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Can Spending Too Much Time Together Ruin a Relationship?

Falling in love is an incredible time when all thoughts are focused on only one person. We want to spend as much time as possible together; we want not only to sit in an embrace and watch a romantic film but also to have fun. We want to be with each other for as long as possible. We want to chat all night long, meet every day, and have parties together overnight every weekend. But when you are finally left alone with yourself, you will find out that you have not talked with your mom or best friend for a long time and, perhaps, you will begin to reevaluate your relationship. Yes, most people who visit the best site to meet women and men and enter new relationships, often want to spend together every minute. But still, each person is individual, with own character and unique features. Therefore, when two people build relationships, it is not known exactly how they will develop and what they will lead to. In addition, everyone has their own ideas about building relationships. There are a lot of features. But still, there can be problems if you are too much time together. So, how much time should couples spend together?

spending too much time together

Excess Communication: at What Stage of Relationships Does This Appear?

Spending too much time together in the beginning is normal. When a relationship begins, lovers can’t imagine life without each other, so they always have topics for conversation, they constantly write messages to each other, and talk endlessly on the phone. A man prefers to go to the cinema with a woman than spend the evening with friends in a bar. Not even seeing a small amount of time is considered torture for them. Some don’t want to let go of their loved ones for a second, and they prefer to do everything together. When dating mature women (or young ones), each date is perceived as the most important meeting. The state of love inspires, we want to scream to the whole world about love, write poetry, admire ideal relationships, and a wonderful person nearby. If the relationship is interrupted at this stage, then it forever remains in the memory as the best relationship in which everything was perfect.

This stage can flow into marriage. It seems to partners that their feelings will never cool down, that there is some special connection between them. But many of us devote too much time to love affairs, and this can cause many problems. Many sacrifice their studies or work to see their loved ones as much as possible and spend time with them. But this is wrong. So, can spending too much time together ruin a relationship? Yes, it can!

Early Signs That You Spend Too Much Time Together

Yes, you are a couple. But it doesn’t mean that you must do everything together. Moreover, you HAVE TO spend time alone. Here we have reasons why spending time together can lead to terrible consequences for your relationships.

1. You want them to love you 24/7

You constantly ask your loved ones whether they love you and whether they miss you. Asking these questions can be a bit annoying. You can repeat these questions to them as if you don’t believe them. You have to understand that if they are in a relationship with you, they obviously love you and want to be with you. Let them show their affection through their actions, which are stronger than words.

2. You don’t need anyone except for them

If you have isolated yourself from all other people, then you do something wrong. You need to communicate with your parents, friends, and other people as well. If you don’t, then this can lead to further regrets. So, take the opportunity to spend more time in your life with other people.

3. You always compromise

You like parties, and your partner doesn’t like them but still always goes there with you. Next time, you will do something for your loved one. This is how compromise looks like. But can a compromise last forever? There are things like personal preferences and needs that you ignore so that you and your partner feel happy. But you need time to be able to enjoy your personal preferences, right? So, how can you do this when you are always together?

4. You become addicted to each other

We spend too much time together… Well, being together all day long ultimately makes you addicted to each other. Again, addiction is not a bad thing. But to survive in this world, you need to rely only on yourself. You should be an independent and self-sufficient person. And if you spend every minute together, you can’t be called an independent person.

5. You want to constantly stay in touch

You feel the need to constantly stay in touch with your loved one through calls or messages. Do you continue to be interested in their posts and check all their updates on Instagram? Can’t you remember the last time you were not together? Well, it is important to give each other a chance to stay apart. This will allow you to value each other more than when you are together.

What Does It Lead to?

There is an opinion that if you spend too much time together, you can lose your personality. Spending too much time together can contribute to your isolation in communication with other people. In addition, getting used to doing everything together, you simply will not be able to endure loneliness. Therefore, you will become very dependent on your soulmate. Such a relationship is unstable. Just once, when your loved ones refuse to help you with anything, you will doubt their love for you.can spending too much time together ruin a relationship

Also, over time, you accumulate many claims against your chosen ones. Many things begin to annoy: an open tube of toothpaste left in the bathroom, the TV turned on loudly, and so on. But look at the situation from the other side, and you will understand that the reason is not in your partners and their inattention/misunderstanding but in your emotional and psychological state. There is the accumulation of irritation inside, which only intensifies every day. More and more quarrels are caused by everyday problems. Words of love sound less often. When solving issues, you forget to show signs of attention, for example, you cease to wish your chosen ones sweet dreams and kiss them.

So, spending too much time together is not very good. Everyone should have their own space. If you work together, then try to distance yourself a bit to spend your individual time with family or friends. When you talk for days and nights and see each other every day, you will become very bored over time.

How to Regulate the Time Together

When love comes, we are overwhelmed by a beautiful and deceptive feeling. We want to announce that we are two halves of one whole; we want to hide in a pink bubble where is no one but the two of you. But when you spend time together excessively, it can lead to bad things. It is important to find a balance in which you both are happy. How to do it?

1. Don’t forget about friends and family

Don’t stop communicating with your close people just because you have a soulmate now. Otherwise, your friends and relatives will simply be offended and in case of a quarrel with your loved one, you will not share grief with them, and no one will support you. You will “immerse” yourself in your soulmate more and more. And you will someday be tired of each other.

2. Don’t put an end to your hobbies, studies, work

Both partners should have their own needs and realize them, so they will invest something of their own in the relationship. Many believe that relationships require compromises – the suppression of their own desires and needs, but this is not so. Most of us mistakenly believe that a complete or partial rejection of our desires and needs will help maintain a relationship, but their fear of losing a partner shows that there are some obvious problems in their relationship.

3. Leave a place for secrets

On the one hand, there should be no secrets in the relationships between partners, but on the other hand, we shouldn’t deprive loved ones of their right to a secret. Don’t require your partners to tell you absolutely everything. Some situations shouldn’t be discussed with loved ones. And this applies not only to past relationships but also to personal conversations with friends and some other secrets.

4. Don’t wait for approval

When people love each other, they seek to make their life better, more pleasant, and happier. Surprises, romantic dates, and dinners for two can straighten the relationship. But don’t wait for approval every second and don’t do everything just to please. After all, you do this not only for your partner but also for yourself.

5. Be honest

If you don’t like something, say it right away. Don’t hide insults, fears, and experiences. In a healthy relationship, there is a place for everyone’s needs. Your partner will never know what you need and how you want to see your relationship if you keep silent. After all, it’s better to lose someone who doesn’t match you than to torture yourself, trying to extend an unhealthy relationship for an indefinite amount of time.

Mistakes to avoid in the future

What can you do yourself and how to behave so as not to lose passion and love? These simple secrets will help you choose the right path so that your loved ones don’t stop loving you.too much time together

1. Give them free space

They really need it. If you spend too much time together in a relationship, you will get tired of each other very quickly. Many people like to make decisions themselves, and they prefer their partners to be self-sufficient. It’s very exciting when a partner is a separate and interesting person and not wholly-owned by another person.

2. Don’t be a bore

A person who is completely not interested in anything and fixated on the same things can hardly surprise or amaze anyone. Routine kills relationships and especially love. How not to bother loved ones living next to them? You can be happy not spending enough time together in a relationship. Just diversify everyday life, say nice things to your loved ones, come up with something interesting, and be different.

3. Let them live their own life

Before they met you, they did something, talked with someone, loved something, and were fond of it. And this doesn’t mean that it should radically change after you became a couple. This is the most common mistake. In relationships, it is much more correct to consider each other as separate, self-sufficient individuals who make decisions themselves. It is worth behaving with partners in such a way as to prevent excessive pressure on them.

So, how much time to spend together? Each couple decides in their own way. The main task is to try not to cut the thread that connected you, and not to lose common interests and common ground. If you pass this test, you will have the happiest relationships ever.

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