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How to Be Successful with Women

Have you ever noticed how a man needs a minimum amount of time to attract a lady, while others are not successful at all? You’re neat, your shoes are clean, you use the best site to meet women and always smile but, still, something goes wrong. What to do and how to be successful with women?

how to get any women

Two Types of Success with Women

To meet real women and have success with them is probably the dream of almost every man. We all want to look irresistible, speak in such a way that any girl’s attention will be focused only on us. Everyone wants it, but not many can do it. However, those men who achieve this are successful not only among women but in life as well.

Success in building serious relationships

The secret of a happy relationship is to know that you are the best for your loved one. A successful man trusts his woman and is confident that she will always support him in difficult situations. Such a man never hears from his sweetheart degrading and abusive words even in quarrels. A woman doesn’t allow herself to say offensive words to her husband, forcing to defend himself. He sees that his lady respects and appreciates him. She is proud of him. A woman is a source of positive emotions for such successful men.

Being successful in a one-night stand

Some men don’t have serious relationships, but they can easily get sex whenever they want it, and they know how to be successful with women. This is good because they have a healthy attitude towards sex. Whenever they have sex, they do it for reasons that make them feel good. This means that they do this with someone they trust, even if this person is a stranger. And not everyone can succeed in this way of dating. So, those who know how to seduce women for one night can be considered successful.

Seduction Tips for Men Who Want to Be Successful with Women

Actually, it is not so difficult to live a busy life full of girls you are interested in if you make at least some effort in this direction. How to get good with women? Contrary to popular belief, a man doesn’t need to be rich or handsome to attract women. This, of course, helps, but this is only a small part of everything that girls like in men.

Be sociable

You have to be sociable if you want girls to like you. What is meant here? You should know how to listen and communicate with a girl on any topic. Moreover, these topics should be so simple and understandable to a girl that she is interested in communicating with you. In other words, talk about what girls are interested in. If you talk about such topics, this will significantly distinguish you from another category of men.

Don’t concentrate on a specific girl

Guys who don’t know yet how to become successful with women often concentrate on one particular girl. This is a common mistake. There are much more interesting goals than seducing a particular girl. This problem arises from the fact that you neglect to date with different women when communicating with girls. You just don’t see that there are many beautiful women around!

how to get good with womenHave fun

Girls like guys who know how to have fun. Fun means to enjoy what is happening. Optimism involves positively tuning oneself. You should see something funny and interesting in what is happening. In other words, be cheerful and don’t let yourself lose positive emotions. So, one of the seduction tips for men who want to be successful with women is to be cheerful whatever happens in life.

Be strong

Girls became more and more fascinated by bad and independent guys. Amazingly, girls talk about the desire to love and have a serious relationship, while they fall in love with bad guys who don’t care about the girl’s feelings. Psychologists give a simple explanation to this: at a conscious level, girls want to be with those who can protect them, and bad guys are those who can do this.

Establish eye contact

How to get any women? It is very important to look in the eyes of women. If a man can maintain eye contact for a long time, he is perceived as more confident, purposeful, and attractive. Psychologists state that a man should contact a woman at the moment when he notices that her pupils are dilated. This sign of the body suggests that she is now very susceptible.

Take an interest

Don’t try to interest women with your life. Be interested in them yourself. Ask how things are going, for example, about a woman’s family, work, and hobbies. By showing interest in women, you become more attractive in response. Be more attentive, talking to girls. In a conversation, listen to your interlocutor and don’t talk endlessly.

Expand your circle of interests and communication

Leave your cozy apartment as this will help train social skills and deal with anxiety and fear of communication. For example, start taking dance lessons (there are many girls) or join a volunteer movement (it may bring you closer to girls or people who will eventually introduce you to pretty girls). Girls respond to emotions, and good emotions are contagious. By expanding your interests, you will meet new girls.

How to Reach Success in Relationships with a Woman

Did you meet your love? Do you want to see her joy daily? Do you want to be the perfect man for her? So, how to make your girlfriend happy in a relationship?

Be her hero

Many guys believe that to get success with women, they need to be imperious and well-to-do men, who can give women unlimited access to material values, while they are in love with them as much as possible. Actually, it is not always so because women just need strong men. And this is your direct responsibility to strive to become successful and have an inexhaustible craving for self-improvement. A woman needs a real man who knows what he wants, who doesn’t give in to her, but on the contrary, controls a woman. Success and power of a man always attract women.

Be self-confident and authoritarian

To behave correctly in a relationship with a girl, you need to understand that women love only warriors. You are a man, and you are right. You go through life, doing what you think it is necessary. If you don’t want to lose value in the eyes of a woman, don’t let her be a leader. Even though a woman will periodically try to control and manipulate you, you should stop any attempts of this kind – this is one of the most important successful relationships tips for men. This doesn’t mean that a woman is a dumb doll, and her opinion shouldn’t be listened to. Just the final decision should be yours.

Be positive

Laughter, as you know, prolongs life. And besides, it improves mood, acts as a warning for depression, and helps relax. For a guy, the ability to make funny jokes is simply indispensable in dealing with women. A man who jokes appropriately is perceived by others as a pleasant and charismatic personality. Plus, humor successfully copes with the tension between people. But building successful relationships, not all jokes will be considered appropriate. For example, you shouldn’t use rude or vulgar jokes. Over time, the more you will get closer to the girl, the better you will understand what is funny for her and what it is not. You will have a lot of your common jokes that will instantly improve your mood.

Start thinking differently

Thinking in the right direction is the key to success with women. While you have thoughts that you need to chase a girl, persistently take care of her and “blow the dust off her,” the effect of your efforts will be the opposite. You should be prepared for the fact that rebuilding thoughts is a very long, laborious, and even painful process. But when you start thinking differently, relations with girls will reach a higher level and will not bring disappointments as before.

Be romantic

This is what can bring positive emotions into relationships. When there is romance in a couple, we forget all the scandals and feel that we are loved and how much we love our significant others. Therefore, if you have no success with women in relationships, then try to bring as much flirting and cute moments as possible. Women are romantic creatures who know how to appreciate every beautiful moment. Therefore, you need to use your imagination and try to make the girl a pleasant surprise. For example, you can arrange a date in an unusual place.

successful relationships tipsWhat Do Women Dislike About Men?

Having met a good woman, you decided to behave with dignity and correctness, but you started to make mistakes. No one is perfect, everyone has their flaws. We often commit actions that we later regret. Therefore, it is so important to know how to behave while trying to be successful with women. Let’s look at what women hate about men.

Lack of confidence

This is one of the main reasons preventing a man from getting a successful acquaintance. When approaching girls, everyone is nervous, even experienced seducers, but they skillfully mask their excitement and return to a normal state, that is, they try to act naturally. A man with signs of weak behavior doesn’t attract women, no matter how good his appearance (clothes, hairstyle, figure, etc.) may be.


Girls love strong men, but excessive aggressiveness, rudeness, and disrespect frighten them. They love good and positive men. Such men will be good fathers and husbands. So, keep your aggression to fight with enemies. Women appreciate sensitive men who can and want to show their feelings and are also distinguished by their tenderness and kind attitude.


Girls love active guys. If you are passive, then a girl understands that she will have to force you to do something in the future. And not every girl is ready for this. Moreover, passive guys disappear when they need to act. If women give them instructions, theт they will fulfill them strictly, but never give their own opinion or make a decision. They can only talk. Passive guys are too much into introspection. They constantly scroll through the worst possible scenarios and impossible plans in their heads. And it annoys.


Women don’t like men who don’t care for themselves. A man who doesn’t want to look tidy and neat or doesn’t care what he is dressed in is a savage or a small child, and he will never become successful with women. It may cause a desire to wash his clothes or buy perfume, but it doesn’t cause sexual feelings.


There is such a category of narcissistic men (just in case, I’ll remind you that “narcissism” is self-admiration) who can’t just walk past the mirror without stopping and admiring their reflection, taking different poses, flirting with themselves or fixing hair. These men look weak and cause persistent rejection.

Disrespectful behavior

Respect is what every woman wants in a man. Nobody likes disrespectful people. If a man is too aggressive and doesn’t respect his woman, then this is a clear signal for her that it is time to run away from him. A woman will not like that her man is not able to show care and love because of disrespectful behavior.

In the issue of how to succeed with women, it turns out that a man who attracts girls is confident in himself and his abilities, is positive, she is not obsessed with sex but loves to flirt, and a good storyteller. So, don’t hide your best qualities. Don’t think that a girl just needs to look at you to understand who you are, read your thoughts, evaluate your personal qualities, and guess what you can interest her with. You must open up. Only this way, she will be able to find something attractive in you.

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