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Is Texting Cheating and How Is It Related to Emotional Needs?

Many men look for single girls dating, and women search for men. They find each other, start a relationship, and it seems that everything is perfect. But to protect themselves and their relationships from cheating, they wonder: what is generally considered cheating? Is texting someone else cheating? Many of us, fearing cheating, don’t miss the chance to look into our partner’s phone or computer. And excessive curiosity can lead to unpleasant discoveries. We often stumble upon correspondence with other people. Should texting be considered cheating? Psychologists will help us answer this question. Find out what they think about this.

texting cheating

How Did the Spread of Gadgets Affect the Level of Cheating?

In the world of gadgets, texting cheating is much more difficult to determine. Indeed, virtual cheating lacks direct, physical adultery, and texting with a virtual lover can always be convincingly justified. You can find numerous stories about virtual affairs with people who feel interesting and enjoyable until the moment it comes to a real meeting. After that, they disappear. These allegedly single women and men may have many years of family experience and children. As well as unmarried people may have virtual relationships with someone else through applications while their partners sleep or are absent. They are not going to develop this communication further than messages, but they don’t want to stop it either.

Also, deciding to find a lover, people spend time online looking for someone attractive. They register on dating sites. The next step is to fill out a detailed profile and wait for someone to respond. This is what women most often do. Men are more decisive – they write first. Then they become addicted: every morning, they run to the computer waiting for the desired letter, write the answer with a beating heart, and soon they stop noticing that people change, and they even don’t care who they write to. So, as you can see, texting has made cheating easier.

What Is Texting Cheating?

how to catch a cheating spouse textingThe probability that a person can cheat on a partner varies between 40 - 70% (depending on the duration of the relationship). But today people more and more often prefer to communicate through messages instead of going on real dates, so a new form of infidelity has begun to spread rapidly: a virtual lover.

Texting cheating – what is it? Is texting another girl cheating? These are just lines of text that a person types. There is no direct contact between people. Though... Nowadays it is already possible to hear the partner’s voice, and if you have high-speed Internet and a web camera, you can see your partner!

And yet, this is not accessible to everyone, so in most cases, it is just words. Is texting cheating? Many consider texting real cheating, and it doesn’t matter that a loved one flirts virtually. The method is not important, the fact itself is important. Since virtual cheating affects the soul – this is much more dangerous than just physical contact.

Why Is It Considered an Emotional Cheating Sometimes?

The fact that people want to communicate with someone via messages means that they are not satisfied in their relationships. And instead of changing such a situation, they choose the more convenient and easy way. They cheat on their partners. Many don’t consider it cheating; however, it hurts.

Psychologists argue that texting cheating is no better than real. Flirting via messages is real infidelity. There was a survey to find out how students relate to virtual flirting. Out of the 245 participants, 51% confidently decided that texting someone is a real betrayal, and 84% consider it extremely offensive for a partner. According to experts, such a relationship threatens a couple of serious complications in the relationship, up to a break. And it doesn’t matter that physical contact has not occurred.

It is not surprising that it looks like an emotional betrayal. Easy flirting without kisses and intimacy raises the mood, gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Very often, lovers begin to share the details of their “legal” relationship, while complaining about certain difficulties in them. In most cases, they begin to advise on ways to resolve possible conflicts and become like friends, understanding and dear people to each other. Studies conducted by scientists from the University of Texas proved that the traumatic factor of message cheating is no less than from cheating on the emotional level. So, emotional cheating by texting brings bad experiences as well.

When is texting cheating? It happens at such moments when people begin to think that their virtual friends are perfect life partners. And we are talking about absolutely all aspects. Against this background, their partners definitely look like angry, offensive, and inadequate people.

Main Signs of Message Cheating

If you have even the slightest suspicion, don’t drive these thoughts away from yourself, better look at your partners and analyze their behavior.

1. Strange behavior

Is texting cheating on your spouse? A kind of, but not everyone knows it. It can be very easy to understand that your partners cheat on you, just pay special attention to behavior. If so, you can see that they are behaving aloof, their gaze is empty, they are always in their thoughts, they don’t answer your questions and often ignore other people. You should beware because, most likely, they have someone else, otherwise, why would they act like they are now not with you but in a different place?

2. Passwords on their computer and phone

If your partners didn’t particularly care about the protection of personal information, and now they suddenly protect all the devices with a password, then be wary. As a rule, this is the first sign of infidelity. It is possible, of course, that they were entrusted with a super-secret project at work or that they are working on something that no one should know about, nevertheless, it is unlikely. Most likely, your partner simply hides correspondence with another person.

3. Smartphone is their best friend

They are always with their phones, or they turn off them when you are nearby, arguing that they are tired and want to spend time with you. With an incoming call to their smartphones, you see the initials or abbreviations on the screen. With a sound signal about a message or an incoming call, they immediately rush to the phone.

4. New friends on social networks

“Is texting another woman cheating” – cheaters don’t even ask this question, you know. They think it is the norm. By the way, by tracking the activity of a loved one in social networks, for example, on Instagram, you can find accounts with which they often interact (chat, watch stories, etc.). For example, a previously unknown person or several such people may become their friends or followers, and they actively began to chat with them. Hiding accounts in social networks from partners suggests an idea of cheating.

5. Talk of a breakup

"Maybe we should break up if I'm so bad” or “Why don’t you leave me?” They are trying to push you to the breakup to get rid of the double life and not become the initiator of it. In general, people don’t want to break up for no apparent reason. So, try to find out if any serious changes in their life could affect their behavior. If they don’t say anything, then there is only one option.cheating texting caught

How to Catch a Texting Cheater?

Once you notice that your loved ones spend too much time at the computer and don’t let the phone out of hands, even when they go to the bathroom. What if suspicions turn out to be true? How to catch a cheating spouse texting?

1. Check the mobile phone
Today the phone is just a real repository of information. You can view all the contents of the smartphone if the cheater didn’t have time to set a password or fingerprint protection. Particularly inventive people manage to unlock the phone with a finger while their partners sleep. But this is quite risky since you can provoke a grand scandal.

2. Check a computer
This is one of the best cheating texting caught methods. Some people spend more time on the computer than on the phone. Then it is likely that compromising material can be found on a PC. Cheaters likely to delete the correspondence or log out of the account, but you can see the last “likes” and what page is most often followed.

3. Use spyware

There are many applications from the category of spy stuff that allow you to view all the information, correspondence, listen to recordings of conversations and more. You can learn a lot of interesting things. Download such an app if you feel that something is wrong in your relationship. It is much better than to live in ignorance.

4. Create a fake account

Is it emotional cheating texting other people? Yes, it is, and many know it but still, use social networks. If your partner has an account on Instagram, Facebook, etc., then create your account – you can see how they behave online, as well as with whom they communicate and in what manner. If you want to work undercover, just use a fictitious name when creating accounts.

5. Look for something specific in their browser history or documents
You may notice something strange, for example, a file with a strange name on a computer. Or check their browser history to find something that proves that they are cheating. Sometimes people who cheat online leave some evidence. Just be more attentive to the details. Maybe this is what can help you catch the cheater.

The relationship that started with messages may turn into quite real ones, and the unusual way of dating only strengthens attraction and stimulates the imagination. Therefore, if your partner is dear to you, don’t pretend that you don’t see anything. Let them understand that you are better than all virtual friends, that you are alive, dear and close, smart, truly loving and affectionate!

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