! For example, say something like, “You were really mindful during this meeting. I admire that." in a situation where she remained calm while your boss was cracking everyone down.

Do not limit yourself to beauty

It’s hard to compliment beauty. Many women really like to listen to such compliments! However, such a compliment can have many negative consequences for both of you. She has probably got used to the fact that people tell her that she is beautiful, and understands what people want from her. Also, such a compliment may lead her to the idea that you are only interested in appearance (and appearance is not eternal, it is aging, and this gives an additional reason to doubt yourself). Use compliments about her beauty discreetly and in situations where it really makes sense, such as when you are together for a special occasion. For example, say something like, “Yeah, sure, the bride is beautiful today, but for me, in this room, there is no one more beautiful than you.”

words to compliment a girlGive a compliment to something new about her

How to compliment a girl on her looks? A compliment to something new will show that you are careful enough to pay attention to minimal changes in her appearance. As a rule, no one expects a man to be able to notice things such as a change in hairstyle or new earrings, so when you do this, you just hit her right in the heart. Alas, this means that you really have to keep track of such changes. For example, say something like, "I really don’t understand too much in women's shoes, but there is something that makes you look like a queen in these shoes."

Tips to Make Compliments to a Girl

Have you ever felt awkward silence when you couldn’t think of something to say? Was it that you wanted to say something about the girl, but did not know how to put it? We will now teach you to compliment a girl so as to neither offend her nor seem too straightforward.

Find someone you truly like as a person

It’s quite simple to take the first thing that comes to mind about someone and make a compliment. You can say, “I like your shirt” or “You have a cute hairstyle” to almost everyone, but to make a good compliment, you need to dig deeper. Take a moment and think about what you really admire in a person before you say something. Your compliment will be appreciated if you can understand what exactly you had in mind. As for the false compliments, it is best to avoid them altogether. For example, if your girlfriend is wearing new boots that you consider vulgar, do not praise them. Maybe she will believe you, or maybe not, but if you get used to making false compliments, then others will consider you insincere, and no one will believe your words.

Say something that is not obvious

Another good tactic when it comes to compliments is to choose what most people will not notice, something that will show that you are really attentive to this person. People tend to remember unobvious compliments and keep them in their memory for many years. For example, you can tell your friend that you noticed how diligently she studied at art courses this semester, and you think that she has a penchant for photographing. Or you can tell her that you admire her kindness to everyone around her. Perhaps she is used to hearing compliments about her body, so your compliment will definitely be different from others.

Do not tell everyone the same compliments

How to compliment a girl without being creepy? What are the right words to compliment a girl on her looks? If you say, “I like your clothes” to everyone you see or something like that, you will eventually lose the trust of people around you. It is much more difficult to note individual positive qualities in people. If you begin to make superficial compliments all the time, stop and think a little the next time before speaking. Speak from the bottom of your heart, or don’t say anything at all.

Make warm compliments

The main thing is to make a sincere and warm compliment to a woman you love. There is no perfect way to compliment someone. It is important for you to mean what you are saying so that your compliment is not interpreted differently. Since there is a certain kind of people making false compliments, you need to make sure that the person you compliment knows that you really mean it. Make sure that the interlocutor hears you well. Act according to the situation - do not give a compliment if it can be interpreted as insincere.

Watch the tone of your voice

Do everything possible so that what you have in mind sounds normal and won’t come out in a strange or awkward tone that won’t come across in a good way. The best compliments leave no room for misunderstanding. The recipient will know what you mean, and after the conversation ends, they will be left with positive emotions. It sounds pretty simple, but compliments often carry a hidden meaning. For example, if you compliment someone in a sarcastic tone, a person might think that you are making fun of them. It may also be that a compliment is made out of envy of the person to whom it is addressed. Make sure that you do not present yourself as angry or envious.

Avoid dubious compliments

A dubious compliment is a compliment that seems nice at first glance, but then the person realizes its true meaning. This is a passive-aggressive way of hurting a person’s feelings. You can make a dubious compliment without even realizing it. For example, you can say something like, “Wow, you have a cool hairstyle today. What did you do with your hair?” Having said that, you mean that you didn’t like her hairstyle before. Or you can say, "You are great at baseball for a girl." Having made such clarification at the end of the sentence, you turned the compliment into an insult.

The Best Compliment for a Girl in One Word

You don’t have to come up with a long sentence to make a girl happy, here are some words to compliment a girl you should use more often.

  • gorgeous
  • yummy
  • exciting
  • beloved
  • magical
  • enthralling
  • hypnotic
  • graceful
  • delicate
  • wondrous
  • good
  • dear (literally and figuratively used)
  • worthy
  • precious
  • soulful
  • devilishly (beautiful, smart, charming, bewitching, ingenious, insightful, etc.)
  • natural
  • feminine
  • cheerful
  • thoughtful
  • funny
  • best compliment for a girl in one worda riddle
  • mysterious
  • intriguing
  • wonderful
  • tempting
  • stellar
  • significant
  • playful
  • perfect
  • ideal
  • amazing
  • inventive
  • exquisite
  • interesting
  • intelligent
  • sincere
  • skillful
  • breathtaking
  • bewitching
  • sweetie
  • queen
  • beauty
  • beautiful
  • cool

Now that you know some of the best compliments for a girl in one word, let’s talk about texting.

How to Compliment a Girl Through Text

Here are some tips on how to text a girl through text.

Pick the right time

How to compliment a girl through text? If she is on an important meeting, this is not the right time to send her a compliment, even if you have been thinking about it for a long time. Not only can she just not respond and end up forgetting about it, but she can also pay little attention to your compliment, paying little to no mind to the meaning and love behind it. The same goes for situations when she is not in the right mood, while it is quite cute and romantic to just send a compliment without any reason for it, you cannot really know her mood at any given moment.

Be absolutely sincere

Women almost always understand the sincerity of a compliment that they receive. So usually everything goes wrong when you try to compliment a woman you have never met. You really don't know her, how can you know what to compliment in her? When you compliment a woman, you must truly be honest and sincere. This will make the necessary impression, and even if the compliment is a bit banal, she will be really flattered.

“Save up” compliments

If you constantly tell her compliments, then this special feeling that she gets from them may become dull. This doesn’t mean that you should rarely even give compliments to her, but you should try to preserve compliments for special occasions and moments when you feel that it is really important. Do you know the feeling when it seems to you that your heart can simply explode from how wonderful she is? This is the right moment to compliment her. Does she feel good about herself for any given reason? This is the right time to compliment her. The meaning of a compliment is to make her feel good, and not to earn points for yourself. This means that a compliment must be “reserved” for a situation where it will really be important for her to hear a good thing about herself.

The issue of weight

When talking about compliments for girls, you have to talk about their looks and the issue of weight. Perhaps you feel the desire to compliment a woman if she has lost weight, but it can be very difficult. Many women are overly sensitive to the issue of their weight (it also applies to men), and some women can lose weight for reasons that are not all too fun. Is it possible that she lost weight due to cancer? You should give her compliments about losing weight if you know that she has really made an effort to do this. And now, let's find out how to choose the right words.

words to compliment a girl on her looksDo not tell her compliments when comparing her current appearance with how she looked before (compliments like, “You look much better today!”). Try to praise the effect that caused weight loss. It’s best to praise her efforts to become healthier. This is what she did, and it is truly admirable. Say something like, “You inspired me to make positive changes in my life. I hope that I can be as purposeful and decisive as you!”

Examples of Good Compliments for A Girl

And here are some examples of good compliments to give to a girl.

  • You are my paradise, you are my sky, you are my sun.
  • You are the most beautiful girl in the world, you drive me crazy.
  • There is only one person who makes me happy, and this person is reading this message right now.
  • Your image can be compared to the bewitching lotus flower, you are just as beautiful, charming, and tender.
  • There are billions of girls in the world, but you were able to teach yourself everything to be special!
  • Despite your young age, you are amazingly smart and wise, and it is commendable!
  • Do your friends always envy you?! I can’t really think otherwise because you are the best in all respects!
  • When there is a thunderstorm in the sky and rain is falling down, I remember you and all the clouds and sorrow go away.
  • I am not trying to get your attention, but let me just say this, you are an amazing young lady who can set an example for all other women.
  • And who said that angels are only found in heaven?! This is not true because I see an angel on earth!
  • Today I see you for the first time, but it seems that I have known you forever! You're beautiful!
  • You can star in movies, you can be made the heroine of a fairy tale, and I could give you the main role in my life!
  • Your eyes are stars, your words are wisdom, you are a gorgeous girl.
  • I'm going crazy because of your beauty! Your lips, eyes ... I want to look into them forever!
  • There should be always an inspiration for life, and I did not have it before. How nice it is that I’ve met you, my darling!
  • What do you think of Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears?! I believe that they are nothing compared to you!
  • Each girl wants to hear a compliment, but you rightfully earned them!
  • It seems to me that you can do a lot of great things, even save the world with your beauty!
  • Life without you is not life, it is survival.

Now that we are done with examples of compliments for a girl, we want to finish this article with the final advice. Show her your love instead of telling about it. Show admiration, instead of coming up with a compliment. Actions are sincere, and they can save you from wrong, stupid or offensive words. If you are worried that a compliment will not be delivered correctly or that your words may offend her in some way, simply illustrate your attitude towards her with your actions.

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