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Ideas for a Third Date and Rules to Turn It Into a Relationship

So, let’s talk about the third date that you are, most likely, about to have with your partner. Today we will talk about everything that has to do with 3rd date ideas, things to do on a third date, find out what to do on the third date, list some third date advice and third date questions that you should remember.

Before we discuss the 3rd date tips and rules, let’s talk about the importance of the third date.

third date advice

The Third Date – Is This Already Serious?

What is so special about the third date?

Well, what is the first date all about? The first date is about making the first impression on a person and seeing whether or not there is any sort of mutual attraction, you get a general gist of what a person represents. It is just a sample of a person, but the first date can go wrong, it can be affected by lots of different factors, so the second date is made for the sake of reassurance. If the first one went sour – maybe everything will be different on the second one, but the opposite can be true as well. If the first one went very well, the second date will have to follow in the same vein.

So where does the third date come into this equation? The third date, the mere fact of it happening, is a sign that you are attracted to each other, this is no longer a fluke, you feel something for each other, and you want to develop it, you had two opportunities to figure out whether you suit each other or not.

Before we jump right in and talk about the third date ideas and rules, let’s get sidetracked for a moment as there is something I would like to talk about. Breaks in relationships seem to be quite common now, they weren’t that popular before, but nowadays – they are commonplace. So why do I mention this to you? Well, if you are in the middle of a crisis, you don’t know a thing about taking break from relationship, then you end up leaving. You don’t know what to do. Finding someone new and trying to start a relationship while your other one is paused rather than broken is a very bad idea. It is very much unlikely that anything serious can be built on top of such a foundation, it will come crumbling, as you were looking for someone to fill that romantic void in your heart rather than looking for a partner for a long and serious relationship.

Before we list the best 3rd date ideas for men and find out where to go on a third date, let’s list some rules of a successful third date.

Rules for the Third Date

Many of us dream of a perfect date. There are many options for dating, from a romantic evening to an exciting adventure or immersion in the art world. Planning a date requires careful preparation, but the pleasure that you get from a quality time spent will be worth all the effort.

Make time for your appearance

Let’s say you are planning to meet single ladies online, what should you remember about the third date? When choosing clothes, give preference to things that suit you and in which you are comfortable. The better you feel, the better you will look. Do not wear uncomfortable things just for the sake of beauty because your companion will feel that you are uncomfortable. Choose clothes in accordance with the event: dress beautifully for a serious evening event and more freely for a simple date.

things to do on a third dateCome on time

Do your best not to be late. If you are late, a person may decide that you will not come at all or that this date is not so important for you. Of course, many things can prevent you from arriving on time. If you see that you are late, call or write to the person and apologize for being late. Explain when exactly you can come. Confirm the time of the date the day before that. So you can be sure that you both remember when you are going to meet. In addition, the person you invited for a date will be impressed by your desire to make sure that all plans are valid.

Pay attention to your partner

This may seem obvious, but you must do this if you want the date to be perfect. A third date conversation can be quite fruitful and important to the development of your future relationships. In order for a person to see that they are interesting to you, listen carefully to them and keep up the conversation. But what are the things to talk about on a third date? Make a sincere compliment on the person’s clothes or the way they look. Instead, “You look great,” say something like, “You are very beautiful, red suits you very much!” If you talk about specific things, a person will see that you notice little things. Do not overdo it with compliments, but try to make it clear to the person that you appreciate the efforts that they put into preparing for the date.

Schedule your next date

If you really like a person, you will want to make each date perfect. Talk with the person about where you would like to go next time, and plan a date. Discussing the following dates will also let you know if you are interested in a person. Ask how the person would like to see the next date. If they do not know, suggest several options. For example, you could say this, “Do you want to do something active on the weekend? I know some interesting hiking trails. I also have the contacts of a good climbing instructor.” (You can choose any other activities.) If you don’t want to do anything complicated, you can simply say this, “I would like to see you again next week. Do you want to have lunch or dinner?” This will make it clear to the person that you are ready to adapt to their schedule, and they will be pleased to know that you are offering several options.

Finish the date properly

Finishing the first date with a kiss is not always worth it, so it’s important to monitor how the person you invited for a date behaves. For example, if they come closer during parting, lean toward you, or don’t want to let you out of their hands, all this may indicate that the kiss will be appropriate. If a person keeps a distance or as if in a hurry to say goodbye, it means that they are not interested in a kiss. Some people need more time to get closer, so you should not take this as a sign that you did not like it. The first kiss is usually short and without the tongue. With this kiss, you will make it clear that you like the person and that you respect them. If a person initiates intimacy, support their desire.

Now let’s list some romantic and cute date ideas.

Romantic Third Date Ideas

You controlled your nerves, invited your partner to dates, and the answer was “Yes!” - and now what? You can choose a reliable classic combination of dinner-and-movie or come up with something more extreme, but the main goal is to plan something fun with a romantic element to it. If you invest a bit of yourself in the preparation and take into account the preferences of your partner, you will definitely have a good time.

Do not invite a person to the cinema

Classic movie dates can be interesting, but they won't let you chat with each other. The movie is suitable for a regular date, but a perfect date should be a little more fun. A date can be considered good if people get to know each other better and spend time with each other. Choose activities that will give you the opportunity to chat. Visiting cinema is not a bad idea but not ideal either. If you are creative, your partner will see that you have made an effort to have a good evening. A trip to the cinema can be a good option if you plan to attend a local film festival or watch cult classics. If you are determined to go to the movies, try to make this visit very interesting.

Make dinner unforgettable

To make dinner more interesting, come up with something unusual. Joint food brings together, so try to make dinner fun and interesting. Sign up for a cooking class. Cooking together is fun. Search for suitable events in your city. Take a mini restaurant tour and eat one meal each. This will turn a date into an exciting adventure. Start with snacks in one restaurant, dine in another, and end the evening with a delicious dessert in a coffee shop. Try food in food trucks. Cafes and restaurants can be replaced with street food. This will allow you to better know your city and taste delicious food.

things to talk about on a third dateDo not be afraid to try something unusual

If the person you invited is ready to have fun, try doing something new together. There are many new activities, so why not try them together? A new joint experience will leave unforgettable impressions and will become a topic for many conversations, and the perfect date is a date that will always remain in your memory. Try jumping from a bungee, go to the mountains or go kayaking together. So, the date will be active and unforgettable for both of you. If your companion prefers something less extreme, play mini-golf or go karting.

Do something creative

If the person you have asked out on a date loves art, it will not be difficult for you to come up with something interesting for a date. Sign up for a drawing lesson combined with a wine tasting, go to a stand-up improvisation lesson, or spend the evening at a karaoke club. Choose simple and fun activities that will give you the opportunity to laugh heartily. It is important to remember that the person you invited on a date should not think that they are obliged to cope with any task very well. Remind them that you are doing this just for fun. If your companion loves art but does not want to participate in any activities related to creativity, invite them to an art gallery or a concert. Choose an activity that allows you to chat during the evening.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

Here’s the last of good third date ideas. If the person you like is very busy in everyday life, offer them a quiet date. (That’s why it’s worth figuring out what they would like to do before offering anything.) Whatever you choose, consider everything so that the person can relax and have a good time. If a person wants to relax, take a blanket, a bottle of wine and offer to look at the stars in the park. So, you can spend time calmly and chat with each other. If you have a telescope, grab it with you and look at the stars. Offer to meet for brunch on Sunday rather than Friday night. So, you can relax and not worry about the formalities.

Is the 3rd Date a Good Moment to Start a Relationship?

I believe that it all depends on the case-to-case bases. Some people will be able to start a relationship after the first date, others will be comfortable with doing that only after around six to seven dates, maybe even ten, but the latter seems a little bit weird.

Sure, starting a relationship after just one date can be alarming as well to some of us, but who knows, maybe a couple just fell in love with each other just like that, from the first sight, and there is no reason to postpone the inevitable.

But, generally speaking, and in my personal and honest opinion, I believe that the third date is a good moment to start a relationship as you already know that you are interested in each other and you have the second date for the sake of reassurance.

Remember that the main task of a date is to get to know a person better and spend time with them. You should have fun, this is the most important thing that people often overlook. If it isn’t fun – why bother?

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