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How to Take Control In a Relationship with a Woman

It is a utopia if all relationships are strong and healthy, and both partners feel completely equal. According to surveys, provided by single women sites, women love the power in a relationship the same as men do. If a woman lets you take control of a relationship, it may be a sign she truly cares. So, how to find a balance and how to control the relationship?

how to gain power in a relationship with your woman

Power and Control In Relationships – What Is This?

Now, before discussing how to take back your power in a relationship, let's find out what influence power and control in relationships can have on a couple in general.

Problems connected with power between two people in-love may seem to be insignificant. But they do matter.

Human power means a lot in every kind of relationship, especially in a romantic one. Having power means having a sense of control. Behavior experts say that power is connected with our way of making choices. In the context of relationships, your skills play a crucial role when you need to decide what you need inside and outside your couple.

It's necessary to mention, that power is not limited to only domination or submission. It is considered to be a good ability which helps influence your partner to have a better understanding of his or her needs, views, etc. This is an important and complex element of any romantic relationship.

Ideal romantic partnerships include an equal quantity of respect and power. Everything is balanced. In the rest cases, one partner may hold a bigger part of power than the other one or may even try to take over due to some personal reasons. It is not right at all. Men, who feel the inability to make decisions ask themselves such questions as, "How to gain power in a relationship with your woman?"

What Happens When Somebody Loses Power in Relationships?

You may think it is not a big deal when your woman takes the lead and wears the pants. With time, it becomes clear that nothing good can come out of it.

Understandably, such a relationship faces bickering, fights, and quarrels. It leads to a lot of conflicts caused by a vast array of negative feelings, like anger, neglect, etc.

Constant lack of power in a relationship can even lead to depression and mental problems.

Such a shortage of comfort and respect makes people lose the desire to be in a relationship, even if it started with joy and happiness. Finally and unfortunately, in many cases, it also leads to to get the power back in a relationship

How to Tell You Need to Get the Power Back in a Relationship

It is pretty normal for power to shift in a relationship. Many things can cause such changes. And, undoubtedly, it is possible to find a solution of how to take control of a relationship and return your power.

But remember: to find the right solution it’s necessary to realize you have problems. Better sooner than later.

So, you need to start worrying, if

You are afraid to express your opinion

In a normal relationship, it should feel okay to speak up for yourself and express everything that is on your mind. This means that if you start to have even the slightest fear of doing this, your beloved one has too much control over you.

You notice that your woman always wins any argument

Bickering is normal because any relationship will never consist only of candies and flowers. So, you will always have fights from time to time. On the one hand, it is OK. On the other hand, it’s not OK to notice your girl caring only about being right instead of worrying about problems and their solution.

You often feel lonely

No matter what happens in your life, or what problems you both face from time to time, happy couples always feel connected to each other. Unhealthy power distribution may erase such a connection. This is the time when it’s necessary to start thinking about how to regain control in a relationship not to ruin your bond forever.

Your needs remain unnoticed

In a healthy relationship, both partners attempt to realize and understand each other needs. In a couple of words, when one person does it, the other one, eventually, returns this favor. The classic sign of unequal power distribution is when your woman demands your meeting her needs without showing the same care.

Your partner only cares about her pleasure during sex

We’re adults and understand how important sex life can be. Especially in a romantic alliance. A partner who does not take your satisfaction into account is selfish. Not only it means she considers you to be there to meet her needs, but she owns too much power as well. It's just about time to start searching how to get your power back in a relationship.

How to Take Control of Your Relationship Without Being Abusive

Although the problem of wrong control distribution in a relationship is pretty serious and may lead to some serious consequences, it is still solvable. Here are some tips.

Be honest with yourself about your feelings

Honesty is the key. Not only in social and romantic relationships, but also in relationships with yourself. It doesn't matter how unwilling you are to upset your partner – you should let yourself feel. Moreover, you should realize your feelings and not hide them. Every your anger, fear, or discontent matters.

Realize there are problems

It is the most important step to regain power in a relationship. We know how difficult it may be not to ignore the problem. And, unfortunately, this is not the problem to be neglected. Be honest with yourself and realize: you can't live like that anymore.

Have a conversation about this

It is quite a simple tip on how to get the power back in a relationship. But it is also one of the hardest ones. You will need a lot of courage and confidence. Bus, believe us, it is crucial to let your better half know how bad she makes you feel.

Create boundarieshow to take control in a relationship

Even in a relationship where you share everything with your beloved one, it’s necessary to have some boundaries and rules. They will help you stay yourself and stay comfortable.

Focus on your own choices

Need another tip on how to be in control in a relationship? Spend less time worrying about your partner, her choices, and actions. Better think about your own decisions. Their will is free, they are not under control. Don’t forget that your will is free as well.

Gain confidence and self-love

They say you can't create healthy relationships unless you love yourself and know your worth. A low level of self-love provides weakness from which your partner may consciously or unconsciously benefit. So, learn how to value yourself simultaneously improving your weak sides.

Increase independence

A partner may have all the power in a relationship just because you have a low level of independence. Of course, doing everything together is cool and romantic. But it is not healthy at all. To answer the question, "How to take control in a relationship?” try a new hobby or find new friends.

Think about whether you need this

With this question, you may start your way of receiving your control back. Or you can leave it for the final step. Anyway, if your relationship starts to be really toxic and unhealthy or all your tries do not help, it may not be worth it.

Stop complaining – start acting

When you realize that you need to work on your relationship and fix the unhealthy power dynamics – just start doing it. Rambling around about your problems and constantly complaining to your friends will not help you.

Ask for help

And, finally, if you wonder how to take control of your relationship, you should remember that it’s OK to seek professional help or help from your friends and relatives. Sometimes it’s good to admit that your powers are not as endless as you would like to, and let somebody give you a helping hand.

In any case, you should always remember – you must not let your partner take away your right to make decisions and life choices. Returning your power and building a balanced relationship may take a long time. Although, it can bring you happiness and harmony as a result.

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