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True Signs She Cares About You Which You May Confuse with Controlling Behavior

When people fall in love, they often change their behavior very drastically. For this very reason, it is very hard to know for sure when she cares about you and when a girl tries to control you. Of course, when you find a woman online, you most frequently learn everything important about her days before your first date. But still, even in this case, you may encounter problems, especially if you don't how to know if she cares about you. You may find yourself completely lost or even deeply insulted if she doesn't know how to show her love right.

Obviously, not only girls have a hard time showing their love. This is due to the fact that men and women do this very differently. For example, it may be very hard for a guy to understand that to show his interest if a girl is into eco-friendly things, he simply needs to find a good eco gift for her. Thus, he will show both care and his interest in her. Most frequently, even very active people have hard times in showing their love. When this happens, people begin to change their behavior. This is why people in love often behave very unnatural and have problems when it comes to confessing their love.

when she cares about you and only wants the best for you

What Does Her Care Mean in a Relationship?

When a girl says she cares about you, she, most frequently, means that she loves you. These two feelings are very close, but still, pretty different. For example, when people say that they love their friends. In this case, they mean that they care about them. However, her care may be just the beginning of something bigger between you two. Therefore, when she cares about you and wants only the best for you, you must analyze your own attitude toward her. In romantic relationships, care means a slightly different thing. After all, we care about many things in our life.

You mean a lot to her

What if she cares about you? What does it mean and how it may change her behavior? This means that you mean a lot to her. She will be very careful in conversations with you because she fears to insult you. She will be very interested in your life because she will be happy to know that you have achievements and feel happy. Also, this means that she would like to spend a lot of time with you and will get very upset if she learns that you have someone else. Since this very moment, you are her world, and she will hate to lose you.

She wants to take relations to a new level

One of the main signs she cares about you is that she would like to spend more time with you. This also means that she doesn't feel satisfied with your current relationship the way it is. She wants to advance and take your relationship to a new level. If she loves you, it means that she will be searching for the perfect time to confess her feelings. As they say, if she cares about you, keep her. So, if you care about her too, and you notice that she wants to advance your relationship. It means that you have the best opportunity to take the lead and be the first one to confess your feelings.

Your feelings are mutual

Talking about your feelings, we can't omit the fact that her care is the clearest sign that your feelings are mutual. You see, people don't regularly show care to those in whom they are not interested. So, if she never neglects an opportunity to show her care, it means you are someone special for her. However, be careful. After all, she may believe that you are just friends. But today we are talking about cases when a girl loves you, and she wants to show her love with her care. Therefore, forget about your how to know if she cares about youdoubts and make the first step towards her.

Why Is It So Easy to Confuse Care and Control?

Quite often people say that you should keep her if she cares about you. Maybe from the outsider's perspective, this matter looks very simple, but don't let those pieces of advice deceive you. Romantic relationships between people are never easy. When a person falls in love with someone, he or she wants to share this feeling with the world. But, such factors as shyness and fear of rejection may be fatal. As we have already mentioned, sometimes people simply have no idea how to express their feelings. Add here pressure from the abovementioned factors. In such cases, their love may become the worst nightmare for their significant others.

For that very reason, if a person can't express his or her feelings right, you may feel that you are being attacked by an abuser. Generally, people in love and abusers use the same tools. After all, they both want to be closer to you. However, there is a huge difference between someone who loves you and someone who wants to use you. In the first case, a girl who truly cares about your wishes you the best. While in the second case, an abuser just pretends to wish you the best because he or she only wants something from you.

This difference becomes very blurry if you face unskilled lover and very skilled abuser. So, how do you know if she cares about you and doesn't want to use her? Well, first of all, you must know that time is your best ally. Abusers never wait for too long with their victims. They want to have a result as soon as possible. So, with time, it will be obvious that this person wants something from you. On the other hand, a person who truly loves you won't try to make you do something for him or her. Even if she seems to be clingy or interfering. She acts like that only because she doesn't know how to act right.

Main Signs of Toxic Controlling Behavior

When talking about abusers and toxic relationships, it is crucial to know how to tell a difference between real care and a false one. There are things that even the least experienced partners will never do to you. Remember, when a girl says that she cares about you, meaning that she loves you, it means that she will never intentionally hurt you, especially if you are in a relationship. She won't act like that because she cares about your feelings and mood. On the other hand, toxic people don't care about your emotions. Here are the main signs of real toxic and controlling behavior.


On the contrary to a loving and caring partner, a toxic one hates all your achievements. Therefore, instead of helping you achieve something, this person will do everything he or she can to make you fail. Also, this person will always blame you for his or her failures too.


It is absolutely not okay if you see that your partner is trying to threaten you to do something for him or her. Note, gaslighting is considered to be a form of intimidating. This is a very rude and brutal way of controlling people. It always begins with small things. For example, your partner may tell you, "I will leave you if you decide to hang out with your friends."


When two people are happily in love, they never want to deceive each other. After all, they have nothing to hide. On the other hand, toxic people have many skeletons in their closets, and they definitely don't want to show them. Plus, deceiving is the easiest form of control.


Another form of abuse in relationships is coercing. Here we are not talking about physical control or access to all your social networks and bank accounts. But about total emotional control. For example, your partner may be claiming that he or she is more knowledgeable than you. And at the same time, this person will rely on you for everything.

True Signs She Cares About You That Are Hard to Notice

Now, when you know the main signs of a toxic person, the time has come for us to share with you the top 7 signs that she cares about you. As we have already said, sometimes, it is pretty hard to tell the difference between real care and toxic relationships. However, this statement is true only when it comes to rapid interactions. In the long run, you will see without a single problem that she cares about you. To help you speed up this process, we have found 7 true signs she cares about you that are hard to notice.

1. She always believes in you

A girl who truly loves you will believe in you even when you lose your faith in yourself. This is because she clearly sees your potential from a different perspective. Plus, due to her love, she wants to help you realize your potential. Frequently, people don't pay attention to this aspect of human psychology.girl says she cares about you

2. She always supports you

Another interesting thing that people use to take for granted in their relationship is support. To have a healthy relationship, two people must support each other. Thus, if a girl always supports your decisions, goals, and views, you know that she truly cares and loves you. Also, she will always support you publicly too.

3. She is attentive to your emotions and mood

Normally, in romantic relationships, partners always pay attention to each other's moods. They don't even need to pay any effort. If they truly love each other, they can notice even the slightest changes in their partner's mood. If your partner easily notices your changes in mood and wants to help, it means that you have a very close connection.

4. She listens to you

Talking is not about communicating. It is not enough to talk about your problems to establish healthy communication in a relationship. You both must know how to listen too. If your significant other actually listens to you and pays attention to your words, it means that she is really into you.

5. She is always there to help you when you need her

Here we are not talking about physically being there to help you. We are talking about her ability to support, listen, and advise you even if she is very far away from you. For example, via telephone calls or instant messengers. This is about your emotional connection and desire to help each other no matter what.

6. She never lies

It is not possible to build a healthy relationship if one of the partners constantly lies to another one. If you see that she never hides anything from you, this means that she trusts you with everything. This is a clear sign that you have found a perfect partner for a healthy romantic relationship.

7. She respects your private life

A toxic person will never accept that you have your private life. Your family, friends, and hobbies will always be enemies for an abuser. On the other hand, a girl who truly loves you will accept the fact that you need to have some space and private life.

We hope that after reading this article, you have finally learned how to tell she cares about you. And you won't be doubting your partner anymore. After all, even if you feel that you have some problems in your relationship, you must understand that the best way to deal with them is to talk with your partner. Love and care are too complicated for you to take any chances. Ideally, your significant other is someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life. Therefore, it is crucial for both of you to work on your communication and ways to make each other lives better.

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