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Vacations for Singles Over 60: Tips and Ideas

Journeys, like love, are obedient to all ages! Therefore, do not think that the vacation for seniors is limited to reading books or, at most, a trip to the home country. Forget about the "date of birth" column in your passport, leave all your worries and doubts and go towards new countries and cities. In the end, after so many years of work you deserve it! When people go on a well-deserved vacation, they have the opportunity to devote time to themselves and their hobbies, without worrying about the cost of basic needs.

In Europe, the retirement is called "Second Youth," a period when people can finally live for themselves. Retirement becomes a kind of a second breath for seniors, an opportunity to implement deferred plans, for which there was not enough time before because of work and children, to relax and feel all the charms of life, to restrain from the burden of a working person's obligations. Each of us had a chance to meet cheerful old men in sneakers and caps, with backpacks behind their backs and cameras in their hands, or a group of elegantly dressed seniors studying the city's sights. Thanks to the financial support of the state and the habit of an active lifestyle, pensioners of progressive countries begin to travel, discovering new horizons, countries, and cultures. Quite attractive prospects, isn't it?

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travel for singles over 60

Traveling Over 60: How to Prepare for the Trip

1. If you are going to have organized vacations for singles over 60, pay attention to your health, peculiarities of the body, and on this basis choose tours of activity, saturation, remoteness, duration of the flight.

2. If one wants to go to the sea, it is better to choose the beginning of the season or its end, then the journey will be optimal, considering the climate and the cost of such a tour.

3. If you know you won't be able to walk for a long time, you shouldn't choose a tour with a lot of objects to visit. If it does, give up a tour that has long travel times.

4. Be sure to take out health insurance. However, insurance companies do not give discounts to pensioners. When insuring travelers, there is an increasing age coefficient, which applies to seniors over 60 years. The higher the age of the insured is, the higher the coefficient will be. But it is not worth saving on since it's better to pay more for insurance than for urgent treatment.

Health checking

Tours for singles over 60 include bus travel, and this greatly minimizes the fatigue of tourists from constant walking. However, it should be understood that during the trip the energy consumption increases significantly with the usual level of activity of the elderly. At the same time, there may be symptoms that have previously been little or no concern. Particularly uncomfortable symptoms include urinary incontinence. Stresses associated with flight, long journeys, and new climatic conditions, and the country as a whole, are a serious factor in the occurrence of incontinence.

singles over 60 travel clubsTherefore, a senior should take a pack of diapers and urological pads or inserts with him/her on any trip. Carry waterless cleansing products with you so that you can perform the required hygiene procedures immediately when changing diapers or pads without waiting to return to your hotel. This will prevent skin dermatitis and irritation. For this purpose, it is most convenient to use foam for washing without water or washing gloves soaked in a special solution. It is important to understand that high-quality absorbent products and timely hygiene by professional means is a guarantee of health and bright, not marred by anything impressions from the trip.

Choosing a trip according to your budget and interests

Any tour should be organized in the most comfortable conditions for a vacationer. Assistance in collecting documents, buying air tickets, a good hotel with quality and delicious food, a bus and exciting excursion programs with a professional guide are on the list of what we usually want to get from a travel agency. Individual selection of the tour is always preferable since you can choose the program based on personal wishes. However, there are also common features for people in different categories.

First of all, tours for seniors are focused on low cost, quiet rest, full treatment or availability of additional medical procedures, attention of staff and good service. We also take into account the fact that pensioners love excursions, hiking, concerts, and other age-appropriate entertainment. Most retirees go on vacation abroad in the so-called “out of season period," which reduces the cost of vacation and even has some advantages. For example, the greatest number of holidaymakers is observed on the coast of Italy from July to August. Since September, it is not so crowded, although the sea remains warm, and the heat is dropping. Therefore, it is better for singles over 60 to visit Italian resorts in September-October.

So, trips for singles over 60 are developed taking into account the peculiarities and financial possibilities: the optimal season with comfortable weather conditions is selected, and the intensity of the excursion program is regulated. Singles over 60 travel clubs and agencies take into account the age peculiarities of people of retirement age and related difficulties, but they cannot foresee everything. Even if you’re a senior, there’s an abundance of things to try. Start a new page by clicking the link and meeting single ladies for dating…. and travel, of course.

Vacation for Singles Over 60: Main Ideas

The Mediterranean countries are the most suitable for retirement holidays. European resorts have good beaches, great opportunities for recovery and a wide range of suitable excursion programs. It should be noted that European countries have been successfully specializing in senior holidays for a long time, so travel agencies offer various bonuses to their clients. Cruises for singles over 60 to Spain, France, and Southern Italy are the most popular with people of retirement age. Besides, favorable rates for accommodation in Slovenia, Montenegro, and Croatia in a period when the high season was left behind attract a considerable number of seniors.

However, not only sea countries appeal to those on retirement. We have prepared for you a list of countries that are perfect for celebrating your retirement.


Spend a fun night in Lisbon and then head to Porto, a mountainous city on the banks of the Douro River known for its miradors (observation points) and famous port wine. Be sure to visit the San Bento Gallery Station, which walls are decorated with azulejo tile paintings, depicting historical events. Then head to the Ribeira district, famous for its baroque bridges, churches, castles as well as rabbella boats. Before you leave, have dinner at Cantinho do Avillez, a posh restaurant where the finest Portuguese chef, José Aviles, creates his gastronomical masterpieces.


Your next destination is Prague. Go to the Czech capital from Milan. Prague amazes visitors with its Gothic architecture: Tynsky Temple, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, which was built in the XIV century. It is better to go to the Charles Bridge early in the morning until it is filled with tourists. The Old Town Square should be visited, and the Prague chimes with the oldest astronomical clock in the world should be seen. While sightseeing, stop by the nearby pub for a beer with beef tartare, garlic soup and poultry schnitzel. Use the cable car to PetÅ™ín Hill for a view from the observation deck and stroll through Prague's small town of Malá Strana, which boasts excellent restaurants and modern art galleries.


This south-east Asian country is located on the Malaysian peninsula south of Thailand. It has been colonized by several countries. Thanks to this, now it is a vibrant blend of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and European cultures. Because of its diversity, Malaysia is a very hospitable country. The country is considered safe enough, with many people speaking English, and is affordable in terms of a vacation cost. It has excellent health care that is almost 10 times cheaper than in the US.


Europe still has the best vacations for singles over 60, despite the huge flow of tourists. Spain is one of the most popular vacation spots. The climate there is incredibly diverse. The country is very green and atmospheric. The state takes care of both young people and seniors. The cost of renting a home can be very low. It depends on where you decide to stay. You will not be bored. Entertainment is diverse, and in any part of the country, you will be overwhelmed with the wondrous sights during the walk. It is very easy to travel from Spain to other European countries, Africa and Eastern Europe.

best vacations for singles over 60Alps

Fly to Zurich and take the train from there, enjoying the tranquillity and alpine scenery. Travel companies offer excellent ten-day itineraries on the scenic Glacier Express and Bernina Express trains. The journey starts in Zurich and continues through the Zermatt resort to Matterhorn Mountain. In Zermatt you can go skiing, walking or try ski lifting. Your journey will continue in St. Moritz, then the train will go south, cross the Alps and bring you to Lake Como in Italy.

Should You Make New Friends?

Older people have more difficulty making new acquaintances and often feel uncomfortable with strangers. Sometimes, not finding accompanying relatives and friends, they refuse the idea of tourism. However, do not be afraid to meet new people during travel. The likelihood of meeting a soulmate is still high in old age. Isn't it nice to have friends all over the world and visit them when the opportunity arises? Therefore, it is necessary to make acquaintances during trips. Now we will tell you how to do it.

How to Meet Someone While Traveling?

Couch surfing is one of the largest guest networks (it exists as an online service). It unites more than 7 million people in 246 countries. Members of the network provide each other with free assistance and accommodation while traveling. This network is not just for people who want to stay for free during their holidays in another city. Couch surfing is a search for a company to spend time with, so you can find guides and companions for any trip. However, keep in mind: this is not a dating site. Some people only need a company to see the local sights.

Be curious and ask questions, it's a great way to start a casual conversation that provides singles after 60 meetups as a result. Go on group tours. It is best to choose small tours, run by locals. Ask the tour guide about life in the area and everything you are interested in. Don't be afraid to ask the locals what to see or try. Usually, people are happy to answer questions if you are friendly.

Offer to take a photo. If you like to meet other travelers, take a seat in a popular tourist destination. You will probably notice someone who also travels alone and tries to take a picture of themselves against the backdrop of the sights. Offer to help. After that, it is easy to discuss the pros and cons of traveling alone. And then you can offer to go on a tour, visit some sightseeing or just have lunch together.

Tips for Traveling Over 60

Some people have never left the country where they were born. The reasons for this are different, among them are the fear of opening up new horizons, the lack of money or company, and the lack of experience in planning a trip. Setting up for a trip to another city or country in old age can be difficult, but do not despair. Below are a few tips to help you plan your journey, even if you are going to do it for the first time.

Airline benefits

It is not only the state that invests in making airline tickets more affordable for pensioners. Airlines often set certain discounts for passengers over 60 themselves. Since 2009, S7 has been offering discounts on flights for elderly residents of the Far East. Discounts on flights can reach 50%. You will need to indicate your membership in the preferential category when booking your ticket and show your pension certificate at the airport. Some airlines offer another type of subsidized travel. Pensioners only pay the basic fare. Fuel surcharges and other fees will not be included in the receipt. Nuances: - These tickets are non-refundable.

  • It will not be possible to book a seat at the window or in the aisle in advance.
  • You will only find out your seat at the airport when booking your ticket.
  • Baggage is paid separately and is not included in the ticket price.
  • You will not receive meals on board.
  • When buying tickets, please note that most benefits and promotions apply only to domestic flights.

Bus tours

Compared to other travel for singles over 60 in Europe, bus tours have the main undeniable advantage, the cheapness. Short 3-4 day tours cost in the off-season from 30 euros, tours without night travel (that is, absolutely all the nights in the tour you will spend in hotels) start with 50 euros.

You should pay attention to the dates, for example, the price of the same tour "Holiday in three days! (Lviv - Chop - Budapest - Vienna - Chop - Lviv, without night travel) ranges from 52 to 133 euros, depending on the date of departure. At the same time, travel agents claim that hot bus tours to Europe can sometimes be bought for 20 euros if you need to leave tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

However, take into account that you need to take a certain amount of money (at least not less than the cost of the tour itself) for food, souvenirs, excursions that are not included in the cost of the tour, and additional costs.

tours for singles over 60Biometric passports

If you don't have a biometric passport, the best thing you can do is to go and get it. Some people think that it is cheaper to put a visa in the old passport than spending money on a new one, and are deeply mistaken. The fact is that a visa, including visa center services, today costs an average of 50-80 euros. Moreover, you’ll face additional obstacles in the form of a certificate of income, acceptable for visiting a particular country, and personal submission of documents. Thus, issuing a biometric passport will cost you much cheaper, even if you use the services of paid passport service.

Hot tours

Seniors can buy hot tours. In the offseason period, there can be quite attractive prices for a vacation in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, UAE.

The tourism market is a very dynamic structure. The price is influenced by a huge number of factors: from the exchange rate to the economic situation in the country. For example, when there were riots and rallies in Turkey, the price of vacation dropped to $100 per person in a three-star hotel with "all-inclusive" meals. Some people took advantage of this and did not regret it: for an unsophisticated tourist, a hotel near the sea with meals, air travel, and the transfer was fantastic.

How Else Can a Pensioner Save When Buying a Ticket?

Buying discounted tickets and finding discounts is not always the best way to save money. First of all, you can find and buy the cheapest tickets using different booking systems like Kiwi.

Second, use bonus programs and points. Many banks offer to make purchases and pay with debit cards with special conditions. In return, you will earn points that you can exchange for tickets. Choose a suitable offer and earn points that can be redeemed for more than just tickets. They can be used to pay for your luggage in VIP lounges at airports and some hotels.

Third, use the airline's bonus programs. When buying a ticket, you can register in the bonus program. This is free of charge and is done to increase the loyalty of passengers. The more often you fly with one airline, the more discounts and special offers you can get.

Fourth, study demand and supply. Air travel is a fairly seasonal business and carriers have to reduce the cost of "off-season" flights to stimulate sales. Holidays in April or early October can be much cheaper than during the tourist season. And this is not the only advantage! The weather is not so hot, the sea warms up enough, and it is quite comfortable to swim in shallow water, and there are no crowds of gazing tourists.

In short, things change very quickly in tourism, but if you set a goal, you can find a very good price. It is necessary to remember about "season" and "off-season" vacations, about hot tours and early booking. If the currency rate is good at the moment of buying a tour, then the earlier booking will be profitable, and if it is bad, it is better to pay with a delay. Therefore, as you can see, many tempting options will make your retirement happy and unforgettable.

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