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8 Simple and Romantic Proposal Ideas for Your Girlfriend

It is very challenging to come up with some tips and ideas for a proposal, not because there aren’t good proposal ideas, but because this step in the life of a loving couple is so important, and as a writer, you have to be very careful with what you present to your audience. Thus, I’ve decided to talk to some of my friends that are or were married to provide you with the best information that we have, including 8 marriage proposal ideas and the importance of a marriage proposal in one’s life.

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How Important Is This Moment in Your Life?

Each couple has a moment when the relationship can no longer stay at the same level. A man and a woman love each other, want to be together, and it's time to take a responsible step. A step into the future, you are no longer just a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but a proper couple, a married union of souls, and many things will change.

It’s about a lot of responsibility, a lot of changes in your life, a lot of things that will have to be considered and thought of. But it’s also about moving your relationship to a new level, it is about bonding yourself to your partner, making your relationship sacred. If you propose to your partner – it means that you are ready to give up a lot of things in your life and give all of your love to them and only them.

All the banal ideas should be better put aside. Romantic acts only decorate relationships and make love flare up with renewed vigor. Do not limit yourself to familiar phrases and everyday surroundings. Ideally, such an event occurs once in a lifetime, and it should be remembered forever. If you make a little effort and use your imagination, you can come up with a special proposal that your partner will not be able to refuse.

And if your partner will end up refusing your proposal – first off, it doesn’t mean that it’s all over, but if it is, then don’t think that you are done, and you will not find anyone else in your life. There are so many women dating sites that will allow you to meet mature single ladies online in the comfort of your own home.

Ways to Make Your Proposal Unforgettable

Perhaps suggesting that there is the perfect way to propose to a person is impossible, so you should not even try to find the most successful formula in this case. We were once sure that we would guess the preferences of some of our friends and colleagues when it came to birthday gifts, but all of us made mistakes. Sometimes even the most socially active extroverts want a very modest and quiet version of the course of events, and sometimes romantic individuals prefer a completely mundane proposal during breakfast. Here are some tips on how to propose marriage and make it memorable.

Make a surprise

The best way to propose to someone is planned spontaneity. Even if you have been thinking about how to make a proposal for a long time, try not to let the girl guess that this is all a pre-written script. Few people like living on a schedule or a plan, so most people prefer romantic gestures to be spontaneous rather than a scheduled act. Try not to spoil the surprise as well as give out yourself before the time comes to say the cherished words.

Find the best ring for your partner

It is better to choose a ring yourself. Involving your partner in choosing a ring automatically implies that a proposal will not be a surprise, and even if you believe that it is really romantic to talk about everything in advance – don’t do it, which means that it is better to buy a ring yourself. To find out the size of the ring that suits your partner is quite simple - you can look at the size of the rings that they already have, ask their friends or relatives about this, or even measure their finger while they are sleeping, and then compare the result with the table of ring sizes. To determine which ring they will like is also simple - just analyze what jewelry they wear, or stop at the classic version - an elegant golden ring with a small precious stone.

Down on one knee

Several girls said that this was some kind of superfluous archaism that does not seem sincere, but most people like the ritual of making a proposal standing on one knee. Therefore, do not be too lazy to take an appropriate pose before pulling out the ring. We hope that you are in good shape and can get on your knee without grunting too much.

how to propose to a girlTake a photo

Memories are precious, they give us the ability to relive the best moments of our lives, the best moments that we’ve spent with someone else, and thus, we can appreciate those moments once again, go back in time and relive the best of times to soften the blow of the worst.

Choose the right words

If there is the right time to prepare a speech in advance – there is no better time to do it than now. Just think about the risk that comes with it, do you really want to improvise a speech on the go? Yeah, sure, it will probably be more emotional and maybe even honest, but it won’t be breathtaking, it is not the time for brainstorming something on the go, otherwise, you risk spewing out nonsense that will only make the moment worse.

Simple Proposal Ideas

Before you get the answer to your proposal – don’t even think of calculating the budget of your wedding ceremony and start writing the list of all the guests that you want to invite, you have to take the interest of your partner in mind, not only when it comes to their decision, but also when it comes to the wedding ceremony. For now, what you have to think about is a creative idea for your proposal. Here are 8 marriage proposal ideas that you should check out and choose the one that you like the most.

1. Special place

Here’s the first one on the list of best proposal ideas. Yes, every couple must have one. Remember - where you met, where you like to walk most of all, for which you have the warmest common memories. This may be the place of your first meeting, a shop in the park or a favorite cafe. Here’s a tip! To make everything go beautifully, think in advance and ask your friends to arrange this place and do so without unnecessary pathos. To do this, a couple of rugs, candles, a thermos with tea or a bottle of wine, rose petals and other romantic paraphernalia will be just fine.

2. Legend of love

Every city has a romantic place that is associated with some love story that just about everyone seems to know. If she doesn’t know that story – tell her the story and then present her with a ring at the end of the story. Here’s a tip! Find out this love story in more detail - it definitely should end well. And it will be better if you tell everything yourself, and do not read the text from the smartphone screen.

3. A date at the restaurant

While this may sound like one of the simple proposal ideas, you can’t really go wrong with some nice time spent in a restaurant, but don’t go too hard with alcohol, your proposal should be given and received while you two are sober. Here’s a tip! You can find a restaurant with live music and order a special track, just your melody, decorate everything with candles and arrange a surprise.

4. A nice dinner

Here’s one of the better proposal ideas at home. A simple but very touching option is to make dinner yourself. This is the case when the quality of the food does not play a decisive role. Buy flowers, decorate the table with cute decor and light candles. At the end of the dinner, ask your partner the most important question! An unusual solution would be to write love words on the ceiling with phosphorescent paints, and, after dinner, turn off the light and ask to look at the sky. Here’s a tip! If you don’t know how to cook at all, or if you’re thinking about a particularly exquisite recipe, take a few lessons at a cooking school or sign up for online courses. You should not bother with something fancy, make something simple, yet put a lot of effort into it.

5. A beautiful place

This is virtually a win-win option at any time of the year. Find the most beautiful viewing platform or a place with a panoramic view of the city and bring your partner there. Decorate everything in advance with candles or flowers, invite a musician. A romantic atmosphere will be hard to resist. Here’s a tip! In this situation, you should not hire a whole quartet - one musician will do. If it is a familiar street guitarist or saxophonist who will suddenly start playing a song that is meaningful to you, it will be even more romantic and unexpected.

6. A love quest

Here’s one of the best proposal ideas for her. For this option, you have to think everything through. Make a list of tasks for your soul mate - these can be either simple questions in the form of a board game or an entire adventure with stops in memorable places for you two. Be sure to write the reasons why you love them at the end of each note with an assignment. And the main prize will be a box with a ring and your marriage proposal. Here’s a tip! The tasks should not be too complicated and do not make too much of them – your partner will get tired, and the final surprise will be no longer so joyful.

proposal ideas for her7. Unusual flash mob

In the best traditions of romantic melodramas, arrange a flash mob with your friends. Ask strangers on a street to give your partner one rose each time until a whole bouquet is gathered. Give them a different color rose and make a proposal. You can also give your friends posters with the words “Will you marry me?” and present a box with a ring to your partner. The main thing is that you are surrounded suddenly and imperceptibly!

Here’s a tip! Think over all the details in advance - both the route and the time. So your friends will not be late, and your partner will not have time to get bored.

8. Photoshoots for two

Arrange a photo session for the two of you. During photography, drop down on one knee and pull out the ring. And, best of all, all emotions will remain on the photographer’s pictures - both their surprise and your feelings. Here’s a tip! Discuss all the nuances with the photographer in advance and warn your partner about the event in a few days – your partner should be prepared for such an event. And ask the photographer to suggest beautiful poses for the photoshoot so that the resulting photos will truly be great.

How Not to Look Awkward?

Now that we are done with engagement proposal ideas, let’s talk about awkwardness and how to avoid it. How to propose to a girl without looking awkward?

Give up clichés

Although some of our personal friends that we’ve talked to about marriage proposals said that they were not against a pathos dinner in an expensive restaurant by candlelight, most of them, nevertheless, called all the movie scenarios too vulgar and banal. So you should not write “marry me” in the sky and order a string quartet to their office.

Do not put the ring in food or a glass

This is perhaps the most common movie proposal format, yet it is certainly the worst idea on how to propose. And it is so terrible that we simply have to talk about it. First, alcohol and food can ruin a ring. Secondly, your partner can swallow it. Your partner may end up not finishing the dish. Fourth, well, who wants to put on a ring that just floundered in a glass of sparkling wine or soaked in a cupcake? It is sticky, slippery, and smells of food. Forget about it.

Do not overdo it

As we’ve said before, even the most active of extroverts may end up preferring making their proposal in a very intimate atmosphere. Therefore, you should think twice, or rather twenty times before you go out and propose to her on a concert stage or in a big company of friends, this may not suit your partner.

Do not do this at someone else's wedding (and do not combine your proposal with another celebration at all)

This is how not to propose. This is, frankly speaking, just poor taste, you should not switch the attention that should be focused on a marrying couple and give it all to yourself, that is just completely wrong on so many levels. And in the case of other celebrations, it is just the same, if you are celebrating your friend’s birthday – it is their holiday, not yours.

Be careful with the proposal after sex

In principle, many liked the idea of proposing immediately after some passionate sex, but there were also skeptics. They suggested that the idea of getting married is caused by hormones and the pleasure of an orgasm, rather than real intentions and a desire to spend a lifetime together. We think that you should avoid such a scenario.

While you can come up with dozens of amazing ideas for a proposal, all of them can be very much meaningless, if you don’t really want to translate your emotions through your proposal, or your partner isn’t open to receiving one in any condition, even if you are doing so in the worst of moods. This is a very serious step in a relationship, and you should not rush it, test the waters to not hurt yourself and your partner.

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